Feb 2, 2001

Even Trade Wars, it Seems, have their Casualties.

The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) reacted prematurely, and made an announcement on February 2, 2001, alerting the public not to consume imported products containing Brazilian beef.

Within that period of time, certain programs, like CBC's Venture, aired this alert, which, it's topic of Brazilian Beef was very contraversial.

In the program, Mr. Gordon Arnell of Brascan Brazil, one of the Richest Canadian Companies in Brazil stated, "No health hazard.... The finest beef produced anywhere in the world." Brascan has century old roots in Brazil.

Later on in the program, the annoucers mentioned that "Even trade wars, it seems, have their casualties." A heavy casualty in this particular case was Mr. Goudas Brand Corned Beef, and as a result, Goudas Foods, and other companies lost millions of dollars and market share.

Since, Mr Goudas Brand and Hereford Brand, are one of the best selling Corned Beef in Canada, with the highest quality standard of product, these companies have suffered the most. 

However, on March 9, 2001, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Advisory, is advising the public that imported products containing Brazilian Beef have been assessed as safe for consumption and hence, returned to the marketplace at the retail level.
Below is a copy of the actual bulletin released from the CFIA on March 9, 2001. 

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Ottawa, March 9, 2001. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is advising the public that imported products containing Brazilian beef as listed in the attached table have been assessed as safe for consumption and are now being returned to the marketplace at the retail level. 

This measure is subsequent to an assessment by Health Canada that the Brazilian beef products being held since February 2, 2001 meet the requirements of certification by Brazilian authorities. 

Furthermore, we would like to point out to the public, that certain articles appear, when the words Mr Goudas and beef are used as search criteria in internet search engines, from Newspapers, Health Sources, and other publications, who do not have knowledge of the outcome of this high quality product that was returned to the marketplace.

These sources only publish the initial alert and do not follow through by giving equal publicity and exposure to the Return to Marketplace advisory from the CFIA.

It seems that they use the Mr. Goudas powerful name to acheive higher publicity in their newspapers.
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