IN MEMORY OF Raimondos Papamanolis (Παπαμανώλης Ραϊμόνδος) 2016

I MEMORY OF Raimondos Papamanolis (Παπαμανώλης Ραϊμόνδος) 

29 JAN 2016

When the book A TRIP BACK HOME BOOK finally made its round back home, many people found their names in the book and this created a major excitement.

Everyone wanted to have a copy, and so he sent a book for everyone.

So let’s read this personal story of Spyros Peter Goudas.

It is a bittersweet story filled with emotional moments along with some happy occurrences.

You may find yourself touched while reading because if something like this ever happened to you, every sentence of this story will come to life. 

You may smile or have tears in your eyes, but nonetheless, you will become part of the story.

His friend Raimondos Papamanolis (Παπαμανώλης Ραϊμόνδος) knows Kalamaki very well and he actually wrote a book about the old Kalamaki and how things used to be.

He gave a copy of the book to Spyros Peter Goudas as a present and upon scanning the pages, Spyros was humbled.

He congratulated him for the research and documentation within the pages of his book including old pictures which portray Kalamaki up to three centuries ago.

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