Mar 7, 1992

What follows was recorded at 2:00 am one early morning:

Peter talking to a dog

What follows was recorded at 2:00 am one early morning:
One late night in the Editing Studio of Mr. Goudas and after a few shots of greek brandy a tipsy, Mr. Goudas decided to record the storytelling of when he broke his leg and how it crippled his leg and by extension his livelyhood.

First, he had to get in the mood and so Mr. Goudas played some of his favorite melodies from his "813" Club Music Library.

He used the melodies as background music while telling his story to an audience of the tape recorder, and his loyal irish settler dog Irma.

When he finally finished recording, Irma was exhausted.

For quite a while the record was forgotten, until one day "Dr. Love" a radio Broadcaster came to do some Radio Editing work at the studio of Mr. Goudas and discovered the recording.

Dr. Love couldn't resist his curiousity and secretly borrowed the tape so he could listen to it at home.
Dr. Love was inspired by the story and decided to air it on his radio show on the Eve of Christmas 1993, to the complete surprise of Mr.Goudas.

Dr. Love aired the entire Story on his "Dr. Love" show on the Chin Radio station and after the story he had a segment where listeners called and expressed their views and opinions about the show.

Fitzroy "Dr. Love" Gordon claims that the segment featuring Mr.Goudas' recording was the best show he ever had in his broadcasting career.

The audio is 45 minutes long for your listening pleasure.

Please dim the lights, take a refreshing drink, grab a seat and rest your legs.
Remember Mr. Goudas still has his leg and it all worked out because he never gave up hope.

If you don't have real player, you can read the text below.

The sound of a popular Caribbean children's song plays in the background as Peter carries out a series of mike checks and prepares to tell his story. He's also making sure that his dog Irma is comfortable before he starts sharing his life story with her.

As he starts to relate his story, he changed the background music to one of Ben E. King's, lending a much softer tone to the atmosphere.

The time now is 1992 and he tries to remember at 2:00 a.m. after a couple glasses of brandy what happened sometime in the past.
Irma now is very comfortable and is an excellent listener, prepared not to give him any interruptions.

As you read the story, please keep in mind that Mr. Goudas is self-taught in English, and throughout his rich entrepreneurial life he has not had any time to attend an English language school.

This story has been typed exactly how he told it in order to portray accurately and without any changes what he had in mind that night, in 1992.

Peter is now telling his story:

I would like to go back as far as 1978:

In the month of August 1978, at Goudas Foods Company, we produced certain amount of products. Five to six years prior to that we were just starting to deliver food products in the chain stores. Then, I also owned and operated the "813 club" which at that time was the number one club. In fact, it was the number one West Indian club in North America.

I have to tell you a story about who was playing the music at the club later on.

I know that I was too busy running these two places (Goudas Foods Company and 813 Club) and I decided in 1975 or 1976 to purchase one of the busiest country and western taverns in the city of Toronto called the Columbo Tavern in the Queen and Dufferin area (close to the Exhibition Place).

I changed the name the first week I went there and called it the "Our Place" restaurant. The location was exactly on the Southwest corner of Queen and Dufferin.

Now the place was not big enough; it could hold probably 400-500 people.
The crowd that I had sometimes exceeded the amount of people I was able to accommodate in the club so I decided to purchase the building next to the tavern.

There was a driveway between the two buildings and so I put a roof between the driveway - support and everything else.
I knocked out the adjoining walls and made a huge place out of that.
It now had a 1500 seating capacity. (At that in order to acquire a liquor license you had to have at least 15 sq. ft. per person.)

Now, at that point I was able to invite big bands from Nashville, Tennessee to come and play at the Tavern.
Also some of the biggest names in Canadian Country and Western music would sometimes play at the tavern including Lucille Star, George Hamilton from the Fourth, Crystal Gayle and Sweet Daddy Siki.
I can't remember all the names that I had appear there but it was a very busy place.
I can tell you it was the busiest place in the city of Toronto.

I had twenty four waitresses, two or three bartenders, four or five bouncers.
The reason I had the bouncers was because it was not the easiest place to work with - because as I've said before - because of the Country and Western atmosphere people came there and drank a lot, enjoyed themselves a lot, they had a little bit of excitement, a little argument sometimes and before you knew it I had half a dozen fights every night of the week.

I kept all these bouncers and I constantly pointed out to them, "I don't want you to fight, I want you to separate the fights."
"And if you can take one or two fighters out of the club that would allow us to work for the next half an hour before the next fight" he jokes.

Now when you have to deal with two chefs, cleaning people, bands, payroll department, two or three managers and all the waitresses, as i say that was not an easy thing to do; especially when you are running a business in the daytime and a club on the weekend. 

Even so, I was able to cope with the situation and I have been very successful. I had raised the salaries of all the employees to the point that I can say they almost all of them were  happy except two or three waitresses.

Now, it wasn't the point of the money but the waitresses made an enormous amount of tips from the club and the restaurant.

I can say that each girl (waitress) would be walking home with $150 to $200 worth of tips (big money at that time).

Don't ask me how they made it but they always use to make it. For instance, if a guy orders two beers, lets say the two beers were $2.20 cents or $2.30 cents.

He would give them five dollars and the waitresses never gave him back change - they would say "Thank you very much" and went on to the next patron.
I don't know how they did it but they used to do it.

Now, two of the waitresses encouraged some of the other waitresses to sign up for the union and in August of 1978 there was an application for certification within the restaurant.

Without going through all the details of what happened but let me give you some examples of the problems I had: One waitress that joined the union attacked another non-union waitress as she was carrying two trays of beers to the customers.
As a result of the altercation the trays toppled over and everything the waitress was carrying fell to the ground.

The situation was of such that the union waitresses did not get along with the non-union waitresses and vise versa. The chefs would do the same: the non-union chefs could not get along with the chefs in the union.
The customers took sides because some of them were union and some weren't.
They wanted to be served by union or non-union whatever the case.
Then there were another set of customers that were union and it was constant chaos.

So, I don't know how they cooperated for the next two or three months; every day of the week or every night of the week I was just about ready to make a decision to close the tavern down.

The arguments and tension at the tavern was unbelievable because don't forget I had to have a clear mind to run the other businesses as well.
I wanted to close one business so I could keep the other two going.

Now It was just about two weeks before Christmas of 1978 and my night manager, Tony Palermo, (an italian fellow) asked me, "Mr. Goudas, are we not going to have a Christmas party this year like we had last year and the year before?"

Now every Christmas, I used to have a Christmas party for all my staff.

Between the tavern, the club and Goudas Foods and some friends there were at least 500 people and I have tried over the years to make that party the best because I used to know about the music, about the service, about everything so I tried to make all my staff and everybody as happy as they can be on that night.

Anybody can say all they want against me and do anything they want. Some of them have brought their wives over, children over, their grand father over. It was something beautiful.

It was the most beautiful thing that happened for years prior to that and Tony just reminded me it was two weeks till Christmas. I was so upset that nobody was able to come anywhere near me and talk to me because I didn't trust anybody - whether union or non-union.

I had one thing on my mind: to shut the damn place down, shut it down once and for all; lose all the money I ever had (he reflected with some anger).
(Irma at that point noticed the anger in her master's voice and started barking).

In any case, I don't know how I coped with the situation. Christmas was fast approaching.

It was maybe a week before Christmas or a few days before Christmas and Tony was looking for an answer. I asked myself should we do it before Christmas, should we do it between Christmas and New Years or should we do it on New Year's day? Whatever it is Peter we have to do something for the people; we have to (he repeated for emphasis)! Let's forget about the Union, let's forget about the whole thing; let's do something.

It was just between Christmas and New Year's and I still hadn't made my decision.
And then I said to myself, Tony is absolutely right. Why should I leave myself with the situation, that I have so many innocent people - whether or not they like me and like my company and they want us to grow.

I didn't have only the pressure from Tony Palermo, I had pressure from two or three or four-dozen people that worked with me. Finally, I said to Tony, "Tony arrange the Christmas party although it's late and I am sorry about that.

On the 14th of January 1979, I want you to arrange games for all the children; I want you to still maintain the Christmas decoration; I want you to get all the members of the "813 Club" to come down, all the members of Goudas Foods including Union or non-union down at the tavern and let them all have a good time.

So, (long pause) the time was approaching and Tony arranged everything so beautifully.
Everything was going nicely until that party and Sunday I was still working at my factory at Goudas Foods at 131 McCormack St., a couple stoplights north of St. Clair and Weston Road.
The party was at Queen and Dufferin area and I knew people started to show up there at 2 pm.
I had also arranged for one of the most beautiful bands for the evening and I knew the people would be there (the Christmas party) by 4pm. Meals would be served by 6 pm.
There would be cakes and all kinds of things, music and so forth.

It is now 5 o'clock pm and I'm still at McCormack Street. (It's customary for Mr. Goudas to be in the office on a Sunday). I'm still debating to myself 'should I go down there or not?'
Should I go there and face my friends and be happy and turn around to see somebody that upsets me?
Somebody may try to spoil the whole thing and I'd probably get upset and have a fight maybe.
It was now 7 o'clock in the evening and was still working at McCormack Street. 

I made the decision to go down to the club; I still had quite a few friends there.
So, I took my car and I went down to the corner of McCormack and Weston Road and the light was red and at the last moment I thought the best thing to do it is not to go the tavern but go somewhere else; let the people enjoy themselves the best they can by themselves.

They are still going to have a good time. They had a good time 4 or 5 hours before me.
It's not going to be any different if I go there now - I may as well not go and with that thought I turned left and headed north and took the 401 East to Ellesmere Road.

I got somewhere on Kennedy Road South to a mall and I said to myself, "Let me buy a newspaper and a jug of milk". I used to drink a lot of milk at the time because I used to do a lot of exercise.

Now, I was planning to go to a friend's house in Scarborough; his name is Corado Accapoto.
This fellow accepts me any time, even 3 o'clock in the morning because he has a studio - a recording studio, and I was also involved in the club and in the recording studio myself.

We were so close and we always had such a good time that I used to go to his house at 3 o'clock until 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning because he had all the equipment that I liked to play. He had a recording studio and all this fancy stuff down in his basement; an enormous selection of different things.

I have to give you another tip here now: the temperature must have been 35 degrees below zero, the coldest night ever in that year - I don't think I can remember a night as cold as that.
The rain had fallen earlier that evening and immediately after the rain the temperature fell below zero which turned the rain to ice. 

The entire Toronto was as if it were covered in ice.
If you touch the brakes of the car suddenly it would turn around a hundred times. There was no way you could hold the brakes.

I went to the store and parked my car just in front of the store.
I got out of the car walked to the store very carefully so as not to slip.
There I bought the newspaper and the milk and as I was ready to go into the car I thought to myself "let me phone my friend and tell him I'm on my way to his house".

It was only about 5 or 6 minutes away anyway - I'll just call him to tell him I'll be there.
He never expected me at eight o'clock at night although he's used to having me at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.
So let's find out if he's still in the house.

The telephone booth was at the other side of the strip mall (outside mall) approximately 50 yards or so away.
As I was walking to the telephone booth I again noticed that it was extremely slippery.
I tried to be very, very, careful not to fall.
When I was very close to the telephone I notice a sewer - a city sewer drainage.

When the rain had started earlier, something like a sheet of ice had formed apparently, which I did not see.

Despite being very careful my left foot slipped into that little hole touching the metal frame (grill) of the sewer, it went up on the top of the other end and then I slipped and sat down on my left leg and crushed it.

I was in disbelief when I saw the entire (sole) bottom of my shoe come almost up into my hand.
I couldn't understand how this all happened.
I was in shock and didn't realize that I broke my leg.
I thought it was a joke (amusing).

I thought for a moment.
Any time now I was going to realize what had happened and faint .

The temperature was 35 degrees below zero.
I started sweating like I've never sweated before.
I wasn't able to hold my leg - I held my head because I had to crack the ice that formed on my face.

I started cracking the ice from my face.
I thought I was going to freeze due to the water coming from all over the place on my head.
I let go of my leg for a while.
It would start jumping on its own and made the bone in between the knee and the ankle break into small pieces.

While all this was happening I'm still sweating profusely. 
I still don't know what to do. I don't know if I should pray or not.
Perhaps I shouldn't waste any time praying and just go to the car.
It was something that I couldn't describe.

I thought that I would faint any minute.
I had some kind of power somehow. Something inside tells me "if you faint right now you'll die."
"No body will find you here; no body will find you… just get up with one leg and get into the car."

Finally with one leg, I lie down on the floor just pushing one leg, trying to hang on but I am getting weaker and weaker.
It was already calm there wasn't anymore knocking up and down so whatever bone I had to break was already broken.
My leg was so badly broken that it was held together by pieces of flesh.

I made it to the car and tried to open the car door - the door weighs a tonne and finally as I was about to open the door I realized that I had lost my keys at the place where I had fallen.

A new energy came into me and started crawling back to the place where I lost the keys.
I realized the keys had fallen into a hole in the ice.
Finally, I was able to get the keys to the car.
I went back to the car and I went in and was able to pull my leg up and hold it with my two hands.

My shoe and a piece of my leg were all over the place and I put them in the car.
I tried to start the car and managed to do so.
I backed up and I thought to myself I have to find the hospital, there has to be a hospital somewhere.
I lost my sense of direction - I did not know if I should go left or right.
The only thing on my mind was I have to get to a hospital as soon as I can.
I started coming up on red traffic lights and I started blowing my horn in case the police stopped me or tried to stop me.
But there was nobody around.

Half an hour later I arrived at the Scarborough General Hospital.
I didn't go to the emergency entrance. I must have lost my direction there.

It was 8 o'clock at night on Sunday when I reached the entrance and I blew my horn to make someone hear me.
It was so annoying to be disturbing all the patients there.
I was still blowing the horn when finally the nurses came over and asked me what happened and they opened the door and saw my leg and one of them almost fainted.

My leg was almost a foot longer than it used to be with a little piece of skin holding the pieces together.
One of the nurses called the other nurses from the other side and they came over and asked me to drive to the other side because they weren't able to do anything there.

I drove my car around from the front to the back of the emergency entrance.
The stretcher came out and they lifted me up and put me on the stretcher.
Right away they took me inside and everybody came over.
I remained alert (I did not faint) because I knew what was going on and one of the nurses who was supposed to take me for x-rays started shaking her head as if to say there is no time for x-rays just cut the leg off.
I asked the nurse, "Why do you want to cut my leg off? Wait and call a doctor".

At eleven o'clock that night the doctor arrived wearing a tuxedo and bowtie to the emergency - Dr Grosfield. I didn't know Dr. Grosfield then but he asked me my name and I told him "Peter Spyros Goudas". He asked me what kind of business I'm in and I didn't know what to say. Whether I'm in the club business, tavern business, food business, the canning business.
What business am I in? 

The doctor said, "Peter, do you want your leg?' and I replied, "Yes".
He said, " That's what I'm here for. We'll try to do the best we can.
Let's see if we put the bones in the leg together.
"I'm not going to give you any anaesthesia but we have to try to put the little bone pieces together" He repeated and I gave him the answer (answered in the affirmative).
The nurse advised me that I would be in a lot of painbecause she still didn't give me an injection.

Soon I was on the stretcher. There was one guy sitting at my right shoulder, another guy sitting at my left shoulder, one guy pulling my hair so I felt enough pain there to distract me from the pain coming from my leg.
Two other guys were holding my hands.

One foot was tied down and by this time the doctor had already cut my pants and put underneath my leg something like a 180 degrees type of pipe cut half way through to support and keep the leg straight.

Dr. Grosfield began putting the pieces together.
Somebody referred to the pieces the doctor tried to put together as broken.
At four o'clock in the morning the operation was still underway.
The doctor kept talking to me.
He told me all kinds of stories and asked me to tell him my problems and everything else.

The pain was enormous but the conversation with the doctor allowed me to tell all the problems I've had with the union, the imports, the exports, the club business, the liquor control board and everything else.
I talked about everything to keep my mind off of what he was doing.

At 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning he had completed putting the bones together the best he could and began wrapping around something like white cement
(plaster of Paris). In Greek they call it Gypsum.
It felt so good; it was hot and I thought the doctor did a great job - he performed nothing short of a miracle.

I felt like nothing had happened and asked him if I would be able to go to work in the morning because I had a lot of things to do the next morning.
The doctor laughed at me and gave me some morphine to calm me down.
He told me not to worry.
He said, "you'll be at your office at 8 o'clock in the morning like new". 

Dr. Grosfield gave me an injection but I don't think the injection was strong enough so he gave me another one and then took me over to my room.
I thought I was going to sleep but felt like I was going to pass out.

I remember the doctor saying he's seen some people break a finger and they faint, they break a thumb and they faint, and I broke my leg and was able to drive myself to the hospital.

The doctor saw that I was amazing; the doctor saw that I had a good will and I needed my leg so badly, so badly I needed this leg. 
I said to myself, "now is the time to faint" because no matter what happened the doctor told me that I would be in the office at eight o'clock in the morning.

Just as I was about to fade into sleep I felt a tremendous pain coming on.
I started screaming and the nurses came over and tried to shut the door.
They gave me another injection to calm me down and called the doctor again.
I think I was screaming for about 4 or 5 hours.
Finally, the medicine took effect and I fell asleep.
I don't know for how long I was asleep. 

I woke up the next morning or maybe two days after because I had lost tracjk of time.
I kept asking, "what happened?". I felt the tightness of the cement around my leg. I thought that they had cut my leg off because I didn't feel anything.
I thought to myself this doctor tricked me.

I took a peek at the front part of the leg that was open and I saw my toes.
I tried to pinch my toes but didn't feel any pain whatsoever.
I didn't know what to do or what to believe.
"Did I have a leg or was I dillusional?" The nurses came over and I asked, but they told me "your leg will be just fine".

Let's put it this way: I spent another fifteen days there and I didn't feel anything. (Some kind of interference occurs or his thoughts trailed off).

In the meantime the office had called several times and I didn't know what to do. A week later the bank heard the bad news about my leg.

Well, it was now almost a week later…(he paused and is now talking to his dog Irma).

About ten or eleven days later the bank knew that in the event the doctor cut my leg off I might not be able to repay the loan.
They decided to recall the loan because it was rumored that the doctor was going to amputate my leg.
If the bank were to recall the loan we would be officially out of business.

My secretary would usually come over to the hospital and stay with me for a few hours. She tried to keep me informed on the events of the day and would give me some suggestions and ideas of how to operate the tavern, the restaurant, the club, the food business, the imported canning business and everything else.

She also informed me that the bank was planning to recall my loan. 
At the same time one banker gave hints of the situation of the tavern to another banker and before you knew it there was no payment of the hydro bill, the telephone service was interrupted the bands at the tavern did not want to play.
The liquor control board cut my credit off so - there was no liquor.
The suppliers didn't want to sell me anything even though they sent flowers to the hospital - some of them did anyway.

A few people and some of my friends would come over to visit me at the hospital and even the bank came to visit me to make sure everything was going all right with the operation.
All this time they were trying to decide whether or not they should proceed with the foreclosing of the loan.

It was seventeen days later and they have decided to cut my leg off because my toes had turned black (discolored).
I mean they were black like they were rotting.
I felt in my heart that I should get another chance. 
I wanted to postpone the operation to another day to at least allow myslf some time to be mentally prepared for it.

I asked the guy who came around once in a while to cut the cast because I felt it was too tight around my leg.
I asked him to cut off a little bit at the top close to my hip so as to allow my leg to breathe a little.
I called my bouncer down at the restaurant - one of my bodyguards and a good man.
I told him to stay outside my door because I didn't want them to take me in the middle of the night and cut my leg off only to awake the next morning without a leg.

I told him to make sure nobody comes to interfere with me while I was sleeping. (Mr. Goudas was heavily sedated so he would hallucinate about such things happening while he slept).

Half an hour after, I asked the guy to cut the cast and I felt some kind of relief down in my toes.

I'm a heavy smoker and in the hospital there was no smoking.
I found a way to smoke anytime I want to without anybody interfering with me.

The nurses came over about two dozen times to find out where I hid the cigarettes.
They moved me from bed to bed to find out where I had the cigarettes hidden but couldn't find any cigarettes.
They only realized there was smoke present.

As I said, I was a heavy smoker then and now I'm still the same way.
However, I have one hiding place for my cigarettes and I may as well tell you now. (A well known song by Al Green is now playing in the background)

I have a Kleenex tissue box, which I opened at the bottom.
Between the bottom area of the Kleenex and a few Kleenex up I place my cigarettes and matches.
So I was able to do my smoking during the time the nurses were not there - nighttime or anytime.

A this point in time I had smoked a cigarette about half way down.
I thought to myself, "the leg is going to be cut off tomorrow anyway so let me see if it has any feelings".

I proceeded to put the cigarette between my toes and believe it or not a terrible smell filled the air.
|I felt a little itch in my toes and I knew there was some kind of feeling down there.
I called my bouncer and I said, "Wayne I think my leg is good; I think my cast was too tight and there was not enough blood circulating'.
I said, "Wayne I think I have my leg back" and I told him to call the doctor.

He (Wayne) said "Peter, why don't you relax for the night?"
He thought that I had a nightmare.
I tried to explain to him that I have feelings in my leg.
I tried to explain to him that something has happened in my leg, the current has changed.

Wayne tried to tell me that the toes were still black and I told him there was a slight change in the color - the toes are looking different.
I said, "don't you see they have a better color? "
I said, "pinch me, do something" just to prove to him I have feelings back in my leg.
Anyway, I tried to persuade him but it was not possible and I fell asleep.

In the morning I was just about ready to go to the operating room to amputate my leg when I finally told the doctor what I did last night.
He then realized that something changed in my leg.
I told him that I felt circulation somewhere in my leg.
He examined my leg and made a decision to wait for another day or two.

I told you his name was Dr. Grosfield and he trusted me to tell him the truth and he did the best he could to save my leg.
He did not want to take any chances to cut it off now after all the suffering I had undergone.
He did allow me a few more days and my leg improved more and more each day.

On the 32nd day in the hospital I have lost maybe eighty pounds in a short period of time because I have been eating nothing.
I almost didn't have anything to drink and the worries and everything else made me lose all that weight and physical strength.

I said to the doctor, I have to leave to see what's going on with my business.
I think the bank has closed me down, I think the restaurant is gone and he said, "Mr. Goudas, why don't you let things happen normally? I can't let you go with your leg in this condition; it's against the rules".
I said, "doctor if I can prove to you that I can walk tomorrow on one leg with crutches will you allow me to go?" I begged.
He responded by telling me if I can do that, he'll let me go.

When the doctor left I tried to stand on the leg that was apparently the good leg and to my surprise it failed to offer any support.
The leg had grown thin and weak.

I started sweating all over again and I had to lie down.

About two or three hours later I tried to stand up again.
I repeated this all during the night.
Finally, I was able to stand up from my bed and I tried to walk from the bed to the door (with crutches).
I finally did it.

The next day when the doctor came up about 11 o'clock for my regular visit,
I demonstrated to him that I was able to walk at least that distance.
So he allowed me to leave the hospital for the day.

I now realized that the factory had been closed down because the bank took over the accounts receivable.
The suppliers did not supply me with anything, at least some of them.
All the chain stores except Miracle Mart, had given the shelf space section to somebody else .

Wayne Robertson was the manager of Miracle Mart. In fact he was the head buyer.
He said, "Peter I have to do this but when you get well and are able to walk again and serve our stores I promise I'll give you your shelf space back".
Based on that I went back to the hospital.
I stayed there another two months.

When I was finally out of the hospital, and obviously returned to the business I was trying in every possible way to reconstruct my business.
There was a lot of damaged merchandise resulting from the failure of sprinkler systems.
I needed to rectify a host of other problems that needed my immediate attention.
Since I was committed to do everything in my power to address all these issues I was taken aback when another tornado came out of nowhere in the form of Mr. George Hall, a representative of the Government.
His intention was to seize the plant because of the amount owing in municipality taxes.

George Hall

The above story aired several times on different radio programs, in churches and different media; it is also a subject of discussion among hosts and guests on various radio programs.

Apparently Mr.Peter Spyros Goudas book (Just another broken leg) has been an inspiration to many who have met similar fate and it has given them the will and hope to stay strong. Apparently this story has been an inspiration to many who have met similar fate and it has given them the will and hope to stay strong.

Over the years, Mr. Goudas has received hundreds of letters from people who had similar experiences and kept his story in mind as a source of strength during their difficult times. 

Many people however, have interpreted the story to suit their objectives; in one instance, a large accounting firm criticized Mr. Goudas for not maintaining a back up system to operate his business in his absence.

They failed to realize that the bank acted out of fear as result of the rumor of the removal of his leg and not on the basis of his financial ratio, thus recalling the loan.

As you follow the life story of Peter Spyrous Goudas you will notice he was able to reconstruct his business through enormous effort, determination and perseverance.

Mr. Goudas has ultimately risen above many adversities and won the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Canadian Government in November of 1993.

Photo of Fitzroy Gordon "Dr. Love"

Fitzroy  Gordon "Dr. Love"

Jan 20, 2005

This year, Goudas Foods is expecting a big success in the food market, as the business links with Bulgaria have been established and the products are now ready to enter the stores.

As you can see in the picture, a great number of ready-to-eat foods will now be available in the stores for the public to enjoy. 

(For more information, check-out the events on specific product articles).


Jan 20, 2005

"The trip of the day starts around 10am, and our destination is the okra fields. I sit in the passenger seat and I cannot take my eyes off the endless okra fields. 

After the long drive, we arrive at one of the places where okra is gathered and prepared for production. I have never seen such widespread fields, stretching as far as the eye goes, creating a deep-green horizon. The okra plant is very beautiful; it is rich in leaves, one or more meters tall, and it blossoms a beautiful yellow flower. 

Jan 26, 2005

It is end of January and the new year 2005 has well began.

The past summer, Mr. Goudas was returning from his trip to Costa Rica with hundreds of ideas and propositions for new products to be introduced to Canada.

Now, the plans have been realized, and Goudas Foods is proud to present the Costa Rican Collection!


Feb 12, 2005

Mr. Goudas and Dalton McGuinty the Premier of Ontario

Although he is forever saying that he never goes anywhere and that he is always working, there are occasions that he has to put on that three-piece suit and explore the world. 

When you receive a: "You are cordially invited, to a function and the opportunity to chat and have a photo opportunity with the Premier of Ontario", of course you accept. 

However, we cannot figure this one out. Is Mr. Goudas too short or Is Mr. McGuinty too tall? 

Oh, silly us, it is the photographer who was nervous about being in the company of Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas that the other person in the photo seemed insignificant to him. (Your smile for the day or next 2 or 3 years!) 

Mr. Goudas was really pleased to be part of the occasion and wanted to share this with you.

Feb 12, 2005

By: Hariklia Simos 

When I walked into the office, glimpsed a sign that read "If you see me doing nothing, please do not disturb; this is when I am at my busiest", and then was bombarded by a barking little white dog, I knew I was in for an adventure. 

Every year the Pan-Epirotic Federation of Canada holds a celebration commemorating the liberation of Ioanina, a city in the region Epiros in Greece.


Feb 24, 2005

Just this morning, the Goudas Foods workers were surprised to discover that one of the visitors passing by, actually decided to stop here for a while.

A food transportation train, filled with Mr. Goudas rice, slipped from the tracks due to heavy weather conditions which had caused the snow to freeze above the tracks.
As a result, just in the "back yard" of the Goudas Foods building, the train had to stop for hours until a crane was able to put it back on track. 

Despite the damage caused to Goudas Foods from such transportation delays, we still manage to smile at such unforeseeable incidents and accept that even accidents are part of the program.


Feb 26, 2005

Following last September's visit to attend the meeting of Colombian entrepreneurs, Mr. Goudas had dinner last night with the Colombian Ambassador in Canada, Mr. Jorge Visbal Martelo. They discussed the various opportunities offered for the importation of Colombian foods in Canada.
On the left Mr.Rodolfo Moseres, Consultant & Trade Commissioner.

The lady standing on the right, Mrs. Julia Gutierres, is the Director of Employment at SENA Institute (National Learning Institute). 

May 1, 2005

It is an exhilirating feeling when a client/customer/friend/associate bestows upon you something depicting the effect Goudas Foods and its products has on them. 

The attached image was created to reflect this.

In this person's opinion, Mr. Goudas' products are 

We are humbled, and believe there is no better thought or design that depicts what we are about. 

Thank you


May 17, 2005

Arrangements have been made as of today for Goudas Foods to import into this country one of the finest rice products available on the market today, Mr. Goudas Basmati Rice under the Golden Saffron Brand. This particular bag of Basmati rice will contain a small package of Saffron inside. 

Most people are familiar with Basmati Rice and those who are privileged to purchase any brand of Mr. Goudas Basmati Rice, such as Lion King, Blue Lake, Pride of Himalaya, or Jewel the Indies, have experienced the best that the world has to offer. Now, they can purchase this bag with the Saffron included, and as they cook the rice they can add a few leaves of Saffron which will enhance the rice with extraordinary flavour, aroma, and a beautiful yellow colour.

May 18, 2005

The youngest potential customer of Mr. Goudas Butter Beans has already sampled and enjoyed this wonderful product. Akinlabi Olowe. (Akinlabi means: Strong baby in Nigerian) His mother, Carmara, and Aunt Sola, are long standing Mr. Goudas customers. 

In a testimonial letter which is posted in the Customer Letters Section of this website is incorporated below:  

May 31, 2005

Finally arrived in Canada. 

After a long process involving taste-test after taste-test, experiments and modifications, Mr. Goudas has taken everyone's favourite Butter Beans, perfected them and has brought them to our homes, baked in tomato sauce, in a convenient ready-to-eat individual serving size, or as a side dish for the whole family. 

Initially, it seemed like an easy task to produce this masterpiece. However, as the work progressed some of the beans became cracked, soggy or completely mashed. On another occasion they were over-cooked and the skin fell off. 


Jun 20, 2005

Unexpected and sudden was the death of Nikos Goudas in Kalamaki, Athens, Greece. He is the brother of the owner of Goudas Foods. 

Nikos was born in 1938, in the beautiful town of Kalamaki, which is located near Athens. He graduated from a mechanical engineering school, where he later served his country in the Greek Air Force. 

Nikos married Zaharoula and went to Saudi Arabia as chief engineer of a company called Arhirodon, which was involved in the construction of massive sea ports in Africa and the Middle East. 


Jul 2, 2005

It is the season to start picking the cherries, which calls for quick action before the birds attack the seeds.

This year, Mr. Goudas is even more eager to pick the best cherries (those with no bruises or discoloration, and no evidence of bird attacks), not only because they are key ingredients of many products, as for example the Exotic Fruit Salad, the Cherry Syrup, etc., but most importantly because he wants to use the best quality cherries in testing recipes for new products about to be introduced soon to the market. 

This summer, Goudas Foods had the honour to be supplied of beautiful fresh cherries picked carefully by energetic youngsters, whose gentle hands and dedication to hard work are greatly appreciated. Two of them, Stephen and Nicholas, are seen in the picture, as they pick cherries with the greatest devotion. 

At the first steps of sampling, the cherries picked this summer taste sweeter than ever. This has made us consider seriously to initialize a "Cherry-Picking Event" every season, hoping above all that the young pickers will have great fun!


Jul 23, 2005

We are happy to share this great event: 

Ms. Orawan, a Goudas Foods purchasing representative for various products in Thailand, such as agriculture, fish, and fruit nectars, celebrated her wedding on the 23rd of July in Bangkok.

A loyal employee of more than 10 years, with an excellent knowledge of Mr. Goudas' variety of products from that part of the world, and a commitment to daily communication with Mr. Goudas personally, Orawan is now married to Mr. Bowornsit. 

Her successful collaboration with Mr. Goudas has resulted in achieving the creation and release to the market of the best products the world has ever known! 

From all of us at Goudas Foods, "All the best for a Happy Marriage!"



Aug 12, 2005

This Friday, the agricultural foods representative of Goudas Foods in Central America visited Canada to discuss business updates.

In the picture, Mr. Goudas, Alex Alvares, his wife and daughter are catching up over dinner on Danforth Street in Toronto, Ontario. 

In the picture you clearly see Koukla, the French Poodle, on the chair beside Mr. Goudas, since he takes her almost everywhere. 

However, it is a special night for Koukla since Alex Alvares was the one who translated the Koukla Story into Spanish.

Aug 20, 2005

We are sad to have to share the news about the passing of one of our former employees, Andreas Makris, on Saturday, August 20, 2005.

Everyone from the Goudas Foods Organization feels the sorrow of his passing, and we are extending our sincere condolences to his wife Maria, his two daughters, Joanna and Vikie, and his son Bill. 

Andreas was well-known to the old-timers at Goudas Foods, since he was employed from the days of 131 McCormack St. 

He was not only a great employee, he was also a good friend of Mr. Goudas.
May he rest in peace. 

The photo is of Andreas and his wife, Maria, at the Goudas Foods Christmas Party, in 1995.

Aug 23, 2005

The next time you open a bag of Mr. Goudas Cassava or Plantain Chips, know this:
The product you are enjoying did not arrived to your hands by a simple procedure.

If you are imagining Mr. Goudas picking up the phone at a fast pace and with lightening speed, and giving some directions on how to prepare and package these chips, you are way off reality.

In fact, Mr. Goudas insists upon discussing the procedure, the ingredients, the evaluation of the nutrition information, the new label design, the consistency in color, thickness, taste, and of course, the appearance of the chips for long hours, and preferrably, in person. 

A few days ago, for example, a supplier and factory owner from Central America visited Goudas Foods with the sole purpose to thoroughly discuss Cassava and Plantain Chips.

This is not because the product you have already tried is not good; this is because Mr. Goudas strives to continuously improve every little detail, in order to make them even better! 

In the picture you can see that the chips are present over dinner, to accompany business with sampling.

Sep 14, 2005

Let's analize this picture for a second...

We all know the man on the right; but the man on the left is Mr. Lou Pecchia.

If any of you has gone thoroughly through the Events Section, on May 1st, 1977,
there is a small article with the title "Goudas products enter No Frills stores for the first time".

Unfortunately we did not have a current picture for that article, but here, almost 30 years later, you can see the man who built up No Frills with his extended knowledge of the Food Industry.

Mr. Pecchia has an enormous experience with the food accomodation of the multicultural society of Canada, almost as much as Mr. Goudas himself.
His name also appears in the article "The man for all seasonings" posted in the Articles section. 

Over the years, their business relationship evolved into a close friendship, maintaining frequent get-togethers as this one in the picture. Mr. Pecchia retired from his position with No Frills 4 years ago. 

In the picture, they are clearly bending the rules by trying various Italian specialties, although they should both think twice before "sampling" at this rate.

Mr. Goudas and Mr. Pecchia enjoy the company of each-other and their friendship is lasting not only because they are big fans of the food industry, but most importantly because they share the same views and ideas on the food business.
Of course, it also happens that they share the same age.

Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas and Lou Pecchia - May 26 2002 

In the above picture, Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas and Mr. Lou Pecchia having a conversation on May 26, 2002.

Sep 22, 2005

As many of you know, Mr. Goudas products include an extensive line of items from all-over the world.

This type of international business requires a bank who understands these transactions, and HSBC Bank is one of the accredited banks to thoroughly possess such understanding.

Mr. Goudas had a very pleasant dinner with one of the top executives of this bank, as seen in the picture (name not revealed for security reasons), and they tried some of Mr. Goudas products, served by the restaurant.


Sep 24, 2005

We are excited to announce the new variety of rice added in the Mr. Goudas products collection.

This recipe is very popular among Arabian and Armenian people, and it combines rice with tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, and minced meat for a delicious outcome. This is commonly known by the name "Maklub" which stands for "Food served upside-down" (see picture). 

The Golden Safron Rice has quickly captured preferences throughout Goudas Foods, and has naturally become widely appreciated by visitors and friends of the company.

In the photo you can see how some of the latest Saturday-lunch attendants enjoyed this new rice dish served by Mr. Goudas himself.

On the bottom right of the photo is the presedent of the Ararat Trading Co., 
Mr. Haroot Sarkissian, and you can see the satisfaction on his face. 

What a treat!

Sep 27, 2005

Today, during his visit to Toronto and Goudas Foods, the president of Roy Legumex, Ivan Sabourin (actual grand-son of the company's founder), had the opportunity to taste the newly improved Great Northern Soup. 

Although the soup is canned in Bulgaria, the beans are grown in Canada, and they are a product of undisputed quality, provided by Roy Legumex.
The most important thing for the consumer to know is that Mr. Goudas line of Soups contain NO MSG.

In addition, there is no harm in knowing that the Great Northern Soup is a preferred product among consumers in Canada, who appreciate the high quality of its ingredients, but above all enjoy its incredible taste. 

In the picture, Mr. Sabourin and Mr. Goudas are having a delicious lunch after opening a couple cans of Great Northern Soup.
Mr. Sabourin gave the product great remarks and accompanied his lunch with a wide smile of satisfaction.
Such reaction rewards our efforts of providing the best products under the Mr. Goudas brand.

Oct 16, 2005

The Greek newspaper "Evdomada" celebrated its 30 years of covering the Greek community news, at the Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall.

Among the 700 attendands were the president of the Greek community in Toronto, as well as politicians and other business people.

The newspaper has frequently published favourable articles about Mr. Goudas and Goudas Foods; it was also the first newspaper to publish the article about Koukla in 2003. 

The picture features Mr. Goudas while congratulating the Vice President of "Evdomada", Mrs. Anna Sklavos, who is a devoted fan of Mr. Goudas products. 

Happy Birthday and all the best from all of us at Goudas Foods!

Oct 17, 2005

After a week of trying to balance out the various ingredients for the recipe, finally the end results were well accepted from the people within the offices, and satisfaction showed up in their faces.

The basic ingredient is pasta, which in this case is called "kritharaki" (as seen in the picture).
Another alternative is the type elbow macaroni.

This dish is baked with onions and tomatoes, as well as appropriate spices. 
In its final stages of cooking, you can add a can of Mr. Goudas Baked Onions, item #1084,
as well as Mr. Goudas Sliced Carrots, item #506, for complete perfection.

Serve as it is, or add grated Romano or Parmesan cheese on top.
You can also add mashed corned beef, but since most are vegeterian in the office,
we chose not to do so here.

Oct 18, 2005

For those interested in spicing up a little the Chick Peas dish, we have a delicious recipe, easy to make, provided by the Indian staff at Goudas Foods.

The dish is called Channa Bhatura and it is a combination of Chick Peas, Indian spices (channa masala), cumin seeds, oil, lemon, and fresh onion and carrot.

It is best enjoyed on puri bread (flat Indian bread), and despite the great taste, it is also very filling. 

Mr.Spyros Peter Goudas is currently working into making this recipe available for the customer as a Ready-to-Eat product.

The process is estimated to be completed by next Spring; until then, you can touch-up the Spyros Peter Goudas Chick Peas with the above Indian traditional recipe.  Enjoy!


The endorsement of the Brand within this website is now solely for historical purposes only. 

Oct 24, 2005

A pleasant surprise awaited Mr. Goudas this afternoon.

Mr. Mel Mitchell, an old colleague from the past, stopped by Goudas Food for a greeting in person.  They hadn't seen each-other for 35 years. 

In 1973, Mr. Mitchell worked for more than 2 years as a salesman for Goudas Foods, when it was still located on Baldwin Street.

Being the only salesman of the company back then, he often delivered the products himself with a small van.

At the time, the company had few products, mostly beans, and the packaging was made in the basement of the Goudas Foods building.  However, business kept growing.
The first accounts were opened with Food City and Red & White stores, and many more were added during the years, as more and more companies were getting to know and trust the Mr. Goudas quality. 

It is interesting to quote some of the comments Mr. Mitchell made when remembering the old times:

"Back then the food market was very competitive, and business was slow.
Chain-stores as a concept were not very known yet.
In order to grow as a food company, hard work and preserverance was necessary.

When thinking 35 years back, I see a one-man operation, Mr. Goudas, and a one-man sales personnel, myself, constantly striving to satisfy the consumer and build their loyalty." 

In the picture you can see Mel Mitchell, now 73 years old and retired.


Nov 14, 2005

In memory of Lenio (Lenny) Montini 


(The following article appears in the soon-to-be published Mr. Goudas Biography The Immigrant. Holding the opinion that this article mirrors Mr. Montini as a personality, we would like to share it with all of you, remembering this great man). 

"Since we all (the writers) contributed to this Biography, we asked Mr. Goudas who is his favourite wrestler and who, according to him, is the toughest of them all. He surprisingly responded, "The Great Montini". 


Dec 1, 2005

It is past 6:00 p.m. and Lou (seen in the picture), one of the lab employees, is working late again, consistently testing and trying a new product about to be introduced in the market: Curry Chick Peas.

This amazing idea is about to be realized within 2006, and the Mr. Goudas Curry Chick Peas are estimated to become a new favourite among consumers in the Canadian market.

There is no doubt the product will be a success; we all have tried it inside Goudas Foods and we think the addition of curry really boosts the already magnificent taste of Mr. Goudas Chick Peas, while at the same time adding a pleasant flavour.

Keep an eye open for the flavour revolution!

Dec 14, 2005

"Dear friends, co-workers, and family, 

We are here today to pay our last farewell to Robert Dipiero, 41 years young. 

As all of us know, Robert joined our company few years ago and he worked in many areas within the warehouse: in shipping, receiving, packaging, and in general he was a man that everybody knew well. 

Unfortunately, some time ago, the nerves of his arm were severely injured (in a non work-related accident ), which cost him not be able to move it and even use it for work.


Dec 18, 2005

As you may have already heard, there is going to be a significant price increase for products in the "sweetened condensed milk" category and an increase in sugar prices as was announced by the Canadian Dairy Commission.

Therefore, your favourite Mr. Goudas Sweetened Condensed Milk, the Golden Feather brand, the Mamma Lucia brand, and Cakemaker brand may be out of reach for some people.
But, although the prices may be higher, they are still going to be at very reasonable levels.

Mr. Goudas advises that, if any other milk is cheaper than the brands above, due to the fact that Mr. Goudas uses evaporated milk as the main ingredient, compared to maybe powdered milk or concentrated milk without clarification of its type.

Therefore it is adviseable to check the list of ingredients for the above- mentioned differences. 

P.S.: Mr.Goudas recalls the good old days (1970) when he sold the particular milk in the store on Baldwin Street at 3 cans for $1.00


Jan 1, 2006

Today is Sunday, January 1, 2006, the first day of the New Year.

What a proponderous day. Many unexpected things may occur throughout the next 364 days. 

I will not pretend to be a psychic or fortune-teller; I will live each day as it comes. 

So let us see what has happened today.
Although it is not an official working day, as usual I am in the office first thing in the morning, and with no one to make me my coffee.
So I made one myself, feeling quite happy with my pets close to me, especially Irma who stills suffers the consequences of the car accident a few years ago, but made it through another year.

Jan 12, 2006

Since 1998, when the product was first introduced by Goudas Foods in Canada, Tai Tai Vermicelli has been a favourite item among our consumers.
Made from the finest rice flour of Thailand, this product makes us proud to say that we are the best seller company in this category.

Of course, a good product always comes from a great team!
We are even prouder to introduce to you the Tai-Tai group, from left to right in the picture: Ketsinee, Chalotorn, Thippimol, Chopaka, Danaya.

These capable ladies make sure the selection of ingredients, the creation, and packaging of Tai Tai Vermicelli is always perfect, contributing in this way to the finest quality of Tai Tai in the world.

A virtual applause to all! Good Job!

Feb 10, 2006


Unfortunately, today we do not have good news to share.

It is with sincere regret that we advise that IRMA GOUDAS, one of Mr. Goudas' constant companions passed away at 11:55 p.m. last night. 

Most of you may know Irma from the article titled "Koukla", which tells the story of Mr. Goudas' pets Koukla, Irma, and Tiger.
Many of you have expressed your appreciation for this article, written by Mr. Goudas himself, and have congratulated him into his original and successful portraying of the different personalities of his beloved animal friends: Tiger, the friendly and playfull cat, Koukla, his faithful follower and official announcer of approaching company, and of course Irma, the gentle companion who politely greets everyone and never barks. 

Feb 11, 2006

After the news of Irma's sad passing were spread, and in a matter of hours, hundreds of friends, colleagues, animal lovers, and even consumers of Goudas Foods products who did not know Mr. Goudas in person, rushed to express their condolences.

It should be noted here that the above Newsletter was also sent to more than 250,000 subscribers to one of the largest advertising websites in Canada,, where the "Koukla" article narrating the story of Mr. Goudas 3 pets Koukla, Irma, and Tiger, has been posted for some time now under the Koukla icon.
Out of the great number of letters received, the following deserves to be shared with our readers: 

February 10, 2006 

Dear Mr. Goudas & the rest of the Goudas Family.

I would like to extend my deepest condolences on the loss of your BELOVED Irma.

She sounded like such a SPECIAL Companion, and I am sure that the time that She spent with You and Your Family was undoubtedly the BEST TIME of Her life.
You can ALWAYS count on the Love & Companionship of an animal, because they are so non-judgmental, and ALWAYS return the LOVE back to their Family & Friends.

I am sure that it was a very sad evening for the entire Goudas Family, but rest assured that your Irma will be waiting for You with open paws, when your time comes to elevate to the next level.

Just imagine Irma as a healthy, happy, young, puppy again without a care in the world, except waiting for her loving Peter. Death is not an end to life...It is a NEW Beginning.

The GOUDAS Family is a SPECIAL FAMILY, and I am sure that IRMA was blessed to be a part of it until the end of her life. GODSPEED to Her. 

ALL the BEST, 
Paul E. Hamlyn


Feb 16, 2006

Dear Mr Goudas, thanks for the e-mail/Newsletter received to-day. I am certain you will not receive many responses like this one from anyone else. 

I too, had a dog as a pet when I was a toddler, but it was always a dog NOT a member of my family.
If a dog is a member of your family then that makes your mother a bitch!.
Dogs are animals which should be allowed to roam feely. They are not people. They are not a child substitute. They are not bed partners.
So often dog lovers get carried away with (mis-placed) love for dogs that they forget that there is a world out there. A world of under-privileged people; hungry people; desperate and destitute people out there.

Mar 11, 2006

About ten years ago, Mr. Goudas engineered and designed a T-shirt emblazoned with the "Mr. Goudas" Logo. 

He spent many precious hours, choosing the appropriate colours: black, yellow; and in estimating the perfect size and length to reflect the Goudas image. 

Suddenly, one weekend, one of his employees enters the office wearing a Mr. Goudas T-shirt he had never seen before. He wondered to himself if someone was now manufacturing a likeness of his T's. 

The employee's T-shirt was half the size of his regular T-shirt.

The reason being, as a female employee, somewhat fashion conscious, she cut the shirt a few inches below the breastline, on an angle.
A Mr. Goudas T-shirt, for females, and especially for the low-rider, jeans loving generation, was born! 

Send us pictures of Mr. Goudas T-shirts with your personal fashion statement, and after review, we will post those brilliant ideas on our website.

Mar 17, 2006

Today, we had the pleasure of welcoming in Toronto three representatives from the Korean Food Research Institute, who are visiting for an enlightning meeting with Mr. Goudas.

The purpose of the visit was to research the preparation processes for various products available in the Canadian food market, including the maple leaf syrup process.

Mr. Goudas himself saw this meeting as one of the constant steps he makes into enhancing his international cooking pot. He especially appreciated acquiring interesting and useful information, as for example the fact that Korean consumers do not favour the presence of heavy syrup, or sugar, in their meals and even in many desserts. 

The meeting was pleasant for both parties, who enjoyed getting acquinted and discussing other subjects, beyond the business interess, as for example the commonalities and differences between the two cultures, and special characteristics of their respective countries.

Dr. Ho-Moon Seog (left in the picture), the Principal Research Scientist in the Food Material Processing Technology Division, noted particularly that he found the meeting impressive, and the team of representatives concluded their visit expressing their appreciation for a warm welcome from Goudas Foods, and a very positive and informative meeting with Mr. Goudas.
They also had the opportunity to enjoy some of the Mr. Goudas products.
Mrs. Sandra Kim especially, endorsed that Mr. Goudas products are high in nutritional value. 

Picture (Left to Right): Dr. Ho-Moon Seog, Mr. Goudas, Mrs. Sandra Kim (Nutritionist), Dr. Youngsoo Kim - Professional Food Scientist

Mar 30, 2006

This is a magnificient picture of a sugar cane field in Colombia. 

The intent was to give you a view of a sugar cane field. 

A delegation from our company went to Colombia to view first-hand the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the sugar cane into the final manufactured product - 100% pure cane sugar. 

The series of pictures captures the essence of this trip, including Mr. Goudas being given a bracelet, pronouncing him an honorary Colombian. 

The complete Colombia experience has been captured and made into a book format.
(to be published soon) 

Click on the picture and the image will enlarge, it will be followed by a series of photos.

Apr 12, 2006

Dear Friends, Coworkers, Ladies and Gentlemen: 

It is sad that within a short period of time we have lost another member of our family. 

Because Rafael Onofre, although he did not come to work for quite some time, he was always a part of this organization.
He had all the reasons in the world not to come to work due to his illness but within the back of my mind, I kept his job open in case, he recovered because miracles do happen sometimes.


Apr 20, 2006

How many times have you been to the supermarket and wished a magician would turn all the potato flakes, powders, etc. made from dehydrated ingredients into perfect mashed potatoes! 

Well, the number one magician has done just that: Mr. Goudas has created the "perfect mashed potatoes" made from fresh potatoes, ready to serve, in his famous easy pull cans. 

We are certain that lovers of mashed potatoes all over the world would appreciate this product.


Apr 20, 2006

Back in the 1990's Mr. Goudas made his vegetable soup, like every other company, incorporting dehydrated products. 

Today, Mr. Goudas has re-introduced his Vegetable Soup. This new version has nothing but goodness and is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. Made from fresh carrots, potatoes, grean peas, corn, celery and onions. AND it DOES NOT contain M.S.G. 

Obviously, a soup as good as this should cost twice as much as any other on the market in this category.
However, Mr. Goudas maintains his reasonable price.
He expressly believes in providing the best to his customers at affordable prices. 

Should you try and like this product, please send us a letter via the customer letter section of this website.


May 5, 2006

This shelf realign is an example of an ethnic aisle in one of the many Food Basics Store locations. 

It captures the essence of the ethnic market with a huge assortment of Mr. Goudas products, along with other wonderful companies with many years experience with the needs of the multi-cultural society of Canada, such as: Grace Foods, Young and Young, and Gilda Foods, to mention a few. 

Without a doubt, the dedication of a complete aisle to the Mr. Goudas label is evidence of consumer preference. 

The growth within the Basics organization in the Ontario food market is not one single person,s job.
It is a collaboration of the efforts of many capable people, for example:
Domenic Calce, Frank Dunn, Mike Bedard, Frank JaJa, Gary Spencer, Gus Bitsas, Hans Pauly, John Rao, Mike Hone, Angelo Valentini, Sal Gali, Verne Ruse, Tony Morello, Gus Prokos and many more. 

In a television interview, Tory Morello, Executive Spokesperson for Basics mentioned that his company was focusing on the needs of the ethnic community and each person entering the store is important.


May 6, 2006

If you have a chance to read the biography, on page 106 there is an article written by John Mpardakis about the trip to Costa Rica made by Mr. Goudas

John stated that No one ever thought of us poor employees who unsuspectedly greeted Mr. Goudas back.
Thinking that our everyday routine could not be disturbed by one small innocent trip. 

In the photo you see Mr. Goudas giving John a sharp kick in the butt because he was telling everyone not to convince Mr. Goudas to take another trip ever again. Do to the fact that upon returning from said trip, the amount of work to focus on is mind boggling. 

Nevertheless, the article written by John was so beautiful that Mr. Goudas changed his mind at the last minute and re-hired John Mpardakis to focus on the distribution of the Chimichurri and other products related to Costa Rica.

May 26, 2006

PANOS SALT is a new addition to the Goudas family of products.

It would be availabe in your local supermarket in a tray display format.
Another benefit of Panos salt is that the salt has a very long shelf life.

It may also be stored at home for long periods of time in a dry place. 

It hardly ever will form lumps unless it is exposed to moisture. 
May 29, 2006

Charles Keith passed away on Monday, May 29, 2006 around 7:00 p.m. 

Charles joined the Goudas Foods Organization a few years ago after working as a representative of Pepsi Jamaica in Canada. 

Since Pepsi Jamaica endowed Goudas Foods with the distribution rights for their products and Charles appeared at the time to be an excellent and knowledgeable salesman, and since he was very highly recommended by Stella Rosen, Executive of Pepsi Americas, he was the ideal candidate for a vacancy within the organization. 

Jun 3, 2006

Dear Fellow Co-workers:

There are no words to describe the loss of Colleen Bradley on June 3rd.

Colleen began her employment with our organization on February 16, 1997. 


Jun 7, 2006

Mr. Goudas Potato Garlic Spread or Skordalia (the Greek word for Garlic Spread) is the latest baby in the ready-to-serve category. 

Made from fresh potatoes and garlic, this product is sure to please the pickiest of eaters. If you are not allergic to garlic and you are a potato lover, then this product is for you. The easy-pull can is an added convenience. 

Simply open the can, scoop out the contents unto a plate, gently spread with a fork.
Add a few drop of Mr. Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil and be prepared to enjoy this mouth-watering taste. Savour the flavour!! 

This may be served as an aperitif, a spread on bread or crackers, or as a side dish.
The choice is yours. The Greeks usually enjoy this Skordalia with bakala or cod fish. 
We have given you some ideas on how to eat this, however, this may be eaten all by itself. 

When Mr. Goudas thought about this product, he envisioned only people who loved garlic, therefore, it has not been made for any particular nationality; in this case it is international


Jun 22, 2006

"Memories from the past" by Raimondos Papamanolis (Παπαμανώλης Ραϊμόνδος)

While in Athens for the sad passing of his brother, Nikos Goudas an unexpected meeting with the past came as a pleasant surprise, that somehow contributed to lighting up Mr. Goudas' heart and bringing old memories back to life. 

After 50 years of separation from his childhood friends, Mr. Goudas had the opportunity to meet some of them. 
One of the friends he greatly enjoyed seeing again was Mr. Raimondos Papamanolis, a school-mate, and close friend during the young years they both spent in Kalamaki, an area outside Athens.

You can see them in the picture smiling joyfully while catching up over dinner.

Jun 24, 2006


This picture was taken at the Wedding Reception for Jan and Ivan Lee.

Obviously, Mr. Goudas has attended many wedding receptions but Jan is a good friend of Mr.Goudas and he made it a special point to attend this reception. 

If you have never attended a Chinese/Malaysian wedding reception you are missing out on a few things.

Firstly, the food is unbelievable: anything your heart desires. You can easily gain a few pounds at a reception.

But, the funniest part of all is that at one point and time, the groom stands on a chair and the bride holds a cucumber in her hand and slowly pushes it up the leg of the groom's trousers.

Eventually, she has to position it so that it will find it way down the other leg of the trousers.
But some where along the way, she finds herself holding two cucumbers and at this point the groom shouts out.

We do not know why! Needless to say, she spent some time there with both hands trying to find the right cucumber. Obviously, everyone in attendance had a great time.

On behalf of the Goudas Foods Organization, we wish Jan and Ivan Lee a long, happy and prosperous life together.


Jul 15, 2006

How many times have you purchased a paper bag of sugar and thought that there must be a better way to store this product in the cupboard.
Sure we have all then poured it into a jar or have had to fork up additional money for those sometimes pretty jars - only having to purchase the full set with coffee, tea and sugar, only to use the one to store the sugar. 

This new packaging has been developed on an experimental basis and is on sale on a trial basis at Dollarama stores across the country. 

Storage in a dry place at room temperature will make the sugar last for a considerably long time. 

Should you like this innovating idea, please send your comment to us via the customers letter section of this website.


Jul 17, 2006


It seems to be another article: There I was with my pen and paper ready.
But before I began writing, I prepared for myself and the other people in the office, tea or coffee for those who so desired, and of course, Greek Coffee for Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas. 

Prior to this, Mr. Goudas had ordered some Guyanese Chinese Food which included: Shrimp Fried Rice, Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables and Deep Fried Chicken Wings.
As usual, he invited everybody. Needless to say, today the food was absolutely magnificent.
Perhaps because the Caribbean Chinese cook their food a little differently form traditional Chinese food.

Mmmmm! Who can resist this!


Jul 17, 2006

As we were enjoying this dinner, Mr. Goudas began telling us a story regarding the New Years article (New Year's Resolution.) 

He mentioned that since the article was posted in the Goudas Foods website, several newspapers asked for the rights to have this article reprinted in their newspapers. 


Aug 17, 2006


Some say, he is from China, others India, Pakistan, or Jamaica. Very soon, everyone will realize that he is from Greece. 
Mr. Goudas is never camera shy and loves photo opportunities like this to show the world his diversity. 
This group originally from Ghana, came into our office.

They were officially greeted by Mr. Goudas, who took time away from his busy schedule to chat and welcome them.
It is important to let you know that situations like this occur very often.  People of different nationalities come into our Head Office location for one reason or another or simply to say hello to Mr. Goudas. 

Aug 30, 2006

Tampico Beverages 

Goudas Foods has acquired the distribution rights to Tampico Beverages for Eastern Canada. 

This delicious new beverage comes in two flavours: Citrus and Tropical punch. Available in three convenient sizes. 

The initial exposure of this product will be as of next week at independent grocery stores.


Sep 11, 2006

Yes, housewives love Mr. Goudas for the products they need to create delicious desserts for their loved ones. 

Mr. Goudas flour, sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder and icing sugar are popular items used in cakes. 

These ladies in the photo are all pleased with the results of their baking. 

Mr. Goudas Evaporated Milk, and Sweetened Condensed Milk are favourites for ice-cream.

Mr. Goudas also loves the ladies because he gets all the information he need to create or improve the related line of products.

It is important for him to obtain all the information he could ever get first hand in detail because over the years he has created many recipes which you may view through this link.

Sep 18, 2006


Koukla, that famous pet poodle of Mr. Goudas, takes a break from being always one step behind him, to being carried around. 

You may read about Koukla in the Koukla, Irma and Tiger booklet My Pets

In addition, you may listen to the Koukla Story, Hello, My Name is Koukla on CD in English

There are audios in Greek and Italian, and translations in French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Sri Lanka in the Articles Section of this site. 

Irma has been in the newspapers, on TV and graces the back cover of New Years Resolution booklet wish every one a happy new year.

Oct 22, 2006


Shoppers Drug Mart has added a bit of variety of food products for your shopping convenience. 

While picking up your toothpaste, prescription, lipstick and shampoo, you may also purchase some grocery items under the Mr. Goudas label. 

In the photo, you can see Goudas personnel setting up as new section in one of the stores. 

Soon, there will be more Shoppers Drug Mart stores will be carrying a line of Mr. Goudas convenience items.

The idea is very simple.  In the past, traditional grocery stores sold grocery items only.  However, lately they have begun selling clothing, shoes, autoparts, hardware store items, telephone, furniture, pharmaceutical items, etc., etc.

So the logic is very simple.  Who thought that the traditional pharmacies would sit by and do nothing about this situation?

The Mr. Goudas line of products is so large, so huge, so versatile, that it could make a pharmacy look like a grocery store!

As we incorporate this small article, we remember a book written by Mr. Goudas titled, The Cow Foot Story.  In one area of the book he wrote that he went to the pharmacy to purchase the new discovery in hair removal at the time, called Neet.

Read The Cow Foot Story and have a good laugh!




Nov 18, 2006


There are many ways to spell the Beryani and also many different outcomes depending on the preparation.

Nevertheless, Mr. Goudas has developed the new Parboiled Basmati Rice and, as a consequence, gave samples to different individuals to come back with their opinion.
This afternoon at the office Mr. Goudas was pleasantly surprised when on particular individual surprised him with a whole pot full of the Beryani dish - Persian style - complete with almonds, meat, onions, etc., pita bread with a minced meat filling complemented the meal. Needless to say, the office staff ate to their hearts' content.
In the picture you can see Mr. Haroud explaining to Mr. Goudas the preparations.
You can also view the pot and platter with the pita bread. 

The new Parboiled Basmati Rice will soon be available under the Jewel of the Indies brand name at your local super marke
If you think for a moment that you could buy any blow joe brand coming up from anywhere, stamp the word "superior Basmati Rice" on the bag or have it labelled as 642, 557, 401, 427, 400, 407, etc., then you better read the book titled, RICE, written by Spyros Peter Goudas, and you will have a better understanding about the subject of Rice, the different varieties, method of cooking and preparation.

Therefore, when you go to the grocery store to purchase a bag of rice, do not feel that the price has anything to do with the quality of the rice.


Nov 20, 2006
Good afternoon Mr. Goudas,

Mr. Sultan lent me your biography book a while back. I was very inspired by it and somehow... ended up making a portrait drawing of yourself. 

This was very spontaneous. I know it's not perfect. I would be curious to know your perception of it. 
Best regards, Amani Saif 
Dec 25, 2006

Dear Mr. Goudas: 

I am one of these individuals who spend time scanning the Internet, exploring and obtaining information in the privacy of my home environment. I am a big fan of Mr. Goudas products and with time on my hands, I decided to explore your site, with particular interest in obtaining a recipe for cous cous. I always wondered why you did not have cooking instructions on the package, but after I went into the products section under cous cous, I saw the blurb about the thousands of recipes available on the Internet and realized why. I was just about to write you a nasty letter giving you some s**t, when something within your website aroused my attention and I forgot about the cous cous. 

Dec 31, 2006

The year 2006 was a very complex and emotional year. 

We here at the Goudas Foods Company experienced a series of conflicting events. We had good news and bad news. 

Let us start with the bad news first: 

On February 9th we lost Irma, the companys faithful dog, and a personal companion of Mr. Goudas for many years. 

Jan 9, 2007

We know that you do not have all the time in the world to read recipes and stories. But since we all need a little humor in our life to reduce the wrinkles, hopefully, we are hitting the right spots. 

On January 9, 2007, Mr. Goudas disappeared from his office at around 8:00 p.m. I was doing my usual stuff and the cleaning lady was doing her bit, vacuuming and mopping the offices. Needless to say, half-an-hour later a smell penetrated the office environment. In other words, something was cooking! It was almost time to take my break and have a sandwich. However, the smell meant I was going to have a full meal instead. After all, it is a known fact: Mr. Goudas never eats alone. 

Jan 21, 2007

Hola, everyone! 

If you are already proficient at making Potato Soup, you may feel that this recipe is totally unnecessary. However, if you would like to learn something new, and to entertain yourself at the same time, this recipe is tailor-made for you.Of course, we spent some time researching this information before presenting it. And since we do not cut and paste, or steal recipes from here and there, we went right to the source. Who else but Mr. Goudas himself! He is an expert at cooking and told us the following: 

Jan 28, 2007

Setting up a brand new section in a supermarket is a huge undertaking. 

Existing products on the shelves have to be removed to other sections. Once the shelves are completely empty, they have to be repositioned to accommodate the new products. 

These products have to be relevant to the demographics and ethnicity of the area. 

The process begins after the heavy traffic at the store slows down and the job has to be completed, with correct price tags in place, before the appointed opening time of the store the next day.

Feb 17, 2007

Believe it or not, we have just been advised that this article is receiving more hits in the Good Food Recipe Section of and Google. Mr. Goudas himself is the author of this article, of course with the assistance of one of his secretaries. 

How many of you do not consider yourself awake until you have had your first cup of coffee, be it Maxwell House, Nescafe, Nabob, that Italian Espresso, Cappuccino, or lo and behold a demitasse of Greek Coffee? And yes, we are talking about our need for caffeine. Greeks enjoy coffee and there are Coffee shops everywhere in Greece.
Some Greeks do not say good morning until that first demitasse (flitzani - name for the coffee cup in Greek). In the good old days, a pleasant day began with a few cups early in the morning and ended with a nightcap at the town square.
Having coffee in a Greek Cafe is an event.

Feb 24, 2007


The annual Society of Epirus Award Ceremony was held on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at the Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall. 

The ceremony was very well attended with more than 500 people in the auditorium including: Bill Sklavos, of Evdomada Newspaper, Basilis Diamantopoulos, President of CHIR Radio Station, members of the clergy, government and various other organizations.

Mar 19, 2007

It is absolutely amazing to discover the various parts of the world that the Goudas line of products have travelled to. 

Travellers have advised us of some of the locations where they have seen our products. One gentleman for example while travelling in Africa saw a discarded bag of Goudas Rice in Mozambique, and another traveller saw some of our products in an Hawaiian supermarket. 

Panos Goudas recently travelled to Barbados only to discover in one of the stores - Panos Salt (one of the Goudas brands). 

In this picture where the salt is evident, the lady still does not believe that the salt is named after him and that he is who he is, Panos Goudas.


Mar 28, 2007

Hello Everyone! 

It is 9:20 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 2007. It is not unusual that I am sitting here at work. My hours have been re-arranged because my boss apparently works 29 hours a day. Anyway, tomorrow Thursday, March 29, 2007 he will be 65 years old. 


Apr 7, 2007
The General Manager of Dole in Central America and his lovely wife visted Mr. Goudas in Toronto, Canada. 

Senor Alvaro Valverde and his wife are seen in the attachd photo. 

They enjoyed a wonderful evening out. Mr. Goudas treated them to fine Greek dining, and of course, Greek Coffee. 

Dole is the largest company in Central America and they do not only produce pineapples. 

Could you just imagine what fruit combinations they must have been cooking up during dinner! 
May 12, 2007


In the picture you can see Mr. Nicholas Kladitis and Ms. Basiliki Afaditis speaking with Mr.Goudas on their annual meeting discussing this year's donation to help fill a container for the Mission in Peru. 
May 13, 2007

The attached photos depict a very special moment in the life of one of our employees. Livia Papadhimitri was featured at a concert at Victoria College, commemorating the occasion of her graduation. 

She is an accomplished violinist and the concert was very well attended. She will continue her education at the University of Toronto in pursuit of her Teaching Certificate. 

Congratulations and Good Luck from all of us at Goudas Foods. 

May 13, 2007


The finalization of the process leading to the printing of The Biography involved a host of individuals. 

Mr. Gristos Livanos, pictured here with Mr. Goudas was instrumental in assisting with final proofing of the book. 

Mr. Livanos, like everyone involved, was quite pleased with the finished product. 

Mr. Goudas, on the other hand, is way ahead of everyone in thinking: 
Now what I am going to do with this book!!!!

May 24, 2007

Oceans Fresh Food Market has opened its doors at 150 West Drive in Brampton. 

The store is unique, beautifully decorated and spacious. The atmosphere is friendly and there is ample parking. 

There is an abundance of every item you may need on your shopping list from fresh live fish, meat, vegetables, juices, milk, eggs, cereal, even house wares and household items. 

Jul 1, 2007

Today we celebrate Canada,s 140th Birthday. 

Major celebrations are happening everywhere. 

Mr. Goudas took a little time out to visit The Downsview Merchants Market, otherwise known as the Downsview flea market. 

The weather was beautiful and instead of eating in, he decided to enjoy the sunshine and atmosphere of the day and had a sandwich outside. 

Jul 1, 2007

As you may very well imagine our company receives many requests from agencies, individuals, committees, charities, etc. requesting donations. 

Of course we cannot feed the whole world (although we wish that we could) but there are certain criteria that Mr. Goudas has a sense of. 

In this particular instance, he promised, to help with respect to food needs the World Harvest Ministries, under the leadership of the founder, Pastor Maria A. Lawrence. 

Jul 1, 2007

A local newspaper from Halifax, Nova Scotia, published an article by SHERRI BORDEN COLLEY in June 2007, regarding sugar. 

Apparently, the article was meant to be a criticism. 

It was very amateurish and tabloid in style.

Jul 16, 2007

As you all know by now, Mr. Goudas LOVES to play his harmonica.

Many times he plays his favourite songs on the computer and simultaneously improvises various accompaniments on the harmonica.

His employee Livia Papadhimitri, who is also a violin player, sometimes brings the violin to work since she occasionally has various musical commitments following her shift. 
Jul 17, 2007

Creating the Snappy Pop line in such thirst quenching flavours such as: strawberry, banana, coconut, cream soda, pineapple, etc. is something the company has worked on and perfected over the years. 

Things do not always go smoothly at the factory. For example, a depalletizer machine failed at producton time and thousands of bottles were squeezed or broken, leaving the entire factory idle for the whole day. 

In the photo you can see Panos Goudas (on the right) trying to assess the damage and supervise the cleaning procedure. Uufff! It was not a good day for any of us.


Jul 24, 2007

This traditional department store is expanding its offerings including food. 

The photo shows a section with an assortment of Goudas Food products to satisfy the needs of the various ethnic groups in the area. 

Do not be surprised to see sections such as this in many more stores.


Jul 29, 2007

I was happy to find a large tent sale of your products at the Giant Tiger Store in Markham this past long weekend.
Your sales representative was very helpful in telling me about your products and contents of some of them (ie: sugar pure cane, not beet root). 

I find your products great and buy them all the time and with the terrific prices at the sale I really stocked up.

Thanks again for the great products keep up the great work..... 

Diana Coloiera a happy customer.


Aug 5, 2007


Finally! Whew! What a relief! I have finally sealed a deal to have print thousands of copies of my biography and booklets. 

Seen here with Rohit Narang, who was able to come up with some unbelievable figures and finally made Mr. Goudas smile. 

The Immigrant, the biography of Spyros Peter Goudas will finally be made available in print, along with the humour filled booklets. 

Pick up a copy or two at your local grocery outlet.

Aug 13, 2007


At Goudas Foods, testing of products and dishes is not limited to adults only. 

Kids are also part of the process. Their expert opinions are a big plus to Mr. Goudas. 

They are sometimes fussy and finicky eaters, therefore, when they approve of an item, we can proudly state: Goudas on the label means good food on the table.

Aug 19, 2007


Yes, man. This is what a grocery aisle should look like
Full of Mr. Goudas products. Yes siree. 

This store is located stategacilly in the York University area, Four Winds Drive at Sentinel and Finch. 

It not only attracts the university students who love Mr. Goudas products, especially the ready meals, but also the new housing, and the many apartments and condominiums in the area. 

With featured attraction of Watermelons for $1.00, and another time, bananas for 10 cents, many people thought he was crazy, but I guess he knew what he was doing. 
Aug 25, 2007


Finally, the first copy of the Greek translation of The Immigrant was presented to Mr. Goudas by Tasos Gigas. 

The translation into the Greek language took approximately seven months and involved quite a few people. 

It is also contains 70 more pages than the English Version. There are no variations in the material. 
The extra pages are due to the expressive Greek language. 

Of course, Mr. Goudas was extremely happy that the task was finally completed.

Sep 4, 2007


Tamales, Arepas, Tortillas and Empanadas. 

Juan Pablo, our volunteer translator and taste tester assured us that these Empanadas are muy bueno (very good). 

He allowed Mr. Goudas to take this photo and translated his mother,s recipes for Mr. Goudas new Latino Masa Creations, one of a series of recipe booklets by the man himself. 

We were surprised that after only three years in Canada from Colombia, he spoke perfect English. 

He intends to become a doctor wheny he grows older. 

We suggest you visit to view this booklet and many others in the series. 

We wish Juan Pablo every success and hope his dream become a reality.

Sep 9, 2007

A long time friend and associate of our organization Fitzroy Anthony Gordon tied the knot to Marvette Marjorie Powell on September 9, 2007 at the Toronto East Seventh-Day Adventist Church. 

The ceremony was very well attended due to his popularity within the community since he is the radio broadcaster for the Dr. Love show on CHIN Radio, additionally; he is also a sports caster. 

Fitzroy has been a personal friend of Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas for many years.

He conducted many radio interviews of him including, one after the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Sep 12, 2007
This is not just another pretty face. 

It is the face our foo foo expert. 

She revealed to Mr. Goudas all the information in great detail for his book and recipe section, under foo foo. 

Ms. Nellie was very happy to see her recipe pubished in the Goudas website. 
Sep 15, 2007


During the business trip to Colombia which was very professionally executed by Proexport Colombia, Mr. Goudas had the opportunity to experience the county where business and pleasure shake hand with passion. He was able to meet many high profile individuals in the business sector. 

Senorita Paula Puccini Lizarazo, whom he refers to as not just another pretty face, is the Export Manager for the largest oil factory in South America. 

PAOLA PUCCINI LIZARAZO & RAFAEL VARGAS From the book "Experiencing Colombia: By Spyros peter goudas The best Book ever about Colombia


Senorita Lizarazo was treated to some at-home Canadian hospitality by Mr. Goudas during her visit to Toronto.

Sep 16, 2007

As some of you may know, some of the Mr. Goudas booklets with recipes and stories about products, have been circulating for trial purposes.
In this particular instance, we were at a flea market, where some of these booklets were distributed.
One fellow picked one up and started reading.
We were able to capture many of his face expressions as he was reading The Cow Foot Story which is filled with humour. 

In one particular instance, as you can see in the pictures, this man could not hold his tears! And we mean tears of joy, of course.

After he finished reading the booklet, we asked him what he thought about it and he said that it was the best comedy he had ever read in his life.
This particular guy happened to be from Jamaica, so he could relate well with some authentic Jamaican words we have used throughout the book.

As you can see from the pictures, he obviously found the story hilarious! 

Click on the picture and the image will enlarge, it will be followed by a series of photos. 
Sep 25, 2007


Mr. Goudas has just created his recipe for Pasta. We took quite a few pictures to demonstrate the finished product and they have been incorporated into the booklet appropriately titled, PASTA

To demonstrate the art of enjoying Spaghetti A Lo Oilio, we enlisted the help of Stephen, the son of one of our salespeople. 

Check out recipe in the Recipe Section of this website. 

Mr. Goudas has also created over 30 Booklets with recipes and stories.
You may view them on

Goudas on the label means good food on the table.

Nov 5, 2007

To however has read the Mr. Goudas biography, or the Kouklas story article posted on the article section of the Mr. Goudas website, there is now an official booklet (as seen in the picture) that has just been published.

This booklet is already displayed in many stores and it is part of the overall Mr. Goudas collection, with 22 different booklets, as of now. 

The Koukla, Irma and Tiger story, is the subject of animal lovers, humane society members, and people who plan to adopt a dog or cat and want to know more about the animal.  
Nov 8, 2007

There is a new setup at GIANT TIGER SUPERMARKET (682 Kennedy rd, Scarborough) which awaits to serve every loyal Mr. Goudas customer with numerous displayed products. 

In the picture, you can view an assortment of Goudas Foods varieties at your service 
Nov 9, 2007

There is a new setup at Lawrence supermarket (on 1635 Lawrence Ave. West, on the intersection of Lawrence and Allen Rd) ready to serve customers. 

Steven, the grocery manager is very proud for the setup and is proudly anticipating the Mr. Goudas brand customers to visit his store. 
Nov 10, 2007

What you see in the picture is the back cover of the booklet titled "The Latino Masa Creations". For those of you who may be wondering what "Mierda" means, this is the Spanish word for "shit".
This picture was edited to complement the story. The participants and graphic artist had fun creating the scene for your amusement.
This story is meant to make you laugh so please do not take it seriously. It simply adds to the humour of the story included in the narrative. 

We assure you that once you read this complete story, you will enjoy the following benefits: you will laugh a lot; you will learn about another culture; and you may be prompted to try the recipes included.

Nov 11, 2007
Would you believe that we actually taste and eat the products before they arrive on the grocery shelf and eventually your dining table. 

In fact, most of us, along with visitors, and specialists in every category of the food industry are subjected to the Goudas Taste Tests. This is a sometimes, daily or weekly occurrence. 

Therefore, our logo, Goudas on the label means good food on the table is true in every sense of the word. 

If it is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for you either. 

Many recipes have been created and posted in the Recipe Section after passing the test at this table. 
Jan 2, 2008

After a short hiatus, the Mr. Goudas line of products will once again be available for your shopping pleasure at your local Sobeys. 

Obviously, it will take some time to restock the shelves with products based on the demographics of the area, however a team of retail specialists from both Sobeys and Goudas Foods are working to ensure that the selection of products will reflect the multicultural face of Canada. 

As you may know, Sobeys is one of the leading grocery chains across Canada and the organization also owns Price Chopper, Foodland, IGA, Knectels, Lumsden and other subsidiaries. 

Jan 29, 2008

Just when you thought that Mr. Goudas would run out of ideas, he surprises us again. 

What does the Man for All Seasonings do in his spare time? He works very hard at creating something different. 

We are pleased to present you with a photo display of his hobby. Click on the picture and wait a for a few seconds to see all the book covers. 

CREATING INTERESTING DISHES using as the base ingredients, a specific line of products under the Mr. Goudas label...Ha ha ha! What did you expect?!!! 

Feb 11, 2008
The long awaited biography of Spyros Peter Goudas has finally arrived. 

The first copies were distributed to all employees. Of course, each was personally autographed by the man himself. 

They were all very happy to realize that they were the first to receive signed copies. 

In addition to the biography, The Immigrant, they received 22 booklets, already printed with different recipes and stories. 

The booklets will be available at retail outlets very shortly. 
Feb 12, 2008
Goudas Foods donated to a fund raising event. 

The delicious results could be seen in the photo. 
Mar 1, 2008

The story of the 300 Spartans, around 480 B.C., is well known to everyone. However, there is very little knowledge of any of their descendants. We happen to know one, and his name is Ananias Karahanidis. 

Ananias obtained his International Business degree at the University of Chicago. During one of Mr. Goudas visits to Chicago, he was introduced to Ananias and felt that this gentleman, with his wonderful personality and poise, would make a great addition as a supplier to Goudas Foods, in the category of Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Eventually, Ananias took over his fathers business in Greece, and became a supplier of Goudas Foods.

Apr 9, 2008
Downsview Park Merchants Market or Downsview Flea Market 

Mr. Goudas is a regular at this location. Whether it is visiting and performing with Dr. Phil, Band-in-a-box, distributing his biography, The Immigrant and 30 booklets or simply popping in to say hello to the people. 

Here we see Lily one of the owners of the market, and Mr. Goudas. 

Downsview Flea Market is open every weekend 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. There are over 500 vendors and is a family friendly place, complete with a food court. 

Located on the old air force base at Keele Street and Sheppard Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. 

You may visit flyermall and click on Downsview Flea Market link to obtain a first hand look. 
Jun 4, 2008

There are no words to describe the loss of a loved one. 

And there is nothing that could replace the void created. 

For over forty years, at exactly 12 midnight Sunday (Canada time and 7:00 a.m. Monday in Greece), Spyros Peter Goudas placed a long distance call to speak to his aunt, Alexandra, his oldest relative, at which time she was having her early morning Greek Coffee It was a special moment with they both looked forward to. 

Jun 4, 2008
The celebration of Panos, birthday was a Goudas Foods employee event. 

Some of the employees have been working with the company even before Panos was born. Others, came along and watched him grow up. To the long term employees, he is that little boy who played around the plant, or visited after school, and eventually began working among them. At the age of 5 when he was able to start the forklift and because his feet were not long enough to press the brake, he would shout RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY. In fact, some did not only run away, but sped out of his way. 

Today, along with the new employees on the production line, they all participated in the celebration of his 29th birthday.. 

They watched Panos grow into a smart and diligent young man who has become an integral part of the organization. 

Jun 5, 2008

This little duckling popped into the world on the grassy area outside our warehouse. 

Mr. Goudas loves all animals and took advantage of the opportunity to welcome it into the world. 

The ducklings first words were: I am so hungry. I want some Mr. Goudas Rice 

Mother and babies are doing well. 
Jun 15, 2008
Although the day started with early showers, Mother Nature rethought her decision and decided that the Goudas Foods employees and friends should enjoy their picnic. 

It also happened to be Father,s Day. Every one had a very good time. 

In fact, someone came with the bright idea to form a registry with the names of the children as future employees of Goudas Foods. The kids loved the idea and it was amazing at the range of different occupations they wanted to register for: mechanics, managers, sales lady, chief engineer, but the best was the little boy who simply wanted to be THE BIG BOSS. 
Jul 10, 2008
The Goudas line of products is seemingly endless. 

You can even mix and match. 

When Mr. Goudas comes up with an idea, it is an event. 
We actually taste and eat the products before they arrive on the grocery shelf, and eventually, your dining table. 

Even visitors and specialists in every category of the food industry are subjected to the Goudas Taste Tests. 

This is a regular routine. 

Therefore, our logo, Goudas on the label means good food on the table, is true in every sense of the word. 

Because, Mr. Goudas always listens very carefully to all the comments in his computer head. 
If it is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for you either. 

Many recipes have been created and posted in the Recipe Section after passing the test at this table. 
Jul 27, 2008
Mr. Goudas, his products, biography and articles are not exclusive to adults.

Even the young and the young at heart love his work. 

The Koukla Story is a favourite with the kids. 

Here we see two young girls enjoying reading about Koukla. 
Aug 1, 2008

Haroot Sarkissian, an associate to Goudas Foods in the distribution of Middle Eastern Foods, and a long time friend of Mr. Goudas, took one of the biggest steps in his life. 

In a beautiful traditional Armenian-style double wedding, Haroot said Oh Yes I Do to Sona and his brother, Berge did the same with Hayganosh. 

The brides, two beauties from Armenia, were ravishing in their gowns. The mother of the grooms was overjoyed. 

Mr. Goudas states that usually brides are beautiful, but these two brides radiated an extra special beauty.

Aug 5, 2008
Just another day at Goudas Foods. 

A distribution commpany dispatched a refrigerated trailer to our location. In the process of unloading, the front legs of the container collapsed out of the blue. Fortunately, and thank God, no one was hurt. 

Two heavy duty crains were utilized to lift it up to enable our maintenance people to weld the legs back into place. 

It was a tremendous exercise in team work. 
Aug 15, 2008

Dr. Phil Band-In-A-Box 

Dr. Phil describes himself as a one person, single entertainer. 

He is a one man band, proficient at many types of music and provides professional instrumental as well as vocal live musical entertainment. 

His range is very diversified and is available for event bookings 

You may find all the information you need, together with an array of photos of Dr. Phil exhibiting his talents on the main page of 

Sep 24, 2008

Armando Viola,s name pops up occasionally in the Goudas organization. 

For example, in the March 23, 1973 Events Section, in Mr, Goudas, biography, titled, The Immigrant, and the article Guess Who Is Coming Back to Sobeys, January 2, 2008. 

Over the years, whenever Mr. Goudas narrated a story about how he began, etc., etc., Armando,s name was always mentioned. 

As we all know, Mr. Goudas knows many, many people. Some of them are competitors, some are back stabbers, and some considered to be personal friends and supporters of this organization, a group which includes Armando.

Oct 12, 2008

Click on her photo to enlarge and rotate

Ms. Lotta is giving it her best shots to promote Spyros Peter Goudas Sugar and other products.
Do some people think which is sweeter? 
Ms. Lotta is almost 7 feet tall without high hills and according to many should be hired by the RCMP. 

Since the salary was not enuff from the police she becomes a model and bodyguard of Mr. Goudas in his public appearances.

Occasionally many Men asked Mr. Goudas :
Mr. Goudas if I will try to touch you, what your bodyguard will do to me?
Mr. Goudas answer: She will beat you up.
Men asked again: Mr. Goudas can I touch you, please please, please I need a good beating tonight. 

Did you like the story?

Send your comments at  Customers letters to Peter Goudas


Nov 4, 2008

Byron Lee passed away on November 4, 2008, at age 73. 

What does have in common with an entertainer? 

Please refer to the article written for the Indo Caribbean Newspaper in 1997, and page 78 of The Immigrant, Mr. Goudas biography, you will notice that Byron Lee and the Dragonaires are mentioned. 

Upon learning that Byron Lee had passed away, Mr. Goudas paused for a moment, and a sudden sadness overcame him. 

Nov 15, 2008
This species of fish is loved by most people from the Caribbean. 

We had this fish for lunch today at the office and we thought it would be great to take a picture and post it here to let you know that we have over 150 wonderful recipes including pictures, ingredients and step by step instructions on creating these masterpieces. 

Obviously this was not an overnight accomplishment. It was very intensive work for many people, including Mr.Goudas himself. 

Many of them are written in a comedic format. New cooks and experienced chefs will have fun while experimenting with our recipes 

We suggest if you have the time to visit the Recipe Section of our website. 

Most of the cook books out there are stealing recipes and ideas from one another, even in Google you will realize that most of them are similar to one another. 

You will find our recipe section unique, innovative, detailed, practical and entertaining. 

Enjoy cooking with us. 
Jan 6, 2009
During the last visit from the Association Greco-Canadienne de l?age d?or ?Annonciation? (1983) Inc., Mr. Goudas had the opportunity to meet old friends whom he had not seen for years, among them Dimos Lekkas. 

It was a happy reunion event. 

The highlight of the evening was meeting Mr. Nikos Zabliaris with whom he played a game of Backgammon. Although it was not a very lucky day for Nikos, Mr. Goudas believes that he is one of the top players of this game. 

Mr. Zabliaris arrived in Canada in 1952 and worked as a Chartered Accountant all his life. 

Of course, he retired at the age of 65. 

Today at age 92, he is the president and long standing member of the Association. 

He is still physically and mentally alert and has not missed a single day from the club. 

The governments of Quebec and Canada have awarded him for his contribution to the World War II efforts against the aggressors at the Albanian border, where he served as a Major. 
Jan 16, 2009

You do not have to be an Einsten or a rock scientist to figure out how old Mr.Goudas is. His date of birth and age has been published everywhere. 

In fact, at one association function the announcer, when introducing Mr. Goudas, referred to him as crabby old man. 

There is some truth in this statement because, as I am writing this, I have to take it a one step farther and raise it to double crabby. (Hopefully, I still have a job.) 

Jan 25, 2009

Sometimes you walk into the aisle at the supermarket and see a display of Basmati Rice. Then you discover that the bag does not state Goudas anywhere. So, obviously, you are at a loss because you know rice is Goudas and Goudas is rice. 

So you wonder about Lion King Basmati rice, or Pride of Himalaya, Jewel of the Indies, Golden Saffron, etc., etc. 

All of them plus more, are part of the label verification and belong to the Goudas Foods Products co ltd line of products.

Feb 1, 2009


The following incident is real. 

Earlier today, Mr. Goudas was leaving the office when he encountered a former employee. This individual asked him if he could drop him off at a particular location. Upon reaching the destination, Mr. Goudas realized that it was a church building, the location of a food bank. 

His curiosity was aroused, and after dropping off the former employee, he parked his vehicle and went into the building. 

Feb 22, 2009

This year,s awards for the best students was held at the Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall. 

As always, the event was very well attended. 

This year,s event was exceptional. 

Five students were awarded for excellence. 

Award recipients from prior years were in attendance, some of whom are employed in their fields of study. 

Feb 28, 2009

We extended our sincerest congratulations and good luck for a life time of health and happiness to a long-standing member of the Goudas organization. 

Maria tied the knot with Nikolay on Saturday, February 28, 2009. The ceremony took place at Saints Cyril and Methody Cathedral. 

It was beautiful traditional Bulgarian ceremony since both the bride and groom are from Bulgaria. 

Mr. Goudas had the honour of walking the beautiful bride up the aisle. And, as all brides are, Maria was radiant. 

You may view the full ceremony on under the praying hands icon, at the bottom of the main page and click on the picture of the Cathedral. 
Mar 3, 2009

As you can see, Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas we never sleep. There is always something new, a new product, a new book, a new recipe, a new store opening, etc., etc, 

In fact, it has been suggested that when you call 911 in the future, the operator should state, do you want to contact the police, fire department, ambulance or Goudas. 

Of course, this reflects the company, but the reality is that Mr. Goudas himself, always comes up with something new. 

In this instance, he had just completed the new version of The Lima Beans booklet, when an idea for a commercial came into his mind. 

Mar 8, 2009

Mr. Goudas is introducing the most famous of all fruits into his line of products: The Olive. 

From the beginning of time the word Olive has been. The olive branch brought to Noah after the Flood by a dove, The Sermon on Mount Olive. 

The olive is also recorded in Greek Mythology relating to Homer in the Odyssey, and Athena and Poseidon. It is even mentioned in the Quaran. 

Olives are synonymous with Greece, the Mediterranean region, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Italy and Iran. 

Mar 10, 2009

Many people have written Mr. Goudas letters about one issue or another, comments about products, compliments or even complaints. 

Nevertheless, one fellow sent him the following and by the time you read it, you will definitely remember the Goudas Foods Products co ltd  Lunchbox. 

And by the way, it is very, very, very good. 

Mar 16, 2009
Katharine continued: 

The beautiful girl you see in the picture on the can of Spaghetti is Katharine Sprague. 
Maybe you have recognized her from the article of March 2, 1998, on this site. 

As stated in that previous article, Katharine ended up in the hospital for some time and finally, after a long time she recovered. 

Today, more than 10 years later, she is studying at the Canadian Institute of Culinary Arts in P.E.I in her second year of a four year program. 

She has forwarded this recent picture from P.E.I advising Mr. Goudas that soon she will graduating and intends to join forces with us and with her father who is one of the best Food Scientist in the country. 

We await her graduation with anticipation in anticipation of having another generation of dedication to bringing you the best the world has to offer. 
Mar 20, 2009
Gerry Kosky, our Logistics, Production and Warehouse Supervisor, has finally reached the age of maturity and the age of retirement. 

He originated from England and joined Goudas Foods in the 80,s at the McCormack location. 

Over the years, Gerry demonstrated his ability to wear several hats and deal with all employees in an excellent and professional manner. 

In one filmed interview, Gerry stated that life with Mr. Goudas was like this, some mornings in our regular meetings to brief him on production, I felt like choking Mr. Goudas to death because he is so demanding. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Goudas sent him and his wife on a vacation to the Greek islands, not only to view the beautiful scenery and learn about Greek traditions, but also to learn how to make a good cup of Greek Coffee. 

From now on, he will be working minimum hours to ensure that those assuming the responsibilities of his position are adequately trained to assume command. 

As for Mr. Goudas, he is going to miss the opportunity to give sh#@t to someone early in the morning. 

In reality, Gerry Kosky will be missed; after all, he has been a part of the Goudas organization for many, many years. 

Mr. Goudas and all Goudas Foods employees wish him the very best.

Mar 29, 2009

It seemed like only yesterday we were celebrating the 65th birthday of the Man for all seasonings, etc., Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas. 

It is now two years later. March 29, 2009 fell on a Sunday. As usual, he was at work. 
It was an unusually cold spring morning. 
Two Canada Geese, (probably Limping John and a friend), stopped by to say Happy Birthday. 

Koula, ever present, kept very close. 

Apr 3, 2009

Mon Amour is the latest addition in the life of Mr.Goudas. 

She is a beautiful, sleek and elegant Siamese cat given to Mr. Goudas as a present at Christmas time as a replacement for Tiger who seemed to have just disappeared. 

You may read the beautiful write up which introduces Mon Amour and the effects on his life since he lost his pet poodle, Koukla, Irma and Tiger, the cat.


Apr 4, 2009


Should you have the time to visit the Archives Section, Christmas Party 1995 link, then you will see Mr. Goudas speaking to his employees about a gentleman who came from Peru for a visit to Canada. 

Since then, of course, the relationship with Senor Alfonso Velasquez has developed over the years. 
His company has canned different products for Goudas Foods. Some of them include Pigeon peas or Congo peas, Lima beans, etc. 

Apr 5, 2009
We have all heard that Goudas Rice is very nice. 

But did you know that Mr. Goudas Flour and Sugar can produce the best cake, pastries and cookies in the whole wide world. 

Well, here is the evidence. Everyone is happy and returned for left overs. 

Mr.Goudas line include items you need for your sweet tooth: flour, sugar, almond extract, mixed essence, baking powder, icing sugar, condensed milk, rose water, vanilla extract, etc., etc. 
Apr 5, 2009


The annual fund raising luncheon for the Puira, Peru Mission was very successful. 

The hall was full to capacity. 

The food was plentiful, thanks to Goudas Foods. 

Pictures of the event are posted on under the link, Peru Mission

Apr 5, 2009

Here is a current picture of Spyros Peter Goudas. 

With the eye floaters gone, his strength returning from his back issue that had him incapicated from a sneezing accident, he is feeling much better now.

Needless to say, during the last few years he was working more than ever before in spite of the pain in his back, to create quite a few more products which you have seen, or maybe even purchased, at the supermarkets, along with some other products ready to be launched.

Apr 7, 2009

Maria celebrates another birthday in the company of her favourite personality and fellow employees. 

With over 20 years in the Goudas Foods establishment, Maria has indefinitely postponed retirement. 

For those of you not familiar with her and her unusual working hours, you may read more about her in Miracles Still Do Happen and Latino Masa Creations stories. 

Happy 65++ Birthday, Maria. 
Apr 13, 2009

"Who knows if I will have the pleasure of being reunited with them next year!"

The above is a direct quote from the booklet entitled, Canada Geese, written by Spyros Peter Goudas, aka Mr. Goudas, two years ago. 

Well, some of them have returned!

These two Canada Geese strolled into the lobby of our corporate office and stood directly in front of the books display. 

Maybe they heard about how famous they had become after the booklet was published. 

Mr. Goudas was thrilled to see them. We are sure they knew that they were welcome. 

Not even Koukla's presence prevented them from popping in to say hello. 

You may obtain a copy of this booklet, and any of the other 30, at selected supermarkets. Or, on the main page of

CANADA GEESE BOOK "During the early weeks of winter Canadians are very acquainted with the traditional quacking sound coming from above followed by a flock of birds in a somewhat V-formation flying south. This is the migration of the Canada geese to warmer ground in the south. Thy usually return in early spring. I have witnessed scenes like this hundreds of times during my years in Canada but I never paid too much attention to it; until they had the nerve, guts and the audacity to knock at my window and look at me right in the eye!..."

Apr 14, 2009
The Goudas Foods Products co ltd line of Olives has finally arrived at the store level. 

Galati, Highland Farm, Zellers and hundreds of independent stores have the privilege of displaying the best olives the world have ever known. 

They olives have been selected, hand picked and packaged specifically for the Mr. Goudas label. 

You can always depend on Mr. Goudas to bring the best to you. 

This display of our new addition was taken at the Zellers store at Overlea Boulevard. 

A Friendly reminder from Goudas Foods Products co ltd: If these products are not available at the store where you presently do your shopping, then ask the manager to order them for you. 

If your request is not met, that means that you may have to consider changing store. 

Apr 15, 2009


For some time, Goudas Foods  Producs co ltd carried a line of products referred to as Grape Leaves. 

As a multicultural company, we have incorporated foods for basically all nationalities. 

Grape leaves have been used for centuries in the cuisine of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Lebanon, and other Mediterranean countries. 

In their homeland, these people would pick the soft grape leaves fresh from the vine and stuff them with rice (for vegetarians), and with mincemeat. This was then boiled or steamed and used as an aperitif (appetizer), or as a main dish.

Apr 24, 2009


For anyone who read the event of November 14, 2005 titled The Toughest Man on Earth, you probably know what the name Montini means. 

Goudas had utilized the Montini truck for delivery and according to Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas himself, it was of great personal significane to him to have a part of the Montini era around to remind him of his long friendship with Lenio. 

Unfortunately, the truck was beyond repair and finally, it had to be scrapped.

For Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas, parting with this truck was like removing a part of history. 

Hopefully, the memory of Lenio Montini will always be dear to Mr. Goudas and evryone who was familiar with him and his products. 

Montini products were no doubt an Italian tradition and was a household name to millions of customers.



May 4, 2009


Two years ago, each time it rained and when the snow melted, one of the secretaries complained that she felt something dropping on her head. 

The next year she said she needs to take singing lessons to sing along to Gene Kelley, song, Singing in the rain. 

The experts were called in and advised that we had a roof problem. 

May 15, 2009


This photo was taken approximately two years ago during one of our regular Saturday afternoon luncheons. 

In the picture is Livia Papadhimitri , Antonio Figola, Bernadette Scott, Mr. Goudas, Panos Goudas, Megan and Doug McCulough. 

May 25, 2009

Are you wondering what Bougatsa is all about. 

This particular dessert is very popular in Turkey, Greece and the middle eastern countries. 

Although we do not carry a line of Bougatsas, the ingredients are part of our business. 

Additionally, Mr. Goudas loves Bougatsa. So finally, he has provided you with another booklet, called The Bougatsa Story. 

Ms. Despina Sinanis, an expert in the preparation of this dessert, has honoured us with her Bougatsa recipe. 

Jun 3, 2009
MMMMMM, this looks delicious. 

The taste is even better. 

This recipe was not incorporated into the How to Cook Rice, Any Variety Booklet

Since the booklet has already been published, we cannot change it. 

Really, really, this plate of Black Eye Peas and Rice is very enticing. 

The secret is that the Black Eye Peas must be cooked longer than the rice. 

Too much black eye peas will overwhelm the rice. 

Or you can simply add a portion of the already cooked black eye peas in the can to your favourite rice. 

Try it. You will definitely like it.

Jun 17, 2009

Mr. Goudas is elated to re-introduce his line of oils and oil blends in the old-fashioned can format which is very popular in Europe, specifically, Italy and Spain. 

It is common knowledge that southern Europeans believe oil, not exposed to sunlight, has more stability and yields the perfect taste, colour and aroma. 

Soon you will see these designer cans at your local supermarket. 

The photos are engraved on the surface of the cans. 

They are so beautiful!
Mr. Goudas recommends after using the oil, open the top, place some soil into the can and plant your favourite flowers. 

He truly believes that they are beautiful enough for you to use as a decoration around your home.

Jun 18, 2009
Mr. Goudas believes that his trip to Siberia was worth the effort to show you how delicious the addition of this line of pasta is to the Goudas Foods Producs co ltd. 

Nevertheless, the picture was not taken in Siberia but right here in Toronto, Canada on June 18th. 

He was asked to sample the Misko line of pastas that Goudas Foods Producs co ltd is distributing into the Canadian market. 

Always full of humour, he decided to put his winter clothing on for the picture since the temperature this month was so unpredictable. 

The photo turned out wonderfully, and show how much he is enjoying the pasta in spite of the chill outside. 

Misko pasta will warm up your tastebuds too. 

You will find the Misko line of pastas in more and more stores as the demand increase through the Goudas Foods Producs co ltd distribution network. 
Aug 2, 2009

Livia Papadhimitri a long time employee and the famous violin-playing partner of Mr. Goudas tied the knot with beau, Sergio on August 2, 2009. 

Livia Papadhimitri is absolutely glowing and a radiant bride. 

The happiness shows on her face. Congratulations and good luck to Livia and Sergio from the entire Goudas organization. We sincerely wish them a lifetime of happiness and wedded bliss. 

Mr. Goudas loves photo opportunities as you can see. 

Sep 20, 2009

Olive Tree is not a booklet to be read and forgotten. 
It contains a wealth of information for Olive and Olive Oil lovers. 

This booklet was written by Spyros Peter Goudas for his esteemed customers and for those individuals who wish to know more about different kinds of Olives and Olive Oil quality recognition. 

After reading this booklet, an individual will have mastered the art of recognising good qulaity Olive oil. 

Click below to read the booklet. 

Please click here to read the Oilve Tree Booklet 
Nov 18, 2009

We thought that this would be a good to introduce our step-by-step, picture format cooking instructions. 

It has been designed in such a way that even those new to cooking will feel comfortable following the recipe to completion. 

After all, a picture says a thousand words. 

We are certain that you will enjoy the results. 

please click here to read the Stuffed Vegetable Booklet which contains the recipe and illustrated step by step pictures for your convenience


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