THE CANADIAN Peter Spyros Goudas Sues Royal Bank for 200 million and 37 Other Companies 2017


Peter Spyros Goudas Sues Royal Bank for 200 million

and 37 Other Companies – Like David and Goliath

DATE: 30 MARCH 2017 

Peter Spyros Goudas thanks all the people that have stood by him and assisted him through the recent events in his life. 

Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas spent his entire life to provide the best quality foods for Canadian families, was foremost in introducing a line of ethnic products into Canadian grocery chains and independent stores reflecting the multicultural nature of Canada.

Additionally, he has been a very charity-oriented individual providing food assistance to senior citizen homes, churches, the homeless, charitable organizations, food banks,  community housing sites (for various ethnic nationalities), Philanthropic Associations, charitable organizations, cultural organizations, scholarships events, Philoptochos Society's organizations, orphanage housing, floods, earthquakes, typhoons, etc. destitute people and nations across the globe.

Floods in Pakistan
Tsunami in Sri Lanka,
Earthquake in Haiti,
Hurricane Gilbert in Jamaica 
Ivan in Grenada
Piura Peru Feed The Children Organization,
The Africa mission read the last page,  
A trip to Ghana,  
Philippines with Typhoon Haiyan, 
poor and underprivileged,
individuals in need, etc., etc etc...

Peter Spyros Goudas believed he was making his products available to a wider public in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean by taking the company to the next level by increasing sales to one billion dollars corporation when he was persuaded into selling his business to a public enterprise operated by A.C. Simmonds Group. 

Little did he know that the purchasers were unscrupulous con-artists.

At the end of March of 2014, Mr Goudas sold one of his companies (Goudas Food Products and Investments Ltd. ) to BLVD Holdings Inc.
A public company recently incorporated in Nevada and operated by John Simmonds on behalf of A.C. Simmonds & Sons Inc.

Peter Spyros Goudas was told that A.C. Simmonds & Sons Inc. was a well established company operating in Canada for over 100 years manufacturing products from fluorescent light tubes to mattresses. 

Unbeknownst to Mr. Goudas, he had just become a victim of a scam.

It took John Graham Simmonds and his team just four and a half months to drive (Goudas Food Products and Investments Limited) into the ground, forcing the company into bankruptcy.

In the process, John Graham Simmonds and his gang have ruined the good name of  Mr. Goudas and related Goudas trademarks and created havoc in the food market

Thankfully, most of the individuals involved in this scam have been arrested by the police for various offences including fraud, forging documents, conspiracy to commit fraud, false prospectus, and they soon will face a criminal trial.

At the age of 75, Peter has lost one of his businesses that he has worked his entire life for and he is now fighting to recover his reputation.

He has launched a civil action against numerous parties who have caused this disaster including the Royal Bank of Canada, the receiver manager (Duff & Phelps Canada Restructuring Limited aka KSV Kofman Inc.),  John Graham Simmonds and numerous other parties.

Anyone who has attempted to gain compensation from a Bank or large international corporation through the courts will know that Peter Spyros Goudas is in for a difficult and expensive fight. 

Peter values your moral support and is prepared to maintain this fight in the public eye so that others do not suffer a similar fate.

Any comments or inquiries can be sent to  CNN@CNNADS.COM  or you can follow the updates on 

Peter Spyros Goudas has approved this press release and can be directly contacted at the above e-mail address.


The Company, Goudas Food Products and Investments Ltd., was one of the Companies owned by Spyros Peter Goudas that focussed on the distribution of ethnic food products to major and independent supermarkets.

The Company was founded and managed by Spyros Peter Goudas for over 45 years.  

It is important for one to understand that Spyros Peter Goudas did not have any A-1 Recall from the CFIA for the 1,200 + products that he created from all over the world.

According to many, all the products were considered as A+ in quality and were some of the best products the world has ever known.

The capability of the company to reach the goal of One Billion Dollars in yearly Sales by 2018 was an attainable goal under the expertise of Spyros Peter Goudas and the extra injection of capital promised by the new owners.

Unfortunately, the acquisition of Goudas Food Products and Investments Ltd. by the above group somehow quickly resulted in a state of Bankrupty.

There are several articles and publications, including a statement from the Police, in various media and websites documenting the outcome from this acquisition.

The matter has become a criminal investigation, in the hands of the police.

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