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Dec 30, 1992

Callaloo, The Healthiest Dish, Now Available!

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This is great news for the health focusers and diet watchers!

Callaloo is a popular way of preparing particular leafs and stems among the Caribbean islands; it is also a largely preferred dinner or side dish in Greece (Greek people call it "xorta" or "blita"). We also find the use of Callaloo in soups prepared for West Indian traditional recipes.

Naturally, callaloo is a table vegetable much like spinach. This popular "green" is usually eaten steamed or sauteed with salted codfish or plenty of seasoning. Jamaica's first known inhabitants, the Arawaks, used callaloo as the main ingredient in a soup they called "Pepperpot". 

Callaloo comes in as many styles as there are islands and cooks. Strictly viewed, if that's possible, callaloo exhibits a spinach-like, tender green leaf.

Callaloo is rich in nutrients including iron and other minerals, vitamin C, flavonoids and other phytochemicals, calcium, high amounts of sodium, and vitamin A.

Callaloo has over four times the calcium, over two times the iron, and over two times the vitamin A compared to some other vegetables. Moreover, it contains 0 Cholesterol. 

Combine with recipes of your choice, or simply add olive oil and lemon, to enjoy a unique product that's extremely nutritious and has a wonderful flavor.

Goudas Foods puts a great amount of effort into choosing and preparing this product, so you can enjoy not only the best taste but also the highest quality in the market. 

For the customer's information, Mr. Goudas provides the following:
The seeds from the best variety (whose branches are softer and can be eaten easier) are chosen and the harvest is done at the right time, so the branches are not too thick. The vegetable has to be canned within 24 hours, during which time the leaves are thoroughly washed to clean completely from weebles and other microorganisms, and they are sterilized under a specific temperature, in order to avoid excess softening of the product.
Basically, when you open a Mr. Goudas Callaloo can, it is exactly like you picked the leaves from your own garden. It is as simple as that. 

Mr. Goudas Callaloo: It's good for you! 

The canned Callaloo (or Xorta) is now available by Goudas Foods in many grocery stores. If you do not see the product on the shelf, you can ask the store manager to order it for you.

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