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Soup in a tin? Yes! Goudas.

When I first found out that Mr. Goudas was Greek, I exclaimed, "What does a Greek know about Ackee, callaloo, breadfruit, and all the things Jamaican? Why does the White man love to capitalize on the Black man like that all the time, and why do we let them?"

But then I have since come to discover that Mr. Goudas, the smart businessman that he is, does not cater only to the West Indian taste buds, but he spreads tables with foods from around the world. No matter what culture you are from, chances are, Mr. Goudas the Greek can make you feel right at home here in Toronto, at least at meal times.

Traditionally Jamaicans do not eat food from tins, except corn, beef, and sardines. They like their food yard grown, fresh picked, just cooked and served piping hot, both by heat and pepper. There were many speculations when Goudas started to shelf his products in West Indian stores as to who was going to buy them. Many even wondered how did he convinced the Jamaican owners to stock them, because certainly they more than Goudas should know that, "we naw go buy no food ina tin."

But, lo and behold Goudas has survived, and has continued to add more and more items to his food line.
Until now even soup in a tin is a popular buy.

Remember Saturdays back home? Jamaican families mainly ate by a weekly schedule, and Saturdays were reserved for soups. Tripe, beet, chicken and foot and goat head, were just a few of the many varieties. They were cooked to perfection with all kinds of ground provisions, vegetables, natural seasonings and spices, and of course white flour or cornmeal dumplings. How was Goudas, no matter how ingenious he was, going to capture these authentic flavours in a tin?
It takes special culinary skills to make soup taste good.

When Goudas started his line of soups he said, "I am conscious of my customers' peculiar demands in their soups, and I will keep it in the forefront of my mind, when I prepare mine." And he did!

But Goudas could not have possessed suck knowledge just off the top of his head. He was and still is wise enough to get firsthand information directly from the people who eat these foods daily, from the different cultures. Peter unashamedly confirms this fact. Traditional recipes from the individual countries are used in order to capture that homemade taste. Sometimes it can take more than a year to perfect a soup for Goudas' market method. No soup goes on the shelves until it gets unanimous approval from those who are hires to crtify how the specific soup should taste.

Goudas knows that in order for his soups to continue to sell, they must taste like real soup and not like a tin can. Goudas' soups do taste better than many companies', which have been canning soup long before him.
That is because the Goudas method is unique.

Goudas does not boil a whole mess of soup in a super cauldron. Rather, each can is filled with the right proportion of each ingredient, seasoning and liquid. The can is then sealed and put through a thermal process, which means that the can is cooked right along with the ultra fresh first grade ingredients.
This ensures sterilization and accounts for the signature fresh homemade taste of each can of soup.

Mr. Goudas uses the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. Real onions and not onion powder are prepared for the soups. Beans must not only look good, but because of the method of preparation, they are tested to make sure that they cook well. Mr. Goudas does not spare any expense to bring you the best in quality and taste.

Many people, especially mothers who have to hold down a job outside of the home, do give God thanks for the Goudas line of products, because with Goudas they are still able to feed their families healthy good tasting foods.
I must admit though that Goudas has not yet included cow tripe or chicken food soup on their menu. However, to enhance your own homemade version with a boost of quick flavour, simply add a can from Mr. Goudas' delicious soup line.

Your choices are:
Cabbage, Leek and Rice for the discerning European, Minestrone for the demanding Italian, Lentils for the discriminating Indian, Spinach and Rice, Potatoes and Green Beans, and of course traditional Vegetable Soup for everyone international.

Goudas chooses his ingredients from the best and hardiest stock. They have to be ultra fresh always.
Real onions and not onion powders goes in each can in the right proportion to all the other ingredients.

If peas soup is what you fancy, but just do not have the time to cook the peas, you do not have to be disappointed. Goudas will help out there too. He is an expert in choosing beans and peas. Your choices are:Chick PeaPeaWhite KidneyGreat Northern Bean Soup, and wonder of wonders - Soya Beans, with or without tomato sauce. No other company has even come close to offering such rare varieties of soups in a tin. Goudas does not use MSG in any of his meals. He keeps the taste natural.

Goudas also keeps the salt at a minimum, in order to meet the needs of those on a specific diet, such as diabetics or Rastafarians.

So for an unbeatable authentic soup experience, look for the flag of your country on the side of the Goudas can. Go ahead and experiment with Mr. Goudas, you will surprise yourself, your family members, guests and customers if you are preparing foods commercially. They will be asking for more.

Healthy and tasty eating comes with Mr. Goudas in the house!

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