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Aug 17, 1994

Pineapple in its Own Juice!

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Finally, finally, finally! Canadian consumers will be able to enjoy the pineapple in its own juice...

Until now, the consumer was only able to purchase pineapples in the can with light or heavy syrup.

The innovator, Mr. Goudas has magically been able to select the sweetest pineapples available and has captured and canned this magnificent species of fruit in its own juice, with the expertise of the Vita factory in Thailand. 

It is absolutely exquisite! Of course, it will be a few cents more expensive than the other brands on the market, but what price is to be paid for a product without sugar, simply lying in its own juice. Mr. Goudas says anyone can make pineapple sweet by adding sugar, but under the guidance of and in collaboration with Mother Nature, Mr. Goudas was able to produce the sweetest pineapples available. Now then, if it is not sweet enough for you, speak to Mother Nature personally, because Mr. Goudas did the best he can. 

You are strongly advised to never upset Mother Nature by adding sugar to Mr. Goudas Pineapples: they are as perfect as it can be. 

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