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Feb 24, 1993

Perfect Greek Language

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The image that appears to the right is a picture of Demetra Papayannopoulos, the niece of Mr. Peter Goudas.

Demetra was born and grew up in Toronto's east end.
In December of 1992, she was selected among many young Canadian students with Greek decent to read an article that was published by Business Journal magazine, authored by Okey Chigbo.

(Translated in Greek by Aspasia Kourtesiotis).

This article was subsequently read and aired on Greek television. What was surprising about this was the fact that Demetra, although born and raised in Toronto, spoke her mother tongue perfectly and exhibited pride and passion of her Greek heritage.

To listen to Demetra visit the Greek translation in the Business Journal. 
Demetra has also done several television and radio commercials in Greek endorsing the Goudas products.

In 1996 Demetra left for Athens, Greece to attend the University of Athens and subsequently graduated.

Demetra currently manages a cosmetic corporation in Athens.

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