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    Fitzroy Gordon (Dr. Love)

Fitzroy Gordon (Dr. Love) the adversities that Mr. Goudas faced throughout his difficult road to bounce back from an accident earlier in his business careerThis story aired several times on different radio programs, in churches and different media; it is also a subject of discussion among hosts and guests on various radio programsFitzroy Gordon (Dr. Love) The tremendous success, as well as, the adversities that Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas faced throughout his difficult road to bounce back from an accident earlier in his business career, were analyzed by financial broadcast analysts Mr. Peter Minott and Mr. Mark Purai.

This story aired several times on different radio programs, in churches and different media; it is also a subject of discussion among hosts and guests on various radio programs.

Apparently, this story has been an inspiration to many who have met a similar fate and it has given them the will and the hope to stay strong.

The story was as the events on Mr goudas life 

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The following are excerpts of the analysis and the interview with Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas.


Peter Minott (quote). 

"The road ahead is a very, very difficult thing and to get out there and be successful at your first try is what people have to realize.
When you start a business that is when the hardest part comes in.
Most business owners who are very successful today did not get there overnight.
They had to move and keep on moving, keep on planning, keep on doing.
Most people fail, however, by giving up before something happens.
They have to persevere a little longer.
They have to put this extra mile, put a little extra work because you do not know when success is going to stare you in your face.
It is a thin line between success and failure".

     Dr. Love  Fitzroy Gordon (quote).

"When you draw the line, I can see Mr. Goudas faith.
When Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas came to Canada a number of years ago and when he started his business, he had difficulties coming to the country with no money, without knowing the language.
Then the government comes to close him down because he had an accident back in 1979 and did not have the time to hands-on or the close attention that is needed when you run a business.

     Peter Minott (quote).

"Mr. Goudas came to this country quite a while ago, he struggled to get away from where he was, but a lot of people listening tonight do not fully understand what that means.
Mr. Goudas came here twenty-six years ago, living homeless on the streets, no English language without money in his pocket, and washing cars.
Twenty years later, Mr. Goudas owns one of the largest firms in Canada, and he won the entrepreneur award this year.
That is a great achievement. That tells you of the hard work, perseverance, and planning.
He had no friends and no money, no family to help him.
But he started young and he had a dream, an ideal and that is what drives people.
If you have an idea, as a lot of people are listening tonight, at home, in their cars, at work, wondering how their situation can change, have an idea, have a plan." At this point, Dr. Love announced that the listeners could record the interview with the man who came to Canada with a humble beginning, fighting and fighting, who did not give up despite adversities and who is growing and growing.
The interview lasted about an hour, listeners made calls, and the host business analysts Mr. Mark Purai and Mr. Peter Minott made the analysis.
Here are some of the comments that were heard from our listeners:

     Dennis Curry:

"I have known Peter for a long time both as a businessman as well as a friend. We went together through good times as well as the bad times.
Especially in 1979 when Peter broke his leg and ran into serious financial difficulties.
At that time with the co-operation of the management of the company that I represent we were able to extend payment terms to Peter and enable him to stay in business and by so doing actually he remained a valuable customer of the firm that I represent.

In addition, I would like to say Peter has become a close personal friend, as a businessman he is very demanding, as a friend he is extremely loyal.
There have been times when I approached Peter on a personal problem and Peter has taken the time to sit down with me and between the two of us he has given me some guidance which I consider to be very valuable".

    Broadcaster comments that "In Business, we need all the friends we can get"
    Tom Katsidis:

"One of the secrets of the success of Goudas Food is the participation of the sales force in the decision making in pricing, marketing and which products Mr. Goudas should put his name on.
There are regular meetings held which the salesman without fear discuss with Mr. Goudas all the concerns in the market place and as a result of this Mr. Goudas has grown steadily in the past years and Mr.Goudas will continue to grow in the future.
This is attributed to the relationship that he has with his sales force, the people that work in his packaging plants and the people that he is dealing with along with his customers.
The Customer is what this is all about because he tries to market the right product at the right price and that is why Mr. Goudas succeeds.

    Mark Purai comments to Fitzroy Gordon, regarding the previous comments. 

"When your employees without a doubt without having to pay them to say good things then you know that things are going well in your corner, then you know you have done a good job because employees are very very difficult to please.
And if you can please 90% of them you are fabulous and you are doing great.
I have to give my congratulations again to Mr. Goudas and I think we don't have to say anything more, it is all clear, in the fact that he has won this award.
His friends his suppliers his customers his staff, everybody has unanimously the same thing to say.

Broadcaster comments to Peter Minott and Mark Purai.  

"You know gentlemen, I have been to Mr. Goudas business, and one thing that I have noticed when I look at the employees I saw white faces, brown faces, black faces you hear all different voices and dialects.
One of the things that Peter told me was, that I don't care where the person is from I treat them with respect and if they do something wrong I treat them the same way.
I don't give one person precedence over the other because of the color of their skin, the sound of their voice or even religious affiliations.

    Mark Purai comments:

"I am very very happy to be here tonight and to hear these kinds of comments.
 It is good to have people out there like Mr. Goudas who treat people equally with an unbiased mind and with respect"

     Peter Minotts comments:

"I would like to make a comment about the employees that I heard from earlier because this is one of the things I always like to talk about. Employees love him and give him a good report.
I think Mr. Goudas has one thing going for him.
He involves his employees in decision making and activities.
When the employees become part of the company they feel that they are part of everything. They are more loyal, they are more productive.
Mr. Goudas also has created employment, helps the radio programs, including this one and has done good for the community and people should try to follow in Mr. Goudas' footsteps.


Mr. Goudas has a goal, he has a vision, and regardless of what happened he overcame the barriers."
"A man who concentrated in winning the race rather than focusing on the difficulties." 
"Positive thoughts have brought Mr. Goudas where he is today."
"Mr. Goudas' perseverance is an inspiration to many who want to be successful in their own business."
"Mr. Goudas sells in a massive market and not in a particular group. That attributes to his success."
"You can learn a lot about the man from his friends, associates, employees, and suppliers.
All of whom have commented on Mr. Goudas' honesty and integrity." 
"We can all take a page from Mr. Goudas' life and learn from it."

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