Apr 18, 1995

Jackfruit: The Fruit with a Fan-Club of its Own!

When Goudas Foods undertook the initiative to bring Jackfruit to Canada, for the first time designated for commercial use, this fruit was unknown to the Canadian consumer.

However, the company was prepared to introduce an interesting product.

For more than 3 years prior to this introduction, Mr. Goudas went through thorough preparation and processing with farmers and canners in Thailand, to ensure only the best quality Jackfruit would be imported. 

When fully ripe the Jackfruit emits a strong disagreeable odor, while the pulp of the opened fruit smells of pineapple and banana.

At this stage, the bulbs and seeds are removed.

It is preferable to perfom this task outdoors to avoid having the "stink" permeate the home. The pulp of the ripened Jackfruit is pale yellow in colour.

It may be enjoyed raw, cooked in Mr. Goudas Coconut Milk, made into ice cream, chutney, jams and jellies. It may also be canned in syrup. 

Our confident prediction is that Jackfruit will slowly grow in the hearts, and most importantly stomachs of the local consumers.

As Mr. Goudas himself says, "this product is not the most popular fruit here; however, it has a unique taste, very special characteristics, and soon it will have its own loyal customers".

It would be no surprise here at Goudas Foods to see the day when Jackfruit will develop a fan-club completely of its own.

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