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Nov 8, 1992

Award for the Best Profile. Business Journal

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In November of 1992, the Business Journal Magazine dedicated 5 pages to an article about Mr. Goudas but surprisingly when Goudas speaks about the things that helped get him to where he is today, he gives little credit to this youthful enterprise.

School, he thinks, was one of the most important. "I was always good in geography and engineering. Knowledge of geography helps a lot in my business". This love of geography became a curiosity about other cultures, customs, and foods. One of his favorite pastimes is sampling the exotic fare at restaurants around Metro.

"I have been to practically every restaurant in Toronto", he says "Any time I come across a food I don't recognize, I ask what country it is from, the ingredients that go into its preparation, and so on.

I try to know everything I can about it". 

This article won the Kenneth R. Wilson award for the best profile in 1993.

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