Jun 20, 1998

Irma's Daughter... or maybe not!

This is Irma, one of the two dogs Mr. Goudas takes care of; and this is her daughter.

You can certainly see the undeniable resemblance: black hair, white paws, white tip of the tail... but have you noticed a small detail?

The little one is actually a cat! Well yes, even dogs can adapt, and Irma's story is very touching. 

Irma found this kitten abandoned and hungry, on the side of the road. She immediately took her in and started taking care of her, feeding her, and keeping her warm.

The cat adored her mother-dog, and in the picture, you can see how they are taking an afternoon rest after a cheerful game on the grass. Those two were inseparable; Irma proved to be a great mother, and her daughter turned out to be a beautiful well-mannered lady who now has her own family.

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