The ethnic market by Bernadette Scott 2012

"The ethnic market has grown exponentially in the last 40 years, and Peter Spyros Goudas is meeting the challenge of more diverse ethnic foods by having devoted his time exclusively to that.

Read the Mango, Ackee, Curry, story as well as The Cow Foot story etc. Peter Spyros Goudas is also doing a lot more micro marketing.

He saw the exploding ethnic food market and capitalized on it, and has and continues to offer the highest quality in a wide variety of products.

He focuses on developing products based on what the customer prefers.
With the combined experience over the years they are now better than ever.

The product line provides its consumers with the best the word has to offer, instead of trying to propagate a house brand or an unknown brand that the customers were not familiar or comfortable with.
He is specialists in his profession, and it's not simply putting product in a can or bag and slapping the label on it.

Because the ethnic complexion of Canada changing, Peter Spyros Goudas went a step further with the foods he was producing.

He started to make ethnic soups that would taste no different from the soups made in the country of origin.
In other words, when started to make soups he made little concession to the taste buds of Canadians, but that faithfully reflected the tastes of the country the recipe came from.

"When making Spanish soup, I made sure that Spanish people like it, Mr Goudas says.

"If other groups want to buy my soups, fine, but as long as I satisfied that people from the soup's country like it, then I am very happy." To do this, he had; for instance, Sri Lankan people living in Canada come and taste his Sri Lankan soups to ensure that I had the taste just right.

He also increased the variety of oils to include extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower, canola and Soya oil.

If a particular olive oil is best made in Greece for example, he went there to get it, because his focus not on how cheaply he could buy a product, but rather how good it is, and this is just one of countless examples.

He brought in rice from many parts of the world, including the TAI-TAI brand rice from Thailand, considered to be one of the best scented rice in the world.
He went to the prime sources to get most of his fruits and vegetables.

On the Snappy Pop, for each flavour, he spent more than 6 months like a chemist, mixing and tasting over and over again until he achieved the exact flavour that he wanted.

Today, the formula for Snappy Pop is the same as it was 30 years ago but the ingredients now have to be sourced from a number of countries.

Originally, he only had about three types of canned beans: red kidney, chickpeas and Romano beans.
But today he has 32 varieties, which include Soya beans, said to be useful to women who suffer from certain cancers, and Fava beans (broad beans) also said to be helpful to people who suffer from Parkinson's disease.

Despite their appearance, canning beans is a very complex task if you want to have a proper product for your customer.
For example, Mr. Goudas examines the beans for appearance, blemishes, size, texture, taste, skin defects, heating penetration etc. before giving the go ahead to can it.

Some beans have to be transported on air cushioned trucks with padded skids to minimize any skin defects during transportation, because Goudas believes that to get a good product out, you have to put a good product in.

Goudas also brought in bitter cucumber, also known as Karalla, which has medicinal value because it contains a substance similar in effect to insulin.

He also tried to balance the flavor of his pepper sauces and create a variety.
For instance he had papaya as an ingredient in one and banana as an ingredient in another to balance the hotness and the enjoyment.
Then he created the Ready to Eat Food Line, such as spinach and rice, leek and rice, beans and potato, and many more.

In the middle of 1999, the Canadian government stopped the importation of dairy products (rice pudding and custard.) because of health issues.

Goudas rose to the occasion, spending an enormous amount of time and money to develop and produce these products in Canada.

Currently he produces custard, regular rice pudding, as well as rice pudding with Pineapple, or raisins, and rice pudding with peach.

Mr Goudas recreating new labels for his products to make them more attractive.

Right now he is working on putting the essence of fruits or vegetables on the label; this wonderful innovation will allow a customer to know the fruit smell even before opening the can, and a customer walking along the aisles in a supermarket will know that the item is in the neighborhood even before seeing it.

Goudas is working on this innovation to make shopping more helpful to the blind.

This was initiated after an encounter with a blind person.

He made a gift of some canned food to her, as is his custom, and he noticed that the first thing she did was rub her fingers on the top of the can, trying to feel the embossed can codes.

He then realized that with the new system of inkjet printing of these codes on the cans, the blind would have no way of checking this information.
So he embarked on this project on their behalf.

He has put a lot of effort on this project, and has expressed a desire to complete his mission before he closes his eyes permanently.

Bernadette Scott

Bernadette Scott I admire and respect Mr. Goudas for many, reasons

I admire and respect Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas for many, reasons.
This entrepreneur has enabled me to retain a very special part of, my originality and heritage.
His products have allowed me to continue eating the foods I grew up on, thereby passing on my culture to my offspring through food, and it has caused me to recall very pleasant moments with loved ones.
There are no words in this world to describe this.
I believe for this reason Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas will forever be blessed.

Thank you.

Bernadette Scott

Here is the second edition to creating the first ever Cambodian World Backgammon Tavli Champion - Portes "Πόρτες", by Spyros Peter Goudas

40 books written by Spyros Peter Goudas  A young lady gives the finishing touches to the table set up in a foyer displaying the biography of Spyros Peter Goudas, The Immigrant, and 30 to 40 other books written by him and his assistants at one of the many functions he attends. You may read the books in the Books and Articles Section of the Mr. Goudas Books website or the Goudas Foods website. Interesting reading material about the man behind the label.


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