Apr 11, 1995


Atta flour is an ideal product for East Indian cuisine and GOUDAS FOODS developed this product for that specific market.

The response from these consumers has been very positive.

The time that one can eat anything is gone.

Eating habits will have to be modified to accommodate healthy eating habits. 

It is sometimes very difficult to determine what is right and/or what is wrong!! In the case of the all-purpose flour, recently sales decline because of the of LOW CARB diets.

The main factor in this decline is the fact that people have realized that they are TOO FAT.

The obesity level has been rising with the aging population.
This leads to diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure plus the lack of enjoyment of life. 

One of the problems is that people were always searching for cheaper flour that is why in the last few years private label brands, without name brands, manager choice brands, supervisor name brands, have select have collected all the lower quality flour available in the world, packaged it and have sold it to those who are looking for bargains. 

On the other hand respectable companies with years of experience in the flour industry, such as Robin Hood, Five Roses, Mr. Goudas, Monarch have tried hard to maintain and provide their loyal consumers with quality products with the right amount of protein and fiber, rotation of stock, and many other components in quality control that define a top quality flour compared to low price poor quality flour! 

However, Mr. Goudas has ATTA flour is high in fiber which is a healthy choice for good eating habits (bowel regulation) 

Fiber is a healthy choice. The Canadian FA has always stated that the CDN diet is lacking in fiber hence Mr. Goudas' ATTA flour is your choice for a healthier lifestyle.

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