Mr. Goudas 30 years in Canada 1997

Party in May of 1997

On the 30th anniversary of Goudas Foods in Canada, the company's employees decided to play a trick on their boss. They told Peter that he had to come and see what they had done with the displays at one of the busiest retail stores.

Now Peter has always made it a policy never to go to any stores because he feels that he does the best job from his office where he can paint mental pictures of how he would like to have his section set up for the best effect, without being influenced by the competition.

After much coaxing and cajoling, he decided to go and visit the store. When he arrived, he was greeted by a throng of people representing employees, customers, suppliers from around the world, and media. This scene was reported in the media as shown in the opening video clip, and he was totally taken by surprise.

From the supermarket, the party moved to one of the best dining establishments in Toronto.

This is where the fun and folly began. Peter was first awarded a trophy for the wonderful labels that he created. Getting an award from some people you do not know is one matter, but the ultimate complement as far as Peter is concerned is getting an award from his employees.
That made it very special, and he was moved by this gesture.
The award was presented by Ted and Tom who are part of the very talented and experienced sales team at Goudas Foods.

Those who are acquainted with Mr. Goudas' products know that his labels are revolutionary and changed the industry.
Not only are they of magnificent design, but the color and the graphics are sure to capture a consumer's attention, and as much as they do not want to admit it, all the competition tried to redesign their labels and make them as attractive as Goudas, but it's just not the same.
In his mind Mr. Goudas knew that he did not only redesign the labels, he took quality to a higher level.
The people who stepped up to the mike to pay tribute to Mr. Goudas were:

Adonis - He is Mr. Goudas' nephew and was featured in the ad for Mr. Goudas Magic Sauce since he was a kid. He was Economics student at university at that time.

Dennis Curry - No he is not the guy who mixes the curries for Mr. Goudas. He is a supplier who over time became a close personal friend of Mr. Goudas.

George Hall - George came to seize Mr. Goudas' business for non payment of taxes after Mr. Goudas had the accident that crushed his leg and hospitalized him. He ended up being a very close friend of Peter to the extent that Peter shared his "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award with him. You can read the full story in the Archives and Articles section.

Gerry - A Goudas Foods employee who shares his experiences and his thoughts working the early morning shift.

John Costa - Owner of the Food Basics store that hosted the surprise reception for Mr. Goudas. John runs one of the most successful food stores in the city with and extensive variety of Mr. Goudas products. Although he was carrying the Goudas brand of products for over 20 years, he had never met Mr. Goudas before, and felt honored to have the opportunity to not only meet him, but also to host the 30th Anniversary Party at his store.

Big Willie - Peter's "813" Club manager and close personal friend.
Some further information on Big Willie can be found in the Archives and the Articles section.

Joe Reid - Joe was and still is a close personal friend of Peter.
They met a record store and at the time, Joe was a very well known personality in the entertainment industry. Check the "813" club story to see how they met.

Minestrone Band - This very talented group serenaded Peter for the evening, and they even had a guest performance by Peter on his harmonica.

It should be noted that as the evening progressed, everyone was toasting Mr. Goudas, and of course in the spirit of the occasion, he raised his glass and drank to each toast. It would appear that Peter must have had a toast for each year in business because by the time he made his way to the microphone, he was in "high spirits". As you can see from the video, this did not affect his sense of humor even though it might have affected his balance, and we will let you judge for yourself on the impact it had on his musical
talents as he played his harmonica with the band. It would appear that Peter is most eloquent (and long winded), when he is in this state of mind.
It was altogether a fun evening, and everyone present had a great time and some fond memories.

Below are the videos of people that made speaches at the 30 years Mr. Goudas celebration ion 1997.

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