Mar 2, 1998

We all prayed for her recovery

Katharine Sprague 

At the time that Mr. Goudas decided to make Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce in the can, he thought, with the product being so wonderful, that he should place the picture of a kid eating spaghetti on the label. 

The face of the child on the can is Katharine Sprague, the daughter of the co-owner and partner of Mr. Goudas in the canning industry. 

They both decided that would it would be a great idea to have her image incorporated into the label of the product due to the fact that she had a beautiful face. 

Unfortunately, on March 2, 1998, there was a car accident. 

The resulting collision caused an instant fatality for the female driver of the other car involved. On the other hand, little Catherine, was left unconscious had a severe concussion, and was hospitalized. 

Naturally, we all prayed for her recovery. 

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