Spyros Peter Goudas a Pioneer in a multicultural food industry

After several requests from customers, in the years to come Mr. Goudas in 1970,s has decided to bring into this country the first shipment of fresh vegetables.

This included, on an experimental basis, the following items: yellow yams, Negro yam, chocho (christophene), dasheen, dasheen bush, bodi, eddoes, Cassava, hot peppers, okra, plantains, and the most important, green bananas for cooking.

Yes, you read it correct: Green! Green bananas for cooking and it is not a typographical error, due to the fact that people from the Caribbean use green bananas as a vegetable instead of a fruit.
Simple: they boil it, take the skin out and serve along with curry dishes, rice or along with other vegetables.
It is also excellent in soups.
On the completion of his idea, he organized farmers in Jamaica and other islands in the Caribbean to search for the items mentioned above to be packed fresh and air cargoed to Canada by Air Jamaica or BWIA

Some difficulty followed at the airport, due to the unawareness of the customs officers of what the provisions were about, including names that were not in the English encyclopedia.
Adding up to this this problem was the fact that Mr. Goudas lacked knowledge of perfect English (just a small reminder that Mr. Goudas arrived in this country with no knowledge of English whatsoever).
Finally, after a long and thorough examination, Mr. Goudas was allowed to proceed with his experimental and innovating idea. 

Although he lost half of the items due to spoiling and rotting, Mr. Goudas was able to make quite a few people happy when they saw these wonderful vegetables.

Additionally, he was able to recover a portion of his money.
That experience gave him the opportunity to become more familiarized with the farmers in the Caribbean, teach the people how to do the proper shipping, and get acquainted with the customs officers and officials of the Canadian government, which together created the Tariff and Code numbers for the future Canada Customs books.

It took a lot of nerve to be able to invest the little money that he had, and practically gamble losing through the spoilage from airline delays and other occurrences.

(Please remember that these items are extremely perishable within two to three days life expectancy.) 
So without giving up on the first losses and forgetting about the idea, he made further experiments, not only on vegetables but also on exotic fruits, such as, papaya, guava, star fruit, jack fruit, gineps, star apple, breadfruit, green coconuts, and many more.
Due to the lower cost on the air freight for larger shipment that he brought into this country, he was able to import and share the shipment with other vendors like Alvis Caribbean Foods, Sanci Banana Company, etc. 

Take the time to read the Ackee and the Coconut tree books

Mr. Goudas always said: "You cannot remember the names of fruits or vegetables simply because you have read them somewhere; you can only remember them when you have actually tried them". 

The above experience, combined with many more that followed, as well as even more experiences expected in the days to come, make Mr. Goudas the pioneer in the multicultural food industry.

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