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Dec 21, 2003

Excerpt from SHARE Largest Ethnic Newspaper 2003

Excerpt from SHARE Canada's Largest Ethnic Newspaper

"Mr. Goudas" is a household name in ethnic foods across Canada.

He is the first person to package food with a cultural focus on the Caribbean.

Over the last 30 years, his product line has expanded to more than 500 items from all over the world.

Goudas said he is proud of his “Mr. Goudas” brand, noting that it can be seen in every national and regional chain store, and the smaller independent and neighborhood stores.

Those who favor Caribbean foods have come to rely on his brand name for food of the highest quality, he adds proudly.

Peter Goudas’ rise to such a prominent position in the marketing of ethnic foods is a Canadian success story.

He recalls that as a penniless immigrant to Canada in 1967 from Greece, his homeland, he suffered a number of hardships and setbacks.   Among his early experiences, he once slept on benches at Nathan Philips Square.

But he persevered in his dream to see others newly arrived in Canada like himself have access to the foods they were accustomed to in their home countries.

As a mark of his success, in 1993 he was presented with the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”,
given to business people with strong qualities in the areas of innovation, impact on industry and contribution to society.

He is well known to all the major ethnic groups, both those new to Canada and those who count themselves as foundation groups, through his involvement in many educational, cultural and charitable events and his strong support of homes for seniors.

He has also been the subject of a number of marketing studies by educational groups.

Peter Goudas’ connection to the Caribbean is not limited to the food products he sells.  His wife Patricia, was born in Barbados.

They have one son, Panos, 21, who is studying business at college.  His father foresees him becoming more involved with the company.

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