Oct 10, 1998


Does this look appetizing? 

Is this something you would like to eat or serve to your guests? 

Our answer is yes. 

Goudas Foods is in the process of creating this combination of fruits. And, Mr. Goudas personally, is determined to call this selection, Exotic Fruit Salad. 

The ingredients are papaya, mango, guava, and coconut. 

Just a reminder that these fruits do not grow in the same area or at the same time. Therefore, the task is not as easy as it appears to be. 

That is why, nobody in this world has ever had a combination like this. 

This undertaking by Mr. Goudas to find the right area, the right crop, the right fruit, the right time, the right producer, the right canning factory, and all the other rights to be able to achieve this task is huge. 

That is why he is on the phone at night talking to people in Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand (our night is their day), to be able to put this task together. 

Whatever comes out of this, Mr. Goudas guarantees that it will be the best in the world. 

This should be served chilled as is, or with ice-cream. 

Hostesses will be very pleased to serve this Exotic Fruit Salad to their guests. 

When you see Mr. Goudas Exotic Fruit Cocktail on the supermarket shelf in the near future, pick up a can or two and enjoy the best nature has to offer. 

Remember the name Mr. Goudas, because once the product is finally created there will be imitators with names such as mothers pick, super selection, without name supervisors choice and managers favourite, etc., etc. 

By the time all this happens you know Mr. Goudas will be miles ahead in quality, taste, texture and appearance.
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