May 13, 2007

Livia's Papadhimitri Recital

The attached photos depict a very special moment in the life of one of our employees.

Livia Papadhimitri was featured at a concert at Victoria College, commemorating the occasion of her graduation. 

She is an accomplished violinist and the concert was very well attended.
She will continue her education at the University of Toronto in pursuit of her Teaching Certificate. 

Congratulations and Good Luck from all of us at Goudas Foods. 

In addition to pursuing her education, she will continue working in our organization. 

The following is an article written by Livia in the biography of Mr. Goudas. 

My Experience Getting to Know the True Mr. Goudas 

(by Livia Papadhimitri) 

At this point of the book, I believe the reader feels as though they know Mr. Goudas well.
For me though, the experience of the completion of this book, was also an opportunity to truly get to know my boss, a person who I thought I knew well, but in fact, I didn't,t know at all. 

Every day I would come to work, pass by his office to tell him the good morning before I went to my office, and at the end of the day, I would pass by his office again to say goodbye.
This daily routine went on for years. Only when Mr. Goudas began the writing of his biography and needed my help for the editing, I actually had the chance to get to know the real person behind the brand Goudas Foods. 

During the completion of the book, Mr. Goudas and I have spent countless hours talking in his office, when his mind was clear from all the daily problems.
Often, he has narrated, very spontaneously, different stories about his life. 

During this period I learned that some of his experiences were so important that they have truly carved the direction of his life. Others have determined various important characteristics of his personality. 

While Mr. Goudas narrates various stories he has lived, his words and his facial expression, many times uncover a person full of sensitivity and emotions.
There have been many times where my eyes have watered with tears of joy or sadness, following a story he told me.

Many times I have been surprised with his honesty, as well as his bravery to open his heart with no fear or hesitation.
The same honesty is incorporated in this Biography, because Mr. Goudas wanted to touch the reader's heart, but also show him/her, in his own words, who is the real Peter and how his life has evolved until now. 

I would like to add something, that maybe has been mentioned previously in the book, but has not been emphasized enough: Mr. Goudas, heart.

I have never met a person with such a big heart and generous soul in my life. It has touched me but also inspired me that there are still people like him left in the world, those who are not only preoccupied with personal interests and earnings. 

I admire Mr. Goudas that he managed to accomplish his goal to place his whole life in a book, with truth being his number one priority.
My general conclusion from this whole experience is that there is not one boring story in his life.
He has lived a life just like a movie, full of interesting events and never with a dull moment. 

The most exciting part of it all, though, is that the stories of his life never end, and personally, I can,t wait to hear the next story he will narrate to me. 

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