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Hello everyone:

Spyros Peter Goudas has come a long way from that small store on Baldwin Street (south of College, east of Spadina). 
Since you are in this section of our website, I assume that you have spent many hours scanning the other sections.

You will probably realize that the photos displayed on the following pages are not simply pretty pictures.
 It is a compilation of a gigantically huge amount of work to first of all take the photos, resize them, optimize them, and upload them into the web without deteriorating the resolution so they may be easily opened on your desktop, laptop, phone, iPod, iPhone, blackberry, blueberry, and any other color berry. 

This means available pretty much everywhere.

In addition, attached to each photo is a short write-up explaining the photo and, in some instances, a link should the photo be associated with an article within the website.

We hope that you link into each photo and take a visual tour of some of the happenings and events within our organization.

This is your homework project for the next 10 years to review

www.goudasfoods.comwww.mrgoudasbooks.com,  www.goudasrecipes.com, www.Flyermall.com websites.
www.billboardorg.com  www.homerentsale.com  www.goudascanada.ca

Of course, there is something for everyone.  Additionally, certain articles, events, and archives are available in numerous languages, including Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Sri Lankan, French, and Italian.

I do hope that somewhere within all this information you will find some inspiration and gain knowledge and insight into the largest and most informative websites in the world.

After visiting our site, should you find something interesting you wish to say, I encourage you to send him your comments which may also be uploaded on to our site in the Comments Section.


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