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Jul 25, 1982

The 813 Club Closes its Doors.

After many years of operating the 813 Club, which was considered to be the number one Caribbean and Latin American club in North America.

The hot spot where many artists had visited the club and/or performed successfully (for example Rosco and The Rebellion, Plucky and Beril, Bob Marley, Derry Morgan, The Flames, and other numerous artists from Jamaica, the Barbados, and Trinidad), had to close its doors.

The 813 Club opened in November of 1970, and for 12 years it was the center of entertainment for many people. The Club was also a non-profit organization, and a great gift every Christmas, to hundreds of children who would gather at its annual Christmas parties. 

You may want to read the first article written by Pat McNeilly about the Christmas and Easter parties, as well as school graduation parties (all free of charge) at the 813 Club

Over the years, many articles have been written about the 813 Club, always congratulating
Mr. Goudas for his efforts and praising his outstanding contribution to the community.
We have only provided a small sample of this publicity.

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