Hello, my name is Koukla

This is the story of pets far from ordinary; the Koukla story was written by Mr. Goudas  Peter Spyros Goudas on August 20th, 2003, at 3am in the morning.

The Koukla Story has been translated in a variety of languages and has been already recorded in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

We are certain that you will enjoy reading the story and listening to the audio. 

The English narration is by Jesse MacDonald.

Jesse McDonald, developed many Radio and television programs including many commercials and narrated several articles for Mr. Goudas is a long time personal friend.
In Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas' opinion, Jesses narration voice is a gift from god. 

The Greek version is narrated by Basilis Diamadopoulos from the CHIR broadcasting compa­ny. In photo Basilis Diamadopoulos in 2002 next to Mr Goudas.

For any one interested in listening to how perfect the Greek language sounds, Mr. Basilis Diamantopoulos also developed over the years, more than 500 cooking Greek recipes, which most include Mr. Goudas' products for ingredients

The Italian translation and nar­ration were done by Antonio Figola.

The Spanish narration by Jairo Rios.

The Chinese translation by Henry Ching Lee.

The French by Karine Giroux.

The Korean by Dr. Young­soo Kim.

The Spanish by Alex Alva­rez from Nicaragua, Rafael Onofre from Mexico, and Milagro Franco, from El Salvador.

The Greek by So­fia Papadhimitri.






The Sri Lankan by Chandraleela Kana

The Koukla, Irma and Tiger story is the subject of animal lovers, humane society members, and people who plan to adopt a dog or a cat and want to know more about the animals.

Since, the books have been printed in many lanuguages, over a million readers have enjoyed the life story of these three wonderful pets.
It also lets you know of the big responsibility in adopting an animal.
To care and provide for them in sickness and in health until their eyes close a final time.
To lose such a unconditionaly loving pet is a very emotional event, with feelings that never seem to go away.
In the English Book version, these emotions are shown, from the beginning of the adoption to their passing.

Please use the links below to read the story on your preferred language or listen to the respective audio: 

Koukla Story in English 
Audio of Koukla Story in English





Koukla Story in Greek Translation
Audio of Koukla Story in Greek





Koukla Story in Italian Translation
Audio of Koukla Story in Italian





Koukla Story in Spanish Translation 
Audio of Koukla Story in Spanish





Koukla Story in French Translation

Koukla Story in Chinese Translation

Koukla Story in Sri-Lankan Translation

Koukla Story in Korean Translation

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