Nov 11, 1978

CHIC Radio shut down this wonderful program

This Picture was taken during the radio broadcast on CHIC radio station Brampton.
Roy Stewart(left) and Spyros Peter Goudas(right). 

Mr. Goudas was operating a multicultural program in both CHIC in Brampton and CJMR in Oakville. The story of the radio program can be read in the archives section. There were a number of people involved in this program as announcers, interviewers, commentators including such notables as Colin Hanson, Mr. Mahoney, Roy Stewart, Joe Reid, Wyn Callender, Big Willie, Jasse McDonald, Percy Thomas and others, as well as a studio audience.

One must understand that during this time period the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) required a fifty percent Canadian Music content in all programming.

However, Mr. Goudas did not agree with this regulation.
He believed that the radio programs should reflect the music and culture of the various nationalities of the listeners. As a consequence of his failure to conform to this law, the CRTC ordered the radio station to end this wonderful program: "The Saturday Night Musical Recipe". The CRTC, the government, and the radio station were inundated with a barrage of telephone calls and letters from angry listeners which resulted in the changing of the law to allow various nationalities to enjoy the music of their country without enforcing the fifty percent Canadian content. Once again, it is safe to state that Mr. Goudas is a pioneer in changing the law. 

(The late Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, joked to Mr. Goudas at one of the convention dinners that we need all the nationalities to make this wonderful country and that he should think about resuming his radio program.)

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