Spyros Peter Goudas


Mr. Okey Chibo wrote this article in two parts. 

He received The Kenneth R. Wilson Award in 1993 for the best write-up about someone’s personality.  

Part II, was written in 2002. 

Spyros Peter Goudas started a grocery store at 173 Baldwin Street, Toronto, Canada.

He soon outgrew this location and moved to
28 Oxford Street, to accommodate the addition of a large
variety of beans and peas to its product list.

Shortly after, "Snappy pop" the most popular flavoured
carbonated soft drink in Canada was also added to the






Demand for the products became so great that hewas forced to move again to larger premises at 131 McCormack St, York South-Weston, Toronto Ontario

Demand was not only generated from the core business of rice and beans but by the large offering
that he developed steadily over the years.

To fuel this unprecedented growth, he entered into partnership agreements with a number of factories
in Canada and around the world.

Success of Spyros Peter Goudas has been built upon a reputation for quality, an attribute that he 
continues to emphasize in all its products.

Every factory is carefully selected, and raw material meticulously examined to make sure that the quality
of the finished product is as good or better than competing products of international brands.



Spyros Peter Goudas product is as good as or better than competing products of international brands.


This was followed by another move to even larger premises at 131 Snidercroft Rd Concord Ontario.

Spyros Peter Goudas has been able to forge these relationships because they are recognized worldwide as
the largest, most reliable, and most efficient independent distributor of food products.

He has a solid reputation in the world market, which allows it to manufacture under its own brands as well as ship directly from the factories to worldwide locations under a variety of labels.

This was followed by another move to even larger premises at 241 Snidercroft Rd Concord Ontario.


His philosophy is to make the world come to the consumer.
He wants to see that people, regardless of their origins, be able to get the foods that they love wherever they live and maintain the pride of their cultures and origins.

It is not enough just to provide them with these foods, but taste and quality must never be compromised.

In the process, large numbers of people around the world are trying foods from other countries which they inevitably start to use on a regular basis because they become addicted to the wonderful taste of these cuisines that the world offers. In effect, Spyros Peter Goudas is doing its part to help make our world an
"International Cooking Pot".


The founder's message is as follows:

"To my valued customers. I wish to thank you for your loyal support throughout the years. You have my
promise that selection and quality will continue to be our trademark of excellence for years to come."

 And now for the rest of the story......  article was written by OKEY CHIGBO in 2002   

 It stands to reason that the demand for a particular group of products will rise if the products are of high quality, and the management pays particular attention to what its customers want.
It also follows that he will experience some growth as a result.

This is precisely what happened to Spyros Peter Goudas in the late 80s and early 90s.

He entered into a partnership for production with a number of factories around the world - in countries like
Thailand, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, China, Brazil, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Peru, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka,
Greece and Canada.
As part of this deserved expansion, he changed its location from the south of Toronto, to a much
the larger facility in the north of the city.

Such impressive growth and accomplishment do not go unrecognized for long.

In October 1993, Spyros Peter Goudas won the Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award at an awards ceremony at the Toronto Westin Harbour Castle Hotel.

The award was presented by the National Council of Ethnic Canadian Business and Professional Associations and the Federal Business Development Bank.

It was the highlight of the evening, during which the presenter noted that, "...Goudas imports, prepares and packages some 350 products around the world, and distributes them to many chain stores in Canada...

Spyros Peter Goudas contributes much to many ethnic communities in the form of foods and support for community events, school graduations and senior citizens, and sponsors numerous ethnic radio and television programs."

Spyros Peter Goudas came up to the stage to accept the award and joked about hearing the
Greek national anthem in the background as he was leaving his seat.

This, of course, was his subtle way of saying that, though he is not from Peru or Pakistan as some people think, he is still an immigrant.

He related how municipal government bailiff; George Hall later came by his office to seize his factory for non-payment of taxes.  "I thought that was the end of the world.  The gentleman sat down for a few minutes, and talked with me. And finally he gave me the encouragement to fight and stay in business.... 14 years later...this gentleman is a great friend of mine, and he helped me to be whatever I am today." Peter Spyros Goudas then surprised the entire gathering by saying,"I would like him to come and accept this award with me.

At the podium, he thanked all his suppliers, the bank, his workers, and all the millions of consumers who buy his products.

Then he spoke about the accident he had in 1979 when he slipped on a patch of ice, broke a leg bone, ended up in the hospital, and as a consequence almost lost his business.

He related how municipal government bailiff; George Hall later came by his office to seize his factory for non-payment of taxes.

"I thought that was the end of the world.

The gentleman sat down for a few minutes and talked with me. And finally, he gave me the encouragement to fight and stay in business.... 14 years later...this gentleman is a great friend of mine, and he helped me to be whatever I am today.

" Peter Spyros Goudas then surprised the entire gathering by saying,"I would like him to come and accept this award with me. We did this together."

It was a very emotionally charged moment, and it constituted further proof of the immense generosity of Peter Spyros Goudas.



 George Hall, 72 at the time, leaning on his cane, slowly came up to the podium, tears streaming down his face. 

"If this were a court of law, and I was asked to be a character witness for this fellow, I would be very happy," Hall said.

"I know all of the good characters features that you have.
I am very happy. I wasn't expecting this - to be called upon to congratulate you, and those who chose you in their wisdom."

The people who selected him had considered the following criteria for giving the award:

1) that the winner creates his own business, little needed to be said about Goudas on this count.

2) That the winner demonstrates a degree of innovation. Goudas clearly was outstanding here.
He created products that were never packaged or produced or distributed in Canada, such as jack fruit,
papaya, and guava, and many more.

3) That the winner makes an impact on the industry.
There is no doubt that Spyros Peter Goudas made a tremendous impact on the food industry: when Goudas began, Canadian supermarkets were not ready to accept the items he was offering.
It required a great deal of convincing to get them to accept the products.

4) The winner should be someone who gives back to the community.
Here, again, it is easily understood why the judges selected Goudas.

What Canada Would Be Without Mr. Goudas? Jamaican Xpress Newspaper  Never in the history of any newspaper related to the Black community has there been an emphasis on the achievements of a non-black or African American  Let us examine the article and find the deep reasons why he deserves this honour     Jamaican Xpress Newspaper, February the Black History Month.

His numerous activities in the community are well-known: he supports the Miss Black Ontario contest,
he sponsored the ethnic radio programs like CHIR and CHAW, puts on Christmas events for children supports children's graduations,   supports senior citizen's organizations, and a number of other non-profit organizations such as St.Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Toronto, the Jamaican Canadian Association, the Guyanese Heritage and Cultural Association, and the Beverley Mascoll Community Foundation, The Hellenic Home for the Aged, and many more.

Winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award galvanized Spyros Peter Goudas, and he moved quickly to put to good use all that publicity.

"After careful consideration," he says, "I decided that the best approach would be to improve the quality of the products, and try to make them even better than they already were." He decided that everything he produced had to be the very best grade, not just at source, but also in the way it was packaged and canned.

"I instructed my quality control people that, from that moment, nothing short of the best was good enough for my products.

" The consumers are obviously the true judges of any improvements, and they pronounced their verdict very quickly--sales of Spyros Peter Goudas products increased daily in response to all the positive changes.

Many chain stores began to establish international sections that carried mainly Goudas Foods,
along with the products of companies like S & F Foods, Young and Young, Aurora, Montini, B.K. Sethi,
Vigna, Bedessee, Unico and Sardo Foods and many other ethnic suppliers.

David Goodbaum is Vice-president of Price Choppers in Toronto. He says the ethnic food market represents a good 40% of their products. "The ethnic food market has grown exponentially in the last few years," says Goodbaum.
"We are meeting the challenge of a more diverse ethnic food market through having someone devoted exclusively to that.

We are also doing a lot more micro marketing.
That means we are creating flyers that are geared toward a specific store, targeting a specific ethnic market. 
According to Goodbaum, Goudas represents about 60% of the ethnic food market in Price Choppers' stores.

The Spyros Peter Goudas brands sell well, says Goodbaum, "because Peter has been doing it a long time, he's got a wide variety, and it's always been a quality offering. And he's worked hard at it; he's got a very hard working and knowledgeable sales force."

Obviously, the Price Choppers management has done their homework and studied this market very carefully because their stores have experienced phenomenal growth over the last few years, and so has Food Basics who came from nothing a few years ago to be a major force in the market.

These companies saw the opportunities in the exploding ethnic food market and capitalized on it.
They focused on developing their business based on what the customer wanted by providing them with well known and established brand names, instead of trying to propagate a house brand or an unknown brand that the customers were not familiar or comfortable with.

Just as there are specialists in each profession, there are specialists in food, and it not simply a matter of putting product in a can and slapping your label on it. Just look at what happened to Marks & Spencers who tried to sell only their brands in their stores and ended up closing their stores in North America and Europe.

Because the ethnic complexion of Toronto was changing, Spyros Peter Goudas went a step further with the foods he was producing.
He started to make ethnic soups that would taste no different from the soups made in the country of origin.

In other words, he started to make soups that made little concession to the taste buds of Canadians, but that faithfully reflected the tastes of the country the recipe came from.
"When making Spanish soup, I made sure that Spanish people like it," he says.
"If other groups want to buy the soup, fine, but as long as I am satisfied that people from the soup's
country like it, then I am very happy." To do this, he had, for instance, Sri Lankan people living in Canada come and taste his Sri Lankan soups to ensure that he had the taste just right.

He also increased the variety of oils to include olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower, canola and soya oil.
He brought in rice from many parts of the world, including the TAI-TAI brand rice from Thailand, considered to be one of the best-scented rice in the world.
He went to the prime sources to get most of his fruits and vegetables.

If a particular olive is best made in Greece for example, he went there to get it because his focus was not on how cheaply he could buy a product was, but rather how good it was, and this is just one of the countless examples.

On the Snappy pop, for each flavour, he spent more than 6 months like a chemist, mixing and tasting over and over again until he achieved the exact flavour that he wanted. Today, the formula for Snappy pop is the same as it was 30 years ago but the ingredients now have to be sourced from a number of countries.

Originally, he only had about three types of canned beans: red kidney, chickpeas and Romano beans.

For example, Spyros Peter Goudas examines the beans for appearance, blemishes, size, texture, taste, skin defects, heating penetration etc. before giving the go ahead to can it.  Some beans have to be transported on air cushioned trucks with padded skids to minimize any skin defects during transportation, because  Spyros Peter Goudas believes that to get a good product out, you have to put a good product in.But today he has 32 varieties, which include soya beans, said to be useful to women who suffer from certain cancers, and fava beans (broad beans) also said to be helpful to people who suffer from Parkinson's disease.

Despite their appearance, canning beans is a very complex task if you want to have a proper product for your customer.
For example, Spyros Peter Goudas examines the beans for appearance, blemishes, size, texture, taste, skin defects, heating penetration etc. before giving the go-ahead to can it.

Some beans have to be transported on air-cushioned trucks with padded skids to minimize any skin defects during transportation because  Spyros Peter Goudas believes that to get a good product out, you have to put a good product in.

Goudas also brought in bitter cucumber, also known as Karalla, which has medicinal value because it contains a substance similar in effect to insulin.

He also tried to balance the flavour of his pepper sauces and create a variety.

For instance, he had papaya as an ingredient in one and banana as an ingredient in another to balance the hotness and the enjoyment. Then he created the Ready to Eat Food Line, such as spinach and rice, leek and rice, beans and potato, and many more.

In 1997, Peter Goudas' 30th year in Canada, one of his senior employees invited him to visit a supermarket on a Sunday afternoon, to see how the products looked on the shelves.

As a rule, Spyros Peter Goudas does not go to any supermarkets and had not been in the doors of one for many years, so it took a lot of persuasions to get him to go.

When he arrived at the store, he found about 500 people waiting there, all of whom were people associated with his business in one way or another from around the world.

It was a surprise party of suppliers and employees, and he did not have a clue anyone was planning one!


In the middle of 1999, the Canadian government stopped the importation of dairy products (rice pudding and custard.) because of health issues. Spyros Peter Goudas rose to the occasion, spending an enormous amount of time and money to develop and produce these products in Canada.

Currently, he produces custard, regular rice pudding, as well as rice pudding with almond and raisins, and rice pudding with peach.

Spyros Peter Goudas is also recreating the labels on his products to make them more attractive.

Right now he is working on putting the essence of the canned fruit or vegetable on the label; this wonderful innovation will allow a customer to know what the fruit smells like even before opening the can, and a customer walking along the aisles in a supermarket will know that the item is in the neighbourhood even before seeing it.

Spyros Peter Goudas is working on this innovation to make shopping more helpful to the blind.
This was initiated after an encounter with a blind person.
He made a gift of some canned food to her, as is his custom, and he noticed that the first thing she did was rub her fingers on the top of the can, trying to feel the embossed can codes. He then realized that with the new system of inkjet printing of these codes on the cans, the blind would have no way of checking this information.

So he embarked on this project on their behalf.
He has put a lot of effort on this project and has expressed a desire to complete his mission before he closes his eyes permanently.

Above article was written by OKEY CHIGBO in 2002


Mr Okey Chibo wrote this article in two parts.
He received The Kenneth R. Wilson Award in 1993 for the best write-up about someone’s personality. 
Part II, which is, above was written in 2002. 
This article has been translated into various languages in newspapers, magazines and television, including the Arabian language.
We asked Mr Goudas about this situation and he mentioned that is not the only thing they do differently from other parts of the world. As we all know, Spyros Peter Goudas makes the best Dolmades, rice wrapped with Grape leaves, in the world. 

So on many occasions, he has offered Dolmades to an Arabian and he noted, that instead of eating the Dolmade the way it is served to him, the Arabian would eat from the other side. Do you find this funny? 
Well, upon further reading you will begin to realize that Spyros Peter Goudas has also written approximately 50 books as of 2014, including Dolmades, and many are in a comedic format. 

In fact, for some of them, we recommend that you take a bathroom break before reading because you will not be able to contain your laughter. Do not rush to start reading the books. 
You have not yet graduated to a higher level (ha, ha, ha). Please do not be offended.

There is so much of the Spyros Peter Goudas world to explore.

Note from the authors, writers, web developers, photographers, and the numerous others involved in creating what we consider to be one of the largest and most informative websites on the planet.

Somewhere within the website, you will view one of the authors saying that there is a possibility of someone winning a lottery or that someone sold some property and made some money. 
Of course, one assumes that there is the story behind that.
Therefore, the parallel relates to the Spyros Peter Goudas Story. 

Spyros Peter Goudas is the man behind brands associated with him and also referred to as the Man behind the labels.

His life is now an open book titled, The Immigrant, and his website is an expose of how he has channelled his energies into the creation and introduction of some of the finest foods into the food industry.

In this instance, this website including the Biography, is a graphic account of the life of the founder, Spyros Peter Goudas, born in Kalamaki, Athens, Greece, smack dab in the middle of the invasion of Greece during World War Two (WW II). 

He immigrated to Canada in 1967, penniless and sleeping on the streets. 
You may read the details within his biography.

Since then, there have been numerous articles, events, stories and the continuation of the Biography. 

It is most interesting reading.  It is educational, factual and historically accurate.

Within the website is a section called Letters of Appreciation.  

You will need a whole lot of time to read them.  

In addition, should you read in between the lines, you would realize that there is a reoccurring pattern to the letters. 

Many do not simply state, “Thank you for your support to a particular event, but they do state Thank you for your continued contribution and support over the years too Hopefully, this sentence will trigger second thoughts in your head.

Maybe the word philanthropist may even flash into your mind, as you decide to explore what this Character is about, as a whole grocery aisle of products with the Mr. something on the label makes you yearn for one of his products.

Please note, that these Letters of Appreciation Section were inserted after the initiation of the internet system.
Before that period, he was generously donating. However, there is no documentation for verification. 

The published letters all have closing signatures; therefore, anyone wanting to authenticate them may contact the signors at the various organizations.

Today, Spyros Peter Goudas enjoy immense popularity in the market. 

This was not an overnight accomplishment and life has not been all "Peaches and Cream" for Spyros Peter Goudas. He has experienced career highs and extreme lows. He looked at financial ruin in its face, and persevered despite the tremendous odds against him.

This was not an overnight accomplishment and life has not been all "Peaches and Cream" for Spyros Peter Goudas. 

He has experienced career highs and extreme lows. 
He looked at financial ruin in its face and persevered despite the tremendous odds against him.

Please refer to the other articles and the biography on this website to share the ups and downs in the career of Peter Spyros Goudas.

During all this, he has ensured that his expanding line of product is nothing but the best the world has to offer.

 I’m going to nominate Peter Spyros Goudas for an Order of Canada right now, and so I believe, should you.  Raymond Samuels

Spyros Peter Goudas has made an invaluable contribution to this country.

Do you think he deserves even more recognition for his outstanding contributions to Canada's vibrant and dynamic multicultural society?

Raymond Samuels I’m going to nominate him for an Order of Canada right now, and so I believe, should you. 

I certainly do!