Jun 14, 1998

Mr. Goudas participates in employee events

One of the sales personnel of Goudas Foods just tied the knot.

Mr. Goudas attended the Hindu marriage and found the ceremony very interesting, hence he wanted to share: 

"The wedding lasts at least 4 hours; there are a number of ceremonies following one another, and each has a special symbolism.

For example, in the 8th ceremony, the groom removes the veil from the bride. This is the only moment, after 3 hours, that he can see his bride. 

What is more interesting is the first ceremony, where the groom and the couple's families are waiting for the bride outside the temple.

At some point, you hear music from far away and distinguish a group of people dances in the street.

The group gets closer but moves very slowly, as it stops frequently to dance.

This symbolizes the journey of the bride coming to meet the groom from far away, villages apart. 

Of course, the most interesting thing is the role of the wife in the family; the woman is the one that handles the money, and the husband has to give the money to her." 

In the picture, Mr. Goudas standing between Mr. Raju Tripathi (groom) and Mrs. Asha Tripathi (bride), inside the Hindu Mandir (Temple), at the Professional Court of Mississauga. 

Goudas Foods wishes the new couple a long and prosperous life!

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