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Feb 23, 1991

Thekla Goudas

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Below appears a Short Biography 

Thekla was born in Smyrna, Asia Minor in Turkey from Greek parents in 1916.

The family, which included her parents and three other siblings, moved to Greece after the 1922 catastrophe.

We will pause here to revisit the history and the circumstances of that time: 

While soldiers, sailors, and journalists from around the world watched from ships anchored in the bay of Smyrna, the Turkish forces burned and sacked the great city, killing about 30,000 Greeks.

Thekla survived along with her family, who were wealthy in the merchant business, only to leave everything behind and start from scratch in Athens, Greece. 

In 1938, Thekla married Panagiotis Goudas and became the loving mother to Nikos, Spyros, Stefanos, and Marina. 

Thekla and Panagiotis experienced some extremely difficult periods during World War II. In spite of it all, she was a dedicated mother and wife although the times were turbulent; their home was filled with the beautiful aroma of Thekla's cooking. 

In the last decade of her life, both she and her husband spent six months in Greece and six months in Toronto, Canada.

She stayed at the home of their second child Peter Spyros, where she fostered within Peter the ability to create the most wonderful "home-made" recipes.

This inspired him to become innovative and creative, which resulted in him transferring his mother's special recipe ideas into the Mr. Goudas line of products. 

Sadly, Thekla passed away in 1992, literally in the arms of Peter and Niko, due to a collapsed lung while on the way to the hospital.
Thekla had never smoked in her lifetime.
Nikos just happened to be in Toronto for a visit at that time.

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