Aug 15, 1996

It was All Worth the Effort!

Green jumbo lima beans canned was a wonderful product!

Mr.Goudas thought it would be a good idea to make a batch of approximately 5000 cases in Peru (the best country for this product),
despite the high cost of selecting the best green lima and manually inserting into cans along with other details of the canning process.

When he brought them to Canada, he had to wait for 6 months or more until the grocery stores head offices listed them; he then had to demonstrate the product to his sales force and instruct them to open cans and ask the store managers to try them.

Another problem was to allocate shelf space at the stores.

Finally, this product gradually appeared on all supermarket shelves at a retail price of $1.99, which is just enough to cover production costs and the store's small margin. 

Because of the consumer's unawareness of how good the product was, the green lima beans stayed on the shelves for more than a year. Then the specials began: buy one(1) take one(1) free. However, even that was not enough to make the consumer attempt to buy.
Four years later Mr. Goudas ended up with a few leftover cases in his warehouse, which he then gave to all his employees. They all came back with magnificent recipes! For instance one of them opened a can and mixed the beans with chopped onions, vinegar, and olive oil; another recipe was instead of vinegar to put lemon, while another one tried it with fresh oregano. Even unexpected ideas came up: one of the employees put the green lima beans in the blender to make the paste, then mixed with onions and vinegar.

No matter how they did it, they all came out to say that this was a very good product.

When Mr.Goudas had the last can for lunch, dressed up with extra virgin olive oil, onions, lemon and oregano he said before he started eating: "This better be good because it cost me well over fifty thousand dollars!" After he finished his lunch he then said: 

The company did not make this product again.

Over the years, Mr. Goudas still receives some letters from customers telling him how much they enjoyed the product.

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