Sep 27, 1999

Wonders of the World: Rambutan with Pineapple!

Rambutan with Pineapple: Another Wonder of the World 

Originally, when Mr. Goudas even suggested stuffing the Rambutan with Pineapple, there was a consensus in Thailand that Mr. Goudas was definitely going mad.

The mere idea of pieces of pineapple stuffed into a Rambutan was insane. They questioned the feasibility and expenses of manually inserting a chunk of pineapple into the delicate Rambutan. 

However, once Mr. Goudas has a particular product idea in his head it is impossible for anyone to make him change his mind. He is a very stubborn perfectionist when it comes to innovative food ideas. Therefore, for the past two years, the people involved with him in the factory, for example, microbiologist, heat penetration evaluators, technologists, label designers, and others, work constantly to satisfy him. 

The end result after all the efforts finally paid off and materialized into the product "Mr. Goudas Rambutan with Pineapple". 

This is an extraordinary day for us in the organization because, as always, we are the taste-testers, and needless to say, the consensus is/was excellent! 

When asked how this product is to be promoted, Mr. Goudas responded "This is my baby, and it has to be personally discovered by all fruit lovers who may eventually use it as a dessert, in ice-cream, added to ice-cream, or lovingly placed in a glass of martini (instead of an olive)". 

His face was filled with light and anticipation for the positive response to this innovation.

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