Speeches at Spyros Peter Goudas 30th Anniversary Celebration 1997

Below appears the text of speeches made at the 30th Anniversary celebration in 1997 for Spyros Peter Goudas.

For those of you who don't have Real Player imagine Willie Williams also known as Big Willy.
He towers at almost 7 feet in height and weighs over 300 pounds.

This is what Willie Williams had to say:

"Every body is saying what they knew about Peter in this era.
 Peter and I go back twenty seven (27) years.

I met Peter in 1970 at the Kensington Market.
He had just opened a small store, which was the best in the Kensington Market.
Peter went from the best to being the greatest in the twenty seven (27) years that I have known him.

Peter was not only doing his stuff (being a businessman), Peter was helping people too.
I have personal knowledge of this as I use to be his Santa Clause every Christmas at the "813 Club". 
We used to give away a lot of great gifts to people at the club- most times more than they could afford from their wages.

Peter is a good man.
He has a good heart .
He will share with anyone who needs help.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Peter gave away tons of rice, peas, beans and drinks
(he means soft drinks like Snappy Pop) to people who were in need.

People think that because he is a businessman he puts all the money in his pocket.
That's not true.

Peter used to sponsor all the Caribbana masks, the floats, the trucks, everything from his own pocket.

He never complains, never asks for anything in return.
I am one of the recipients.
Peter used to look after me - he still does.

He is the best man I have ever known.
I'm not saying that because he's sitting here, I am big enough and I can take him
(laughter erupts from the audience).

Mr. Reid said, "Goudas on the label means good food on your table" and that used to be the theme on the logo back in the 70's.
We have records made from these logos about Goudas foods.
So whenever you are buying Goudas foods you know you are feeding your children and family with good stuff" (good food).

Willy further added, "Goudas foods on the label again means great food on your table so don't be afraid to buy a bulk of Goudas stuff (food) whenever you go shopping because it can lasts and it is the best."

In closing Big Willy said, "So Peter, I wish you all the best in the future. You are the greatest and we'll always stand beside you. Enjoy this night because it's yours, mine too and every body who is here. So thank you all very much for showing up"

Adonis Papagianopoulos starts by saying:

For those of you who don't know me he's (Peter Goudas) my uncle.
I'm fortunate enough I don't know him through business experience because I've seen his face from 9-5 (describes a typical work day) and I don't want to be anywhere around it
(he expressed jokingly as the audience chuckled).

I know him as the family man, I know him as the man who comes over every Tuesday and cooks for us and complains - complains about my ear rings, my hair (he sports a ponytail) and that at my age, I should be somewhere where he is.

When I see the obstacles he's overcome and I've not seen them personally but I've seen them through you, (people in the audience) who honour my uncle and where he is today it makes him worthy to give me any advice he wants and I hope that one day I live up to what he tells me.

Due to his enlightened success, lately my mother is trying to change her maiden name back to Goudas we loves the attention.
Is he your uncle? Yes, he's my uncle.

I thought he was Chinese - no he's Greek;

I thought he was Italian - no he's Greek (laughter from the audience).

I just hope that one day I fulfill what he wants me to fulfill.
Whether being in his company or something to see me as.
But hearing you speak everything about my uncle and how much he's helped everybody, I was not around to see it but especially today, I see how much he means to a lot of people and I thank you for that because it puts him one rank higher in my heart - I admire him more day by day.
And I just want to let him know even though sometimes he thinks his advice is falling on deaf hears.
I admire him and I respect him and I hope I listen I him.

Joe Reid starts by saying:

Among other things, he spoke of his friendship with Peter for over 20 years and reflected on the Goudas Foods commercial, expressing how instrumental he could have been in the process if those same commercials were being developed now as opposed to 20 years ago.

He fondly remembers the commercial tagline "Goudas on the label means good food on the table", saying the message still means a lot today as it did 20 years ago.
How it used to be "Have a rice day instead of a nice day", and the need for those kinds of commercial today.

He talks about their (he and Peter's) relationship during the existence of the "813 Club" located at 813 Bloor Street West and the Christmas and other occasions they enjoyed together.

He shares how Peter's love for music has not only encouraged him but has also given him a different perspective on his own music although he's (Joe Reid) from the Caribbean.

He closes by expressing his thanks to Peter for treating him like a friend, not just a business Partner.

Watch Peter Goudas talk about how he came to Canada and the obsticles he has overcame to bring him to were he is today.

From the film PAST AND PRESENT released in 1991:

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