Prophet Elias Church

July 17, 2004

The event occurs once a year for a period of four (4) days, and provided the weather is good, everyone has a great time.

The purpose of the event is to collect the profits from the sales of food, cakes, drinks, etc., with the proceeds going to Philanthropists (who support the poor and underprivileged).

Most of the main ingredients used to make the cakes and pastries are donated by Spyros Goudas , who support not only this event, but also similar events for other nationalities.

In the pictures below you may view a display of pastries such as, baklava, Galaktoboureko, Bougatsa, Kataifi, Spinach pie, Tyropita (cheese pie), Touloubes, and many varieties of cakes.

The festivities included the Olympic Torch Flame ceremony, in which young women dress according to tradition for the event.

In some pictures you may see the priest (Peter Mentis) and president of the association (Dimitrios Tsatsaronis) participating in the ceremony.

Photo of Philanthropists Dimitrios Tsatsaronis    Δημήτριος Τσατσαρώνης

Photo of Philanthropists Dimitrios Tsatsaronis


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