Oct 28, 1994

The Way They Eat Their Tuna in Oil.

Tuna In Oil Item #196 

Mr. Goudas once made a statement giving credit to the Italians for two things: soccer skills, and the way they cook the Italian style rice. He now wants to revise this statement and add two more things: the creation of the opera and the way they eat their tuna in oil. 

According to tuna canners, only less than five percent of their production goes into the canning of products under the umbrella of "Tuna in Oil".

This product is mostly exported from producing countries, such as Thailand, to Italy and very few containers come to Canada.

In the Canadian market, along with the Mr. Goudas brand or "Mamma Lucia", there are several other good quality brands, such as Unico, Aurora, and Primo. 

This specific type of tuna in oil is a little more expensive than the tuna flakes or chunks in water.

These two are always on special either one day or another, so the consumer does not stop for a moment to think twice and give himself/herself a chance to purchase something, to which one would become addicted; this particular tuna has a more natural taste, appearance, and aroma.

According to Mr. Goudas, the Italians have the monopoly on this tasty product and until the rest of the world tries tuna in oil, the Italians will dominate this superb taste.

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