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Oct 8, 1999

Delicious Rice Pudding now ready-to-eat from Mr. Goudas

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Dear friends, supporters and customers of my products. : 

I would like to tell you a little story about rice pudding.

As you probably know, the roots of rice pudding come from Turkey centuries ago, and the tradition goes from generation to generation, to generation, where it finally arrived in the hands of my Mother, who happened to be from Smyrna, Asia Minor.

Maybe some of you know what happened in l921 in Asia Minor (if you do not know, click on the following links for more information). 
Link 1 - Link 2 
Let us forget the misfortunes of those people; please do not hate the Turks because of that. Let us take that wonderful Turkish recipe and relate it to the recipe I am about to reveal.

If you go into a large Internet search engines and look up the word Rice Pudding you will find 324,000 documents and articles. most all of them tell you how to make it.

There are recipes related to Caramel Rice Pudding, Chocolate, Dates, Fruit, Creamy, Silky, Ginger, Coconut Rice pudding, and we can go on and on and on; endless lists of recipes that take forever to be written down on paper.

During and after WW II, my mother made Rice Pudding because the rice was a very inexpensive item with which to make this simple recipe. The only other ingredient needed besides a handful of rice, is a little fresh milk, a little sugar, a lot of imagination, patience, and love. The reason you need patience is that you have to stay on top of the pot in the final stages of cooking so that the milk does not stick to the bottom of the pot and at the same time, the rice has to be already cooked to perfection.

The milk taste has to disappear by blending it in with the rice. I also remember that my mother never wanted any of us kids to distract her during the final stages of preparation so that the pudding does not stick to the pot.

My mother always made Rice pudding as if creating the most extravagant work of art. 

In 1998, there was an issue in Belgium about Mad Cow Disease. The only company in the world that was making Rice Pudding, which was located in Belgium, was not able to ship it to Canada or to the United States, because of that issue.

Therefore, I started thinking in terms of making Rice Pudding. I knew that I was about to lose a pile of money through the research and development to this new project.

I would like to inform the general public that if someone wants to make a canned Rice Pudding, he does not just make a big bucket of pudding, scoop it into the can, put the lid on it and expect it to be rice pudding; No!! Of course not! The process is very different from this. 
The raw ingredients have to be cooked while already packaged in the can.

They also have to be individually consistent, that means, X amount of rice and X amount of milk filled with sugar. You then place each can in the retort (pasteurization process), raise up the temperature to a specific degree for an exact amount of time, then the chilling procedure commences.

All this preciseness to avoid overcooking and sticking to the can. This is very similar to the cooking artwork my mother performed back in WW II, We then sterilize and rotate the product for a certain amount of time.

A project like this takes thousands of dollars in research and development, and after you have that accomplished, you will need a factory with which to do it.

As you can understand, at the research stage you cannot make a batch of a few cans, instead, you have to a make a batch of a few thousand cans.

You keep it for a minimum of fourteen (14) days, to make sure that sterilization is perfect and to ensure its shelf life and consumer safety.

You then open the can and try the product; now you may need a little bit more sugar, maybe some more rice, maybe less milk? maybe, maybe, maybe!!!!

The variations and adjustments are almost endless. Consequently, I make up another batch and throw out the previous batch, then I try a different rice, yet this rice absorbs more water and becomes more solid so, we have to discard this batch and keep making more batches, one after the other until I consider it to be as perfect as can be.

As all my friends know, I am a fussy, particular, miserable, and a perfectionist, as well as some other choice descriptive words found in the dictionary, when it comes to food. 
Finally, it seems that this one batch is the right one and at that moment, mass production can begin.

The first batch goes to food critics, my friends, restaurant owners, people whom I can trust to be honest in their opinion, and if the majority of them believe that it is the right and perfect one, then and only then do I present it to the many supermarket shelves.

Obviously, there are so many recipes and variations of Rice Pudding and cannot please the whole world, but I know deep within my heart that I did the best humanly possible and it is sufficient to say my Rice Pudding is one of the best in the world, maybe it is. 
I am very happy to receive letters to verify that statement. 1 2 3 (other customer letters
In the near future, I will be making Mr. Goudas Peach Rice Pudding, Pineapple Rice Pudding, and Raisins Rice Pudding, in the small individual size, easy open cans that would be served in hospitals, airlines, retirement home, cafeterias, etc. 
To all you parents, most importantly, do not forget to pack your children lunches with one can of love (Mr. Goudas Rice Pudding) with its high nutritional value, instead of potato chips, and other junk food. 
My company would be very happy to receive a letter from you in the letters section with your opinion about this or any other of my products. 
I would like to mention, that I am fully aware I may never see profit from this project in my lifetime to cover the enormous investment in research, development, and machinery to make the best Rice Pudding the world has ever known. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this article; 
Bon Appetit, and remember, Goudas on the label MEANS good food on the table
Although you have read comments above like, "I did this, or I did that", it must be clearly understood that many more people, other than myself, are involved to make such a magnificent product or any other product that comes out of the Goudas Foods Organization. People like microbiologists, food chemists, sealing and packaging specialists, nutrition evaluators, packaging and label designers, market researchers, government advisors, food surveyors , quality control personnel, post-production evaluators, and the list never stops. In a few words, its like a huge product producing orchestra, with myself as the conductor.

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