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Apr 30, 1982

Mr. Goudas Whole Riped Tomatoes!

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Mr. Goudas has now made available on the market a great product: whole ripe tomatoes! The following commercial shows how perfectly packaged they are; once you open the can, the tomatoes are ready to use for your cooking. 

Mr. Goudas has tried to find a packer of tomatoes that would adhere to strict specifications, which would preserve the best quality of tomatoes.

The specifications would include evaporating the water as much possible from the can and filling it with tomato juice instead.

The reasoning for this is so the tomato better holds its taste. Factories that pack tomatoes, normally do not care about what the tomatoes are filled with-Spyros Peter Goudas exception...
Some factories normally use water, and were not really cooperative with Mr. Goudas, stating that the price would be raised significantly. 

Mr. Goudas wants the best quality product and will stop at no cost to provide it.
With the help of Ms.Vale Glazier in Blenheim, Ontario - one of the nicest areas that grow tomatoes in South West Ontario,-

Mr. Goudas was able to provide the best grown and tasting tomatoes in Canada, which appeared for the first time. 

Since Mr. Goudas was not in the tomato business, many consumers did not recognize his ability to formulate a high-quality product.
Once the consumers tried the canned goodness of Mr. Goudas Tomatoes, they remain devoted to the taste and quality that only such a well-developed product can provide.

In the years that followed, the tomato market changed dramatically in Mr. Goudas's favor, with staggering results.

This is largely due to repeat customer purchases and market acceptance of such a high-quality product. 

According to ACNielsen MarketTrack, 52 weeks Ending January 3, 1998, Mr. Goudas Whole Tomatoes is now the 7th ranked SKU in Ontario, growing at 162% over the last 52 weeks, while brands like Aylmer, Unico and Primo Whole Tomatoes are all showing declines versus last year. 

1. Goudas Tomatoes 796ml market share change (+162%) 
2. Aylmer Tomatoes 796ml market share change (-21%) 
3. Unico Tomatoes 796ml market share change (-13%) 
4. Primo Tomatoes 796ml market share change (-12%) 

The results of the above study are undisputable, and Mr. Goudas even today, feels sorry for those consumers that cannot obtain his products from a supermarket that does not carry the brand.




The endorsement of the Brand within this website is now solely for historical purposes only. 

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