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Feb 25, 1989

Panagiotis Goudas

After a couple of weeks of being hospitalized in Toronto, Canada, Panagiotis' heart finally gave up on February 25, 1989. 

Below is a brief Biography:

Born in 1905 in Grammeno, Ioannina, Greece, son of Spyros and Marina Goudas.He moved to Athens where he enrolled in the Police Academy, and upon graduation in 1935, entered the Police Force. 

In 1938 he married a beautiful young woman named Thekla.
They subsequently had four children, but due to the lack of funds from the Greek government during World War II and for a few years after the Civil War, they had a very difficult time financially. 

In the following years, due to his ability to communicate well with the general public, Panagiotis was appointed as the director of Public Relations in the organization called IKA, (in English it is translated as the Organization of Hospitalization Insurance).

His duties involved directing thousands of individuals awaiting treatment at various hospitals.
The job demanded lots of patience and understanding in dealing with injured patients; he deligently undertook his responsibilities.

Panagiotis retired from the Police Force in 1975 and for the rest of his years, he basically spent six months in Canada with his son Spryros, (Mr. Goudas) and six months at home in Greece looking after the garden.

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