Apr 15, 1997

Price Chopper

Under the direction of Rob James, Bob Graham, Mike Mirenegeli (formerly a Miracle Food Mart executive) Rahib, and well respected executive Mr. Terry Buckley, Goudas Foods modified the first Food City store to Price Chopper, which is a discount style store.

Goudas Foods along with other brands such as, Blue Lake, Lion brand, Mamma Lucia, Pride of Himalaya, Cakemaker, Lentilino, Tourlou-Tourlou, Star brand, Speedy Rice, Heavenly Bite, Garlito, Jewel of the Indies, Golden Feather, Tiranga brand, Tai-Tai brand, Snappy pop, Spinorizo, Golden Phoenix, Golden Dragon, Bambolino.

Brand names such as Sardo, Aurora Foods, Grace Kennedy, Montini, S & F, Krinos, as well as other well-known names, helped to enhance the rich variety of products carried by the store.

At the time, Price Chopper decided to focus more on Brand names such as those above.

The capable Mr. Bob Graham, personally assigned the responsibility of properly aligning and rearranging the first Price Chopper store to Mr. Goudas.

Over the years, Mr. Bob Graham, and Mr. Terry Buckley grew Price Chopper stores as one of the key players in the Ontario market.

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