Mar 24, 2017

David and Goliath story to be repeated


March 24, 2017
Mr. Goudas 

A Canadian based food tycoon namely; Spyros Peter Goudas who owned and operated the popular food brand “Mr. Goudas” has been on a quest to secure legal representation to assist with several legal matters, to no avail.

The untimely court-appointed Receivership of his company has resulted in a ‘Rags to Riches to Rags’ storyline in the heart of Canada’s food industry, to millions of consumers, suppliers and as per letters of appreciation.

The landscape of Canada’s food industry has taken a severe blow and competition in the ethnic food market is at an all-time high in Canada’s food-chain supply.

He said, “I was the only one in this niche since 1969; I did not have “shelf space” then.

"In the years ahead I had entire aisles or two of my food products; I had nearly 1,200 different ethnic food products from all over the world, many of the grocery chain stores expanded the ethnic food supply due to my quality product lines and capitalized market share”, says Mr. Goudas.

“I have been utilizing my own financing to supply the needy who have depended on me over the years but now I do not have money to put down a $1.000,000.00 retainer ” says Goudas.

At one point in my life in the past, I could walk into any Bay Street law firm and retain the best of the best, which is not the case now.

The biggest obstacle in my life is not the change in lifestyle, but handling complaints of deteriorated trade practices, created by RBC, Duff & Phelps Canada Restructuring Limited aka KSV Kofman Inc, the Receiver-Manager.

The irony behind all this is that he has fed hundreds of thousands of people over his 50 years in Canada and we are referring to his humanitarian efforts.

He has managed to request the support of some law graduates, old friends and retired legal professionals to improve on the initial Statement of Claim, which he drafted on his own. He is looking to find a sharp litigation lawyer(s), who can help with the rest of his court proceedings.

"I have since arranged consultations with several high profile lawyers to no avail", says Goudas, in a statement to local press.

At this point, both the Royal Bank of Canada and Duff & Phelps aka KSV Kofman Inc. Canada, have threatened to discontinue his action by making a motion to the Superior Court.

He will take all steps required to protect and represent himself to the best of his ability if necessary, as he is surrounded by a great support system.

Ontario and international lawyers, are focused on his marketing and rebranding efforts while helping him expose the realities of his past experiences and knowledge in order to rebuild something for the remainder of his life; He is nearly 75 years old.

Thankfully, most of the individuals involved in this scam have been arrested by the police for various offences including fraud, forging documents, conspiracy to commit fraud, false prospectus, and ill soon face criminal trial.

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