Dec 27, 1986

In this picture, the son of Mr. Goudas, - Panos is only 7 years old.
He is seen Celebrating Christmas with a happy smile on his face!

Feb 13, 1988

One day in 1988 Mr. Chuck Reynolds, producer of the music connection Carribean program on the CKQT 94.9 FM, in Oshawa, Ontario that was sponsored by Goudas Foods, visited Mr. Goudas for the annual renewal of the sponsorship.

Feb 25, 1989

Brief Biography: 

Born in 1905 in Grammeno, Ioannina, Greece, son of Spyros and Marina Goudas, he moved to Athens where he enrolled in the Police Academy, and upon graduation in 1935, entered the Police Force. 

In 1938 he married a beautiful, young woman named Thekla.
They subsequently had four children...

Oct 11, 1989

Spyros Peter Goudas receives an Appreciation Award for Exceptional Service and Support of the Miss Black Ontario Pageant.

Goudas has always been a sponsor of such pageants, providing for different contestants every year.

Despite the fact that none of the girls, which Goudas sponsors, ever got the top title, most of these girls usually win the Miss Congeniality title.

Such events have always been great advertising for him, providing huge exposure of the company.

It seems that the Miss Congeniality title was even more effective advertising than the actual Miss Black Ontario title!

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