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Aug 13, 2010


As we all know on a day to day basis Mr. Goudas has a million and one things to deal with. This fact is documented in his book: Miracles Still Do Happen, where he also expands on his focus and determination.

Furthermore, as evidenced in The Letters of Appreciation Section of this website, there are numerous Thank You letters and hundreds that have not been posted.

Obviously, when disaster strikes somewhere around the world, and as the song from the famous film, Ghostbusters, declares: Who do they call? In this scenario, Mr. Goudas, of course!

Disasters are not taken lightly at this organization. Earlier this year, when the devastation occurred in Haiti, without hesitation, Goudas Foods offered its assistance and made a generous donation as evidenced in the Events Section of our website.

Unfortunately, disastrous flooding has descended upon Pakistan. Words can never describe the overwhelming feelings experienced when we witness such occurrences and the tragedy that ensues.

Goudas Foods is one of the largest importers of superior quality Basmati Rice from Pakistan and since our company has many products consumed by the Pakistani community in Canada, the Goudas name has been a household name for this community for many years.

It was no surprise when Mr. Shayan Rashid, a representative from Project Ramadan, Iftaar food baskets for those in need), and the Muslim Welfare Centre, under the direction of Mr. S. Qaiser Naqvi, responsible for this project, approached Goudas Foods for a donation to the relief effort in Pakistan.

Of course, philanthropy is a specialty at Goudas Foods.
A donation of non perishable food items to help in the relief efforts after the disastrous flooding is quite appropriate and Mr. Goudas did not hesitate to help geneously this worthy cause.

Shayan Rashid is a chartered accountant resident in Canada and he donates his time, free of charge, to the project.

In the picture, Mr. Goudas is seen discussing with Shayan Rashid the issue of the needs and the most appropriate method of transportation to get the help directly to those who have been affected by this disastrous event.

This is a wonderful act of geneorusity on Mr. Habib Ramzan part.  We commend him for this gesture and it is good to know that there are such people in the community.In addition to the above organization, an individual named, Habib Ramzan, of the Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage came into our office and purchased a large amount of products as his personal contributrion to the Pakistan Relief Effort.

Mr. Goudas met Mr. Habib Ramzan and promptly, and without hesitation, donated a further amount of products to assist Mr. Razman with his contibution to this disaster relief.

This is a wonderful act of geneorusity on Mr. Habib Ramzan part.
We commend him for this gesture and it is good to know that there are such people in the community.

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