Mr. Goudas By Mickel Allen Nov 2013

It was a rainy and cold Saturday afternoon in November 2013, when my daughter and I ventured along Keele and Steeles Avenues in the northern side of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to visit a man known to many only by name or by his infamous slogan “Goudas on the label means good food on the table”.

I was fortunate to make his acquaintance a few years ago while working with the Jamaican Xpress Newspaper as well as various other publications when on occasion I would visit his office to edit articles on his behalf before its publication.

I soon, joined his team on an "as needed basis" assisting with web content editing and documenting new recipes like Jerk Bamboo Shoots, articles etc...
This visit to his office would be no different with the exception of my “chaperone”.

I had promised her on numerous occasions, to meet The Man himself after hearing me speak to him on the phone or in dialogue with others –drawing reference to him.

Despite the poor weather conditions, the day had come.
I would have given a penny to know what image that little preschool mind had conjured in her little head of this humble, compassionate, funny but great man.

Sure enough, we arrived at approximately two in the afternoon and she hurriedly made her way out of the vehicle armed in hand with cheese and crackers, grapes, her doodle pad, crayons and her coloring book.

Perhaps ready for a long afternoon… of what we were yet to find out.

As we entered the main door a man, unknown to her in his late sixties - early seventies, Greek, approximately five feet seven greets her with a child like grin and says “Hello” to which my child responds, “Hi my name is Carlea"

We all proceed inside to a table where we can sit for a while, as a meeting was ongoing.
A moment after the man reemerges and beacons us to his office.
Another man is present and for whatever reason my little one decides that he simply must be "The Man" she has been waiting to meet.

She smiles widely, says hello and they engage each other in conversation.

The elated young miss then sits, and engages herself in activities on her doodle pad while I undertake some editorial work .
She looks at me puzzled when I refer to the man (who initially greeted us at the door)as Mr. Goudas.

With childlike innocence she blurts out :“That’s Mr. Goudas! I didn’t know that…”
Suffice to say he chuckles… and it is here that her afternoon with Spyros Peter Goudas begins.

The little one, sits watching his every move as he does business on his computer.
Some time passes. There is silence then she approaches Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas and says, "Could you cook something for me please" to which he responds "What would you like?" He lists numerous things to which she responds no then finally asks, "May I have some pasta please with your famous pasta sauce". 

He tells her to set the table, disappears and returns with pasta and pasta sauce

Some time passes. There is silence then she approaches Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas and says, "Could you cook something for me please" to which he responds "What would you like?" He lists numerous things to which she responds no then finally asks, "May I have some pasta please with your famous pasta sauce".

Mr. Goudas, the master chef busy in his kitchen laboratory.

Carlea_ Goudas Pasta_Goudas recipes

In the picture Carlea learns to eat pasta the Italian way.

Carlea_ Goudas Pasta_Goudas recipes

It was an awesome meal made with the best ingredients.

If you visit you may get a glimpse of the infamous table where many products and recipes have been tested or sampled.
You will also have an opportunity to try his awesome recipes.

Over the years since his broken leg, spinal injury, floaters- which you can read about in his book: Miracles Still Do Happen, amidst other business related shortcomings, he has proven repeatedly that against all odds, with an unrelenting, zeal and drive to achieve- anything is possible.

Mr. Goudas has and continues, to give of himself, his time, products and knowledge.
Always, leaving a lasting impression on all  who have come to know him through business, or other interaction, vicariously via the internet on, and to name a few.

Through the numerous community outreach and charitable organizations, he has sponsored or assisted over the years.
Along the way building an Empire of sorts, amassing, and disseminating a legacy, which he perhaps unknowingly is creating and will leave behind (NO TIME SOON I HOPE).

…And so, this man, portrayed by some as a no nonsense, cut throat, business man - gave a child at heart and her child a glimpse into his world; that part of him –“the nurturer” and chef extraordinaire, that enjoys producing wonderful products, which he himself uses to create, delectable recipes and scrumptious meals.

Perhaps it is the cycle of life or that oh so familiar analogy “once a man twice a child” but whatever it was, for brief moments during this visit I was teleported back in time to my childhood.

I looked on in amazement at this Man, who has become a household name in Canada, and seldom sleeps it is said, is constantly in meetings, creating new and exciting products, quality testing, running a multimillion dollar company.

Who unreservedly, stopped and with great, patience and attentiveness took time out of his busy schedule to engage the whims of a little child in awe.

Undoubtedly, despite my little one’s misconception of Mr.  Goudas being younger and perhaps Caribbean, I am certain that it was an exciting day for her, well spent with a man who took the time to prepare Pasta and teach her the italian way of eating it by using a fork and spoon.

Carlea_ Goudas Pasta_Goudas recipes

Mr. Goudas continues to be the choice for many households because of its wide variety, of superior, products available here in Canada.

Thank you for giving us the “Goudas Experience…

By the way, did I tell you my alter ego is a poet... 

Him Ah One a We (He is one of Us)

In Canada, he is a familiar name
His line of products bears worldwide acclaim

He is mentioned often among many of us
In numerous topics often discussed…

Synonymous with premium quality
Caribbean products being his specialty

A staple in many communities
That often say “him a one a we”

But soon like me,
You will come to know

He isn’t, Chinese, Caribbean,
Punjabi or Filipino

He is an immigrant like me
Originally from Greece indeed

Over the years more English,
He has learnt to speak

Yet the Caribbean taste buds
He knows exactly how to please

And let’s not forget about all the rest:
His Asian, Filipino, and Indian goodies
Are also rated as the best

So next time you go shopping For some of them 
Try Mr. Goudas’ because they are the best

‘Goudas on the label means Good food on your table”…

“Fi Real!”


Written By Mickel Allen For Spyros Peter Goudas

Written By Mickel Allen

For Spyros Peter Goudas


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