Relay cultural review by Christine Diakos


Christine Diakos

If the Goudas Foods is familiar to you, it’s probably because you have seen their products in all the major supermarkets across Canada.

They cater to the unique and eclectic tastes of our multicultural society.

Peter Goudas may not be as known, but he is the force behind this profitable and unparalleled business.

His story is a familiar one. Twenty-six years ago Peter Goudas came to Canada with plenty of ambition and not much else.

Those early years are still vivid in his memory, especially the nights he spent sleeping on the street around Toronto City Hall.

Through hard work and determination, Goudas built a name for himself in a market that had never before been realized.

This year he was awarded for his perseverance. Mr. Goudas is the 1993 Recipient of the new Canadian entrepreneur.
For him this award means many things, mostly that his success has been acknowledged by his peers.

When asked, what is the key to your success? He simply replies; “never underestimate your competitor.” Goudas never has…

Another factor may very well be his continued advertising in the ethnic market.

Something most large corporation have greatly overlooked.

Goudas has recognized that the multicultural market makes up a strong percentage of the Canadian consumer.

With these points in mind, Goudas has a winning formula.

Long gone are the days of not knowing where his next meal was coming from or deciding which park bench would be his bed for the night.

Peter Goudas has achieved everything he has wanted and more.

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