Jul 27, 1982

Trinidad Style Hot Sauce

Trinidad Style Hot Sauce 
Item #38 

After more than three years of hard work to avoid colour separation in the product, Spyros Peter Goudas finally created one of the most magnificent products that the world has ever known.

With unique ingredients such as a specific variety of crushed peppers, that grows only in the Caribbean and specific parts of Central America, as well as papaya (a specific species), along with parsley and celery that blends in perfect harmony, this hot sauce is indeed unique. 

This product finally arrived in Canada, not only to satisfy Trinidadians, who according to Mr. Goudas are the hardest consumers to please in the world, (if it is not right, they would say it right to your face).
Anyone can greatly appreciate this product once they try it.

Just a reminder: Mr. Goudas has been actively involved in preparing, promoting, and supporting the Caribana (created by Trinidadians in Canada), and he knows quite a lot about their taste buds because he
spent an enormous amount of time with them while creating costumes for the parade on more than one occasion. 

It is safe to say that there were more than twenty attempts in the creation of this hot sauce.
For example, at one point the vinegar had to be reduced, at another point, the papaya ratio had to be increased, further, the heat had to be reduced to allow for the Canadian population to try the product.

On a personal note, Mr. Goudas uses at least one tablespoon of Trinidad Style Hot Sauce in all his cooking.

His meal is not complete, according to him, until he adds his hot sauce. 

Once the sauce was completed, Mr. Goudas was well aware that there would be imitators.

Only time would show if someone could make it better!

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