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Oct 18, 2005

Spyros Peter Goudas Chick Peas - Indian style!

For those interested in spicing up a little the Chick Peas dish, we have a delicious recipe, easy to make, provided by the Indian staff at Goudas Foods.

The dish is called Channa Bhatura and it is a combination of Chick Peas, Indian spices (channa masala), cumin seeds, oil, lemon, and fresh onion and carrot.

It is best enjoyed on puri bread (flat indian bread), and despite the great taste, it is also very filling. 

Mr.Spyros Peter Goudas is currently working into making this recipe available for the customer as a Ready-to-Eat product.

The process is estimated to be completed by next Spring; until then, you can touch-up the Spyros Peter Goudas Chick Peas with the above Indian traditional recipe.  Enjoy!

One of my companies, that had a distribution of Mr.Goudas Brand  has been sold in early, 2014. 

The new owners did not focus on the quality of the products packaged to the disappointment of millions of loyal customers who have come to rely on my pioneering vision.

I accordingly, no longer vouch for the quality of products under “Mr Goudas”. 
The endorsement of the Brand within this website are now soley for historical purposes only. 

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