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Oct 20, 2003

Shoppers Drug Mart carries the Goudas Line

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Initially we thought that if anybody bought anything from a Pharmacy store it would be too expensive; but when we set up the first Shoppers Drug Mart Store at 2251 Lawrence Ave. E, Scarborough, Ontario, with our enormous assortment of Goudas Products, we noticed how competitive their prices for our products where. Most retail prices are equal and in some cases lower than your average grocery super market. 

Now pharmacy stores carry groceries, just like grocery stores carry pharmacies. With the MR. Goudas' Nutritious and healthy items such as Rice Pudding, Custard, Non-MSG Soups, and Sugar-free fruit nectars, etc, etc, there is no doubt in out minds that Shoppers Drug Mart is on the right path as more and more Shoppers Drug Mart Stores are assigned to Goudas Foods for set up.
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