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Sep 17, 2005

Trivia kings test our food knowledge Rita DeMontis

      Rita DeMontis

With the kids back in school, how do you fare in food trivia?

Canada is a classic smorgasbord of delightful food stories, tips and treasures.
Or so say Mark Kearney and Randy Ray, authors of I Know That Name! The People Behind Canada's Best-Known Brand Names (Dundurn).

It's a great read, full of unusual facts and tasty tidbits, and it's as pure Canadiana as, well, our butter tarts.

"Canadians spend long hours in the kitchen whipping up favourite dishes," note the two, "as they've steamed, stirred and sautéed your way into the hearts and stomachs of their loved ones, they've encountered names such as Catelli, Goudas, Redpatth, Schneider, and Loblaw."

Familiar monikers to be sure, say the guys - but did you know there were real people behind them with fascinating tales to tell?

Everyone from the pickle baron Walter Bick to the cheese whiz of J.L. Kraft, has a great story to nosh on. Remember that next time you open the cupboard, buy groceries, or reach into the refrigerator.

Here's a cerebral buffet to feast on, with your next meal.

The article continues with the summary of the life story from the following great people:

In the article above, Mrs. Rita DeMontis explains to the general public that there is somebody, a real person, behind the names mentioned above along with their life story.
In the case of Mr. Goudas, she wrote the following:

Lovers of ethnic foods can toast Peter Goudas (Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας), the brains behind dozens of different canned and bagged goods that bear the Mr. Goudas name. Born in Greece in 1942, Goudas came to Toronto in 1967 with $100 in his pocket and no job prospects.
At the time "there was nobody packaging ethnic food. I knew there was a demand for it.
So I said why not?" Why not, indeed. Goudas built an empire of chickpeas, spices, beans, and a wide array of Chinese, Indian, and Caribbean specialties.

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