Creating Peter Goudas Commercial

 Here appears a video from a Goudas Radio program broadcast on CHOW radio, 790 AM dial, in 1991.

The disc jockey is Colin Vern Hanson, (The Mover), regular host and DJ for this program.

The studio that you see was used to produce commercials for Mr. Goudas in a number of different languages, and in one segment you can see Panos Goudas at 10 years old, doing a commercial for Mr. Goudas' Snappy Pop. 

Anthony Papayanopoulos is in a commercial for magic sauce. You may also see Anthony 10 years later giving a speech at the Goudas Foods 30th Anniversary celebration in 1997. He is the first person on video clip 3.

Colin Vern Hanson was also the regular host and announcer for the highly successful Goudas Radio Program called The Saturday Night Musical Recipe which was aired on CHIC Radio from 1975 to 1977, until it was taken off the air.

You can find out the story of what happened by clicking the audio program above.

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