Jun 28, 1998

Dolmadakia - Ingredients and Commercial!

Mr.Goudas has done his wonder again!

This time, a delicious Greek recipe for an appetizer is being perfectly prepared by Spyros Peter Goudas.

This dish has also become extremely popular in many different nationalities.

In the heart of the Greek town in Toronto, you can see many restaurant menus listing the item of DOLMADAKIA, which can be ordered with plain rice or minced meat stuffing.

Mr. Goudas has also perfected the DOLMADAKIA product and has canned its goodness.

Please check our Ready to Eat section for DOLMADAKIA and other delicious meals in a can.

The Dolmadakia dish is prepared with Parboiled Rice. Click here to read more information about this product. 
Note: some people preffer to use Mr. Goudas Calrose or Mamma Lucia rice. 

For this new product, Mr. Goudas has already prepared a special commercial. This commercial was produced with the same Mr. Goudas 30 second Chaplin style format, in which we would like to explain the glass of water. The weight of the glass filled with water keeps the pressure on the plate to keep the leaves from unraveling.

Click here or the video below, to view how to prepare one of Mr.Goudas famous vine-leaves dishes.

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