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Mar 15, 2003

Irma Mr. Goudas' New Companion

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One evening Mr. Goudas parked near Trenton, Ontario, for a little while, leaving his car windows open.

When he returned to his car and started driving, he finally realized he had a guest sitting comfortably in the back seat.
It was too late to return to Trenton as he was almost home.

A few days later he returned with his guest to the same area and asked neighbors and local shop-keepers if they knew her; it seemed like no one knew at all.

He also let her roam free for a few hours in case she found someone familiar.

At the end of the day, Mr. Goudas exhausted all possibilities of finding the owner.

He then realized the dog was homeless and thought to adopt her.

He named her Irma, in memory of his childhood dog in Greece.

The full breed of Irma is unknown, she seems to be a mixed with Irish setter of some kind, and she is very polite and well mannered.

She welcomes all visitors and until recently she has always been in good health. Irma loved to jump into Mr. Goudas car straight through the window every time he left it open.

But in September 2003, Irma had a serious car accident.

She luckily survived and has recovered almost completely since then, but her hips were damaged permanently and so she can no longer do her famous jump-in. 

The story of Irma is under the Koukla section on the same website.

According to Koukla (another pet dog of Mr. Goudas), Irma has only one fault, snoring too loudly.

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