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I will be 65 soon.
I had perfect vision until some time ago, when I was driving and suddenly a bunch of hair came into my eye.


I thought it was my poodle's Koukla hair since she was sitting on my lap.

I drove with difficulty to the office and I tried to remove it by rinsing with medium hot water with no success.

My visit to doctor the next day resulted in my floater diagnosis.

I never heard of floaters.

Consulted 3 more doctors and diagnosis was the same.

Basically by reading various websites, I realized the floaters are here to stay.

Only people who have floaters will understand the sadness its brings in the mind and soul knowing you would be like this for the rest of your life after having 20/20 vision.

The smile on my face has disappeared since I received this floater diagnosis.

However, today while driving with difficulty and trying to adjust myself to my new reality and being very careful not to cause any problems to others.

With serious concentration on my driving, suddenly from nowhere a car appeared from a side street.
Although he was supposed to stop he continued turning and driving into my lane like nothing happened.
I blew the horn several times. I finally realized that this guy must be in a worse position than I am, and said to myself.

This guy must have floaters in both eyes and be deaf in both ears.

So, I smiled and thanked God because I only have floaters in one eye.


Miracles Still Do Happen by Spyros Peter Goudas is an inspiring tale that will leave its readers with a positive and hopeful message that is definitely worth passing on to others.


"Initially, I intended to call this booklet Floaters but I changed it to the title above and as you go through the story, you will understand why..." 

This moving true story reminds us that what goes around comes around in that good things will happen to good people.

Miracles Still Do Happen is an inspiring tale that will leave its readers with a positive and hopeful message that is definitely worth passing on to others.





Anonymous said


I cannot believe it. I have had a floater in my left eye for as long as I can remember it but after reading this post can no longer see it.
I had gotten so used to ignoring it, I didn't even notice it was gone!! Isn't that wonderful!?
I have another smaller one that is less noticeable so I can only wait for that one to leave also.
I did not know they could just disappear one day.
I would never have even considered any type of treatment to get rid of them.
After a while it was really easy to ignore them and you don't even notice them anymore.
My dry eyes are more of a problem than my floaters.
But, I think that has alot to do with the medications I take for my OA.
Anyway thanks for the info about floaters.
I don't think I would even have noticed that my more prominent floater was gone if I hadn't read this blog. Well done, Doc. Linda


I have an anxiety disorder and am completely parronoid that the trouble with my vision (floaters and things like that ... spots dots eye tricks and all that fun stuff) that they are not caused by my anxiety and are a result of some horrible disease.
My doctor frustrates me as she is confident that its all anxiety related..
But I am still so scared. Im young, 22 and have had floaters (to some degree) since I was in my early teens.. isnt that too young to have floaters...
Oh lordy... Im so worried!!


There has been a floater in my right eye for over a year that looks like the ebola virus!!!
Now I discover that it has gotten some new parts to it.
How long should it take to go away before I think I have a fungus (it kinda looks like aspergillus as well ) in my eye.
Not to mention that I used the contact solution that was recalled!!!


I don't recall ever having floaters that lasted any significant amount of time before my surgery for breast cancer, followed by chemotherapy and radiation, which was concluded around the end of May 2005.
Since my treatment(s), I sometimes get distorted vision in one or both eyes for one day or less, then it disappears.
For the past couple days however, I have a somewhat small blue-dot floater distorting the vision in my right eye. This is very similar to the effects of the flashbulb on a camera.
Sometimes I get what looks like a flash of light, off to the side of my vision but when I purposely try to see it, I can't. These are also frequently accompanied by a mild headache.


Floaters are not necessarily ageing related.
I noticed that first in my late teens.

Now im close to 40, no major change in numbers or intensity, neither more, nor less.
Its a mild nuisance at times, but a far more well behaved one than my tinnitus, that beeps almost always in the background.


I have floaters for nearly 3 years now..
I am very worried about my condition ans so scare that one day my eyes will be fill with floaters.
I am only 24.
Too young to develop this kind of condition.
I dread to wake up every morning to see those little cobwebs ans foggy(Hazy effect,like a smoke from fire) things swirling around my vision and it has affect the quality of my life.
Had tried to take eye supplements like bilberry or milk thistle, but to no avail..
Feeling like giving up hope.
Why has it got to me me.
I really hope these things will disappear miracously since i have read so much that there is no cure.
I tried to live with it but i can't..I see it everytime.
Wat i can do now is to only pray that it wun get any worser.
God bless those ppl out there having the same condition as me.


I have floaters and had the laser eye surgery from a place in Florida.
The doc is right on the money regarding the treatment.
I had one eye done and all it seemed to do was rearrange the floaters.
The laser doctor wanted to do the other eye but I opted out.
The eye that got the treatment is probably worse than the other eye now.
With time, I have been able to ignore them most of the time.
Try to relax, it does get better.

I am 42 and have had floaters since I was in my 20's.
They have gotten worse over time and are ever present in my field of view in both my eyes.
Some days they are worse than others but overall, I see them all the time.
My personal issue is that I used to have 20/15 vision (better than "normal") and, since college, my eyesight has just gotten worse (mostly due to too much close activity - I am an engineer and computing professional) so any change for the worse is noticed right away.
It's a curse because I can't simply ignore the problems like some people.
Add to that developing cataracts in BOTH eyes and I can see myself going basically blind by the time I am 60.
For me, floaters never go away and are mostly evident when reading as the motion back and forth seems to center them right in middle of my view instead of moving them aside.
The sad reality is there's nothing you can do about them.
Well, you can work successfully with cataracts but not floaters.


Having had itty-bitty floaters for years, I wasn't bothered until yesterday when I had a sudden fit of hard coughing. I now have a BIG floater that interferes with my vision in one eye and a slim streak of light that flashes in my peripheral vision with side to side movement of the eye. Cause for worry?


I have a floater, well at least I think I have one, in my right eye. I'm only 16.


I'm 31. I've had floaters for as long as I can remember.
Started off as just 1 as a kid, but they have gotten progressively worse over the years.
At about 25, I was updating my lenses Rx, and the doctor looked in my eyes and immediately asked if I'd had a recent head injury. He said I (at age 25) had the floaters of a 65 year old.
Walking outside when it's bright, or any bright room makes me feel like I'm surrounded by swarming bees. it sucks.


I am a 62 year old male. I do a lot of PC work.
Yesterday it seemed like I had a piece of fuzz in my right eye.
Tried to wash it out at work and at home.
No luck! It appears like a piece of lint similar to what some may have seen while watching a 16mm movie -- a piece of fuzz on the lens of the projector.
I was hoping to find a cure for this, as it really blurs my vision.
Thank you for the other posts in this forum.


As a teen I had two small floaters which I found interesting but not all that bothersome.
After my husband died a lot of strange things happened to me, one of them being floaters so thick and dangly that it was much like looking through a thick black veil.
It did take some time to clear up, over a month, but when it left, the two small ones I had indured all my life left as well. I am 67.


I'm 29 and I've had a floater in my left eye for about 5 years now.
Doc said it would eventually go away but it hasn't.
He said they're common among hockey and football players because a hard knock to the head can set them loose, so if you have any questions as to why you're so young and have them, think back.
It doesn't explain my symptoms, last time I took a hard knock to the head I was 17.
I've just learned to live with it, but it's only one in one eye.


wowww...this article was somewhat depressing because now I know that I am going to be stuck with my floaters for the rest of my life and I have one correction for the "doctor" floaters aren't a concequence of age because how can it happen to me? I am only fifteen years old and I am going to turn sixteen on April 3, 2007 maybe the doctors can take them out maybe not because I cannot drive to the supermarket for some milk without my eyes hurting from the shining floaters I don't mean to sound like I'm blaming you its just that I'm upset.



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