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Jul 20, 1991

Past & Present Documentary

After 5 years of preparation, collecting, material, interviews, and editing the documentary film, Mr. Goudas Past & Present was finally released. 20,000 copies were distributed to friends, suppliers, and customers. 

The filming was finished long before with a super 8 - 16 mm camera and edited at Goudas Foods studio with beta tapes. The film showcase includes the first Caribana of 1975 as well as 1990. 
This film was especially appreciated by those in the editing community, who made adjustments without advanced computer editing software. 

You'll notice a scene in the film shows Panos Goudas sitting on the lap of his father, Peter Goudas while working at his office. There are also clips of interviews with various suppliers and friends. 

Film duration: 2 hours.
You can download and view it if you have real player, click here 

Below are the opinions expressed by people who have worked and dealt with Mr. Goudas over the years:

You have to give the man the best quality.
Jim Bissom,
Comet America Rice Millers 

I have known Peter Goudas for quite some time. The product must meet very high standards, top quality If you give Peter a product that doesn't meet his standard he will send it back. 

Peter trusts everybody, but he trusts nobody... 

Peter Goudas' number ONE is his work ethic. The fact that he insists on top quality products all the time confirms that he puts his work ethic at the top. 

He probably listens but he doesn't hear. He is a very determined man, he will hear what he wants to hear and will do what he wants to do." 
Mr. Kenn F. Shah

If a problem arises Mr. Goudas is only a short phone call away to assist you, in any way he can; both business or personal. 
Marcelo Canataro 

My business is to find the best products for Goudas Foods in Brazil, Argentina, Chili Uruguay and Peru. I am always looking to find the best quality for Mr. Goudas' customers. 
Fernado Choukon Peru 

I consider Peter one of my friends. I am concerned about him, I want to remain a friend and I want to see this friend progressing and being strong. I want to see him quit smoking and find some time to relax.
Mr. Kenn F. Shah

I own the largest pepper factory in Jamaica, and I have been experimenting with sauces all my life. I have developed Mr. Goudas Magic Sauce; the sauce that everybody likes. I am proud to say that because it is impossible to create a sauce that pleases everybody.
I am happy that Mr. Goudas is my friend.

He is growing daily and I wish he would continue to grow. 
Lloyd W. Gray 

I have been a member of Goudas Foods for many years. Peter Goudas is one of the hardest persons to work for or with.

He is a perfectionist. It doesn't matter what it is, from his rice to his radio program if you don't do it the right way he will never stop.
I have learned some tips from him about the radio that I did not know.
I appreciate the time I spend on
















Goudas Foods. 
Collin Hodgson,
Radio Broadcaster 

Mr. Goudas is my supplier I am happy to do business with him.
His loyalty and his honesty are much appreciated.
Over the years we became good friends and I am very happy to say that. 
Winston Lorde,
Grocery Store Owner 

I designed Mr. Goudas labels for 20 years. I remember once I was designing the chickpea labels. When we passed the proof and color separation stages and we were ready to print the new labels, Mr. Goudas said, "Just a minute, we have to stop and change a few things."
The picture on the label was bigger than the actual size of the peas in
the can, so we had to reduce the picture of the peas on the label. 
Gary Gainer,

I have conducted business with Peter close to 15 years. We have faced good times and bad times together, particularly in 1979 when Peter broke his leg. We extended payment terms to Peter and by so doing he remained a valuable customer. We knew that Peter was striving to overcome these difficulties and we believed that he would finally manage to bring the company back to what it was before.
Peter has become a close, personal, friend to me. He is very demanding, however, extremely loyal. Sometimes he sits down with me.
If I have a problem and between the two of us he has given me some very valuable guidance. 
Dennis Curry, 

I am one of the principals of Galati Bros. We have been in existence for over 33 years in the supermarket business. We started as an Italian ethnic company. We have branched to this date into all the multicultural communities of Canada and we are proud to have Mr. Goudas Foods as one of our major ethnic suppliers. 
Robert Galati,
Galati Brother Supermarkets 

I am proud to be a member of the Goudas sales team since 1984.
When I first started Goudas Foods had its name on the label of about two hundred items. Right now its name is on 350 widely distributed items by most of the chain stores in Ontario, other parts of Canada and many of the grocery outlets.

One of the secrets of Goudas Foods success is the participation of the sales force in the decision-making process, regarding pricing, marketing and which products Goudas Foods should put its name on.
There are regularly held sales meetings, in which the salesman without fear discuss with Mr. Goudas all the concerns in the marketplace and the result is that Goudas Foods has been growing steadily in the past few years.

I can see that Goudas Foods is one of the greatest companies that is going to grow into the future. He owes that success to the relationship between him and his sales force, the people who work in his packaging plants, the people that he deals with and his loyal customers.
We try to fill a need for a proper, good, quality, product, that is reasonably priced and I am sure that Mr. Goudas has succeeded at that. 
Tom Kotsidis,
Goudas Foods Sales Executive 

I met Mr. Peter Goudas in May 1979. In the performance of my duty as a law enforcement officer, I was sent by the government to seize the plant of Mr. Peter Goudas.

I met him at the lowest depth of his career. He had previously had his bank loan recalled and personally had suffered a compound fracture of the leg. I investigated the matter carefully and after counseling Mr. Goudas we sat down and came to certain conclusions to resolve the matter.

I must say that everything that was planned in the resolving of this matter, Mr. Goudas carried out completely to the satisfaction of the government and to our satisfaction. I am happy to see that Mr. Goudas' business has now increased to the point that practically every well-known grocery outlet that I go to across Canada has his products on their shelves. I believe he now has approximately 320 items on the shelves bearing the Goudas name.

Since my retirement, Peter and I tried to meet at least once a month for lunch and we would talk over the topics of the day resolving some of them sometimes. I am happy to consider Peter Goudas as my friend and I hope he does too.
George Hall,
Former Law Enforcement Officer 

I met Peter Goudas in 1972, while we were looking for sponsors for the Caribana Festival. Caribana started in 1967 as a Caribbean contribution to Canada's Centennial in the form of a carnival festival.

Peter was just getting his business started and wanted to sponsor the festival. He did and from then Peter remained actively involved.

He is a very meticulous man and a perfectionist and he always wants to do things the right way.

In 1975 he made his biggest contribution and sponsored the entire band. He contributed very heavily financially and he offered over 10.000 packages of rice.

Sometimes when he was worrying- I could see the tension on his face and he used to say "come on, tell me a joke", but before I could think about one, he had already started to tell me a joke himself.

We have always been friends with Peter. 

Mr. Kenn F Shah,
One of the founders of Caribana in Canada;
He has always been involved and played an important role as a custom designer, organizer, and bandleader since 1967.

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